Author Topic: Bedtime thoughts...
Title: Primum non nocere
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Subject: Bedtime thoughts...
Tonight, my 4 year old daughter said to my wife and I:

"Every time I see you, hearts come out of my head... because I love you."



That's so beautiful, I think I'm going to cry...


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Subject: Bedtime thoughts...
Oh, that's so sweet!!

Zoe has started grabbing our pinkies with her pinkie (like pinkie promise if you know what that is) and saying "Best friends foreveeeerrrrr!" I love it and am soooo going to remind her of it when she's 16. lol


"The children the world almost break become the adults who save it." - Frank Warren
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Subject: Bedtime thoughts...
I love bedtime..not just because it means I can relax lol...but because then it's time for the "PRINCESSES ALLIE AND RHYLEIGH GO ADVENTURING" stories. Oh my but those kids have some fun. Somehow "QUEEN MOMMY" gets involved in the rescueing parts happy

One night, after a particularly harrowing adventure, my little one wrapped her arms around me and said "you're my hero mommy"

Good Stuff all around. One of the things I love most about children is the sweetness they dont even know they exude.


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