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Subject: Help with seminar title
Hi all. I'm in my 3rd year of Uni on an ICT course and I've been given this seminar paper to write. My Uni, and its lecturers are useless however, and are very difficult to contact, for example my tutor for this module only checks his emails 1 day a week.

Anyway, the title of the paper is "Copyright and e-commerce: approaches to digital rights management". I've been given no additional information on this, only that it is to be 2,000 words max and must make a link with e-commerce (which is the module).

I just wondered if any of you have any ideas on where to go with this title (what topics to cover, etc). For example, would you get the impression that it should contain a lot of information on how DRM works and where its used. Do you think I should include sections on ethics etc? I'm not very knowledgeable on e-commerce so this link the topic must make is a bit murky for me.

Not looking for anything to be written for me or the like, just a little guidance to get me going. I'm utterly useless at writing reports, seminars, etc, I'm just good at the programming subjects unfortunately sad

Not sure if this will help but here are the aims/objectives:

* demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of issues and technologies relevant to e-commerce

* Your paper must explore the topic from the perspective of e-commerce and e-business. This means you must clearly relate your findings to e-commerce or e-business; for example, a general discussion of website design which does not relate the findings to e-commerce websites will receive a failing grade.

Thanks all, much appreciated! grin


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Subject: Help with seminar title
I stopped reading at line two.


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Subject: Help with seminar title


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