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Subject: Daycare
Well today was the kids first day in daycare, It hit me last night when I was writing there names on there belongings. They didn't say bye to me lol, which im ok with since, i didn twant to cause a whole commotion. I called around noon and they said that Rachel did not want to nap and that Nicholas was a very good boy, layed down for nap time, took part in circle time etc. Which is totally mind blowing, they reversed roles.

Since there daddy and I are splitting up and hes moving out shortly, I have a job interview on wednesday im so excited, After being home for 3 years with the kiddos, I didnt know what to do with myself lol.

went to get some groceries, cleaned the house up, and got my hair cut!

Im pretty bored though wink


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Subject: Daycare
Ohh must be so difficult! We decided a couple weeks ago that I wasnt going to stop working and it was so hard to even just pick out daycare, the bugger isnt even here yet!

I think it's time for mom to relax and catch up on things she hasnt done in a while happy


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Subject: Daycare
Man, we are looking for daycare for Evan right now so I can go back to work.

I'm all shades of nervous.

Glad they did well happy


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Subject: Daycare
our kids go to daycare too, an in home one. I hate it, but there's no way around it :/


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Subject: Daycare
My kids did daycare in the mornings so I could help out in the office. We lucked out and found a great one right down the street from the house. They helped potty train them an everything. It was great because we are a small family and the kids needed some socialization before starting kindergarten. It worked. Both couldn't wait to start real school. grin

I think when Nicolette is around 4, my daughter wants to start her somewhere, too. I can live with that. tongue


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Subject: Daycare
I think there are a lot of benefits to daycare. Aime's an only child and it helps her to be with other kids all day long and she learns a lot in daycare. She's only a mile from where my hubby and I work and she shares our ride into work with us every day.

It may change when she starts going to school full time but I am able to work from home if I please so it's not really a big deal.



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Subject: Daycare
Same here, I send my little one to preschool now to socialize her with other kids. We have no friends with kids, and none of our family has kids either... Didn't want kindergarten to be a huge shock to her, she needs socialization.
As long as you find somewhere you can be comfortable with, it'll be OK... I can't imagine how hard it would be to send my kids to daycare!! I've been so lucky that it's me at home with them, or family watching them the odd times I'm out without them.


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