Author Topic: Anyone Else Use Free To Air Satalite? Coolsat / Sonicview Question
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Subject: Anyone Else Use Free To Air Satalite? Coolsat / Sonicview Question
I use Coolsat... I love it and always have. The longest I have been down is a week, but as of June 1st I heard that the end has finally happen and I will no longer get updates. I am sad because I sure loved not having to pay an extreme amount of money for every single pay per view or movie on demand. The most work I had to do when I went down was put my memory stick in my computer, get the new bin update, and put it into my Coolsat box... upload it and boom. Now I do not know if my Coolsat system is gone, it’s just what people have told me. So does anyone else use a coolsat system know?

People tell me that Sonicview systems work still, the only problem is they require a direct link into a constantly run computer system like my Magic Jack does. Am I able to put a wireless usb plug on the back of the Sonicview or does it have that option, or do I have to literally run a wire all through my house, up the attic, and down into my router for it to work? I also hear there is a monthly fee to use this like $20 a month or something. Anyone use the Sonicview system or know about it, or if Coolsat is down for the count? Thanx!


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