Author Topic: Prayers, good thoughts needed
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Subject: Prayers, good thoughts needed

My Best friend since High school is the mommy they are talking about there. There was only the 3 boys in the house, but they have 5 children.

the boys bedroom is a total loss, I'm unsure as to the total damage, I cant make myself go out there yet.

Cyn is in the hospital still, she's got second degree burns on her hands, neck, face, arms and chest. I cry every time I think about how close it was. And how scared she had to be, and her kids, and how scared she is now.

Her husband, bless him, cant miss work or he'll lose that job. Cyndi obviously wont be working for awhile, and because she's a temp, will probably lost that job. We all know what the economy is like.

Anyway, I'm doing all I can from this end, But every prayer, good wish, or whatever you do, helps in my opinion.

I guess a vented a bit too, thanks for letting me, and for the everything I know ya'll will send her way hugs


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Subject: Prayers, good thoughts needed
That's so scary sad , T&Ps


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Subject: Prayers, good thoughts needed
How awful. I will definitely keep them all in my prayers, Phay.



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Subject: Prayers, good thoughts needed
thank goodness they are all ok

sending both good thoughts and prayers their way praying


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Subject: Prayers, good thoughts needed
That is hoffifying and I am glad they all got out so quickly and as safely as they did!
It might be too soon to ask...but have they started a fund for the family that we could contribute to? Truly...



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