Author Topic: "Toddler Escape" Drop-in
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Subject: "Toddler Escape" Drop-in



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Subject: "Toddler Escape" Drop-in

Article posted:
She said she has since talked to Powell and issued her a refund and credit for future visits.

No way in hell would I bring my kid back to that place. I'd never leave my child with an unlicensed, un-inspected daycare provider. Those parents should take part of the responsibility for placing their child in harm's way.

Thank God that passing motorist took care of the child instead of just taking off with the child.



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Subject: "Toddler Escape" Drop-in
trying to find good quality daycare seems very difficult. my ex-wife and i use a family friend whom we trust completely...that kind of story just makes me cringe in fear for my son's.


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