Author Topic: I'd almost forgotten
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Subject: I'd almost forgotten
The joys of little ones... My sister is in the hospital, I've had her little kids since Friday night. That brings my total to 6, 7 during the day as I babysit one little boy as well. lol ages 11, 7, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1.

OMG these kids can EAT!!!!! I've never seen the likes of it!

I'm loving the hugs and kisses. I am LOVING playtime and stories. The accidents are plentiful, and tears frequent. They miss mommy, and I'm just aunt "FiFi" after all.

Would enjoy a good sleep though, and the baby has this CRAZY grunt he does instead of babbling lol.

All in all WHAT an adventure!!!! love


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Subject: I'd almost forgotten
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Subject: I'd almost forgotten
lol Silverwuf


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