Author Topic: Force Lightning
Title: Official VN Cutie
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Subject: Force Lightning

these boards are way too slow, come on peoplez!


***1f y0u c4n r34d 7h15, y0u r34||y n33d 70 637 |41d. ***
This space rented by my slave _ArchbishopLazarus_
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Subject: Force Lightning
how you get a picture of my apprentice?


The Oatmeal Butterscotch paired with a Snickerdoodle
turned my cynical penis into a happy vagina
Then after an Oatmeal Cranberry and Double Chocolate,
it made my new vagina spontaneously sing the Trolololo Song in an elevator.
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Subject: Force Lightning
I am getting harassed for spamming too much now .. sorry, it seems if the board are slow .. and threads or posts that exceed 4-5 are considered an offense worth banning


You win ACF, dude - Osmenthe
BT is usually right - Onslaught
i think we need more BT on page 1 - FighterUSAF
Yep, BT is right - Aerlinthian
Got guns & ammo? Food? Precious metals?
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Title: Dances with Trolls
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Subject: Force Lightning
I'm sure no one told you that you were spamming *this* board.

You know full well what they meant.


"It's crazy that the board newbies think I am a Liberal and B_T is a neo-con." - Gustaive_MT
"God left a very clear instruction to Adam. The ****head couldn't even follow that." - -Abednego-
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Title: Fuzzy Caterpillar of Friendliness
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Subject: Force Lightning


Opinion = fact. Anecdote = proof. Political label more important than either of those.
Welcome to ACF, where debate goes to die.
"fascist totalitarian secular progressive Zionist intellectually challenged Christian puppets." - Aerlinthina
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