Author Topic: Thanksgiving Stars
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Subject: Thanksgiving Stars
If anybody is bored and wants to make me Thanksgiving Stars for the month of November, feel free to do so. I had them once, but lost them...

-I have to like them
-They should be no bigger in pixel size or file size than the spam king picture (star10)
-Transparent and work with the boards look
-The current stars are here
-Theme should be thanksgiving type stuff. Horn of plenty? Turkey, that sort of stuff I guess.

If anybody is interested in it, build them, zip em up with the SAME file names of the images you want them to replace and email me the zip to

If I get multiple responses, I might mix and match, but all I am really looking for is the first person to send me something decent, in zipped format with the right file names so I can stick them up and move on with my life wink


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Subject: Thanksgiving Stars
someone do it


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Subject: Thanksgiving Stars
Hrm thinking


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Subject: Thanksgiving Stars


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