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Subject: Logo Help please
Ok, so i'm not very graphically talented, i can manipulate some already made images into other stuff, decently. But I am helping my friend make his website ( look cooler and giving ideas and stuff. Anywho, I tried making a "homeless gamer" logo, was just a cardboard box, was gonna make some crap MMO boxes (aoc, war, etc) spread out all dingy and crushed, but of course i could find no boxes that suited that.

Next Idea i had was like a "shoe stew" like you see homeless people in cartoons making, and for the fire having those game boxes burning slightly but enough to read.

Those are the idea I had, but I lack the talent to make them. Was wondering if any of the kind VN Graphics people had some free time and can possibly make one of those up for me? I'll be ever so greatful. Feel free to check out the site too if you want to get any idea for a logo or w/e.

If you are able to help feel free to post here or PM me if you need any more info.

Thanks for anyone that can help!


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