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Subject: Requesting a Banner
I am putting together a new website that is going to pretty much be dedicated strictly to public gaming video downloads. The entire site will be geared towards being able to download any of the hundreds of gaming videos I am uploading.

The banner need to be black background with no border. I would like it to say .........

Gaming Video Vault

Unless someone has a better name for this website wink

I do not have any other preferences other than black background and no border. Dimensions can be anywhere around 500 width, 300-350 Height or whatever, not sure if the sizes are even right, the banner will sit in the center of the page and will be half as wide as the page so you get the idea.

Anyone wanna help me out?
I appreciate any help offered thank you.

Anyone who thinks up a better name for a website that is a storage site for gaming videos to be downloaded, please let me know of a better name hehe


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