Author Topic: If anyone's going to be Playing Aion or on the Beta...
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Subject: If anyone's going to be Playing Aion or on the Beta...
The last Aion beta weekend is 12pm 8/14 - 12pm 8/17 If anyone's going to try it out or has been trying it out and doesn't have very high level characters...

I have a small legion on Siel server, Elyos race I have an 18 Chanter, 12 Templar, 10 Assassin, 9 Fighter(gladiator), 4 Scout(ranger), and a 3 Mage, they suck.. My kid plays, you might know him from DAoC he played Nydaweth, his friend plays, some other person, you know the beta guild crap.

I'll probably be on the head start weeekend if they have one, possibly but not 100% be starting the game at launch. My kid likes it and I figure I've got at least 10 more levels before I know if it sucks enough to delete.

Let me know if you're interested in meeting up there and playing with old folks My mains are Maelik and Teireth.

Hope to see you there!


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