Author Topic: Game Company Logo Help!!!
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Subject: Game Company Logo Help!!!
So I'm not very artsy, but Me and a few guys are going to be working on a game together and we are starting our own "business". I quickly put together a logo, but not sure how i feel about it, was hoping you guys could maybe come up with one for us? Anything would do, A symbol would be very handy, kind of like an Icon, as well as a banner setup? So looking for a Banner type of image larger as well as a "logo".

currently using this as a placeholder

I know this is very vague and probably a tad annoying for anyone to actually work on it, so as a bonus, if anyone can help me out, I'll give you a huge virtual high five!


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Subject: Game Company Logo Help!!!
I really like the one you already have, though I'd be tempted to change the "Rabid" to red and the teeth to white, then just use the teeth themselves as your icon type image.


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