Author Topic: Noir AMV - An Ode to Chloe
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Subject: Noir AMV - An Ode to Chloe
I'm hoping this is the right place to post this..

The main character of this video is Chloe, an assassin. Upon creating this AMV, I wanted to keep the "spirit" of the anime intact. I can only hope that I succeeded in doing so, which I believe I did.

With that being said, I really don't consider this to be a true music video, but much more of a story, Chloe's story.

The music is named, "Pitch Noir," which was created and produced by OxBlock Productions, specifically for this AMV. The programs that I used to edit the anime, and add foley, was Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Premiere CS4.

Noir AMV - An Ode to Chloe



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