Author Topic: Coupons and best places for baby supplies?
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Subject: Coupons and best places for baby supplies?
I just wanted to see if anyone had any tips for a new mom. I'm both breast feeding(pumping) and formula feeding and could use any coupons or ways to save money. Does any one know a good site to get real coupons? Any tips on where to buy diapers and formula? Online or out in the real world. I wanted to check out Costco and Sams but I havent made it that far yet lol. I'm in the DC area and am using Nestle Good Start formula if that makes any difference.


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Subject: Coupons and best places for baby supplies?
Oh let me think lol..

There is a free parenting magazine called BabyTalk, if you can get your hands on those, i remember several useful coupons gained that way.

And I know my sister loves that site.

ALSO, get those Sunday papers girl! even some Saturday papers have the coupons in them now too.

and 7 years ago, when I was feeding my middle girl the same formula you are using, there were coupons printed on the back of the labels. It's been awhile, but it's worth checking!

Surplus Stores too, I dont know your Area at all, but I'm in the Columbus Ohio region, and I know of at LEAST 5 here, I'm sure you can track one down there too.

Hope that helps! Good Luck Bargain Hunting!


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Subject: Coupons and best places for baby supplies?
Sign up with Nestle. They'll send you coupons every couple of months. If you just like free stuff, Enfamil does a pretty good introductory bag when you sign up with them. You can also sign up (all online) with a lot of other places - Fisher Price, Juicy Juice, Gerber, etc.


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