Author Topic: I bought a house
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Subject: I bought a house
Anyone want to help pay it off?

Seriously though any suggestions would be helpfull since I've basically been living with my parents for 27 year.


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Subject: I bought a house
Grats on the big purchase! applause


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Subject: I bought a house

TIPS: 1) Make sure it comes out of your account every month automatically DO NOT HAVE DELINQUENT PAYMENTS!
2) Make sure you have 'overdraft' on the account in question in case you are a 'little late' or forget to pay on time
3) BUDGET! House is your #1 priority, if you have to sacrifice other things, you have to, but make sure you ALWAYS have that mortgage money!
4) ADD EXTRA MONEY IN PER MONTH! DO IT! If your mortgage is $1000.00, add in $1200.00/month. I guarantee you'll need it. Use this money for house repairs as they come up or planned, house things like mops/cleaning supplies, and for times when bills are bigger than you expect! I know that saved my BUTT a few times...getting a $600.00 heating bill as opposed to $200-$300 (in January), or getting a letter from the city saying we only paid property tax from June-December, we still owed them for January-May ($800.00) will get used and this way you aren't stuck 'holding the bag'

Worth it! But this thread isn't without PICTURES!


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Subject: I bought a house
Befriend a handyman or buy a few DIY books. You'll save thousands over the years.

I put in some windows this weekend and easily saved a grand on labour.


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Subject: I bought a house

1) Set up your mortgage payment to me directly withdrawn from your account. That is one less thing to worry about.
2) Set up your mortgage to be made bi-weekly. That will cut your 30 year mortgage down to 27 years or less in interest savings.
3) Make a budget.
4) Make any changes slowly. Live in your house for awhile first. That way you can see what things need to be changed/fixed and in what order.


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