Author Topic: Suggestions to improve the Icon Process (Again - Revised)
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Subject: Suggestions to improve the Icon Process (Again - Revised)
posted another suggestion over here:

What do you guys think? Am I completely off my rocker? Or is this something that will work?

Webscar posted:
Here is my suggestion:

Remove all File Type Restrictions. There simply is no reason to have them.

Replace the current Automated System for reviewing Icons with a system that does 2 checks. It checks to insure the icon is not above ___ file size, and it checks to insure the icon is either 80x80 or 120x120. No other checks or alterations are required. Simply have the error message state something like: "ERROR: The file must be less than 50K in size! The file must have 80x80 or 120x120 dimensions! Please revise your Submission and try again! If you require assistance please ask on the Icon Board." (Link to respective Icon Board for IGN & VN).

Outline the rules exactly as you want them for Icon Content, and Icon Quality. List out some examples of some things to look at... Boxy, Blurry, all black BG, etc then state that it is OK, or that it is iffy, or that it is not allowed. Then task someone to go through and review and remove icons that do not fit in those requirements, sending the person that uploaded it a PM.

Do all of this for Signature pics too.

Oh, and remove the need to name your MegaIcon, or at least tell us why we have to do that... It really serves no purpose as far as I can tell...


I need feedback, good or bad or IGN will never even look at this.


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Subject: Suggestions to improve the Icon Process (Again - Revised)
I agree with your checks, though I think I'd have the size check be less than or equal to 80 (120) so that people who upload a 60x80 icon don't end up with it stretching or them being forced to change the canvas size.

I think the quality control aspect is a lost cause, and to be honest, yes, there are some REALLY crappy icons being uploaded but when you look around the boards there is really only one or two people per board wearing the crappy icons. It looks bad in the database, but it isn't as obvious on the boards.

My wish list...

I would like to be able to filter out the user submitted icons when I go looking for a new shiny to wear. The only filters currently in place are " All", "Admin Only" and "User Submitted", I want an addition to that of "VN/IGN Icons" which only shows the icons that were available before the change.

In conjunction with that, I'd like to still be able to submit icons via an IST and have them approved for the "VN/IGN Icons" list.

This way people still have the freedom to add their own stuff while also continuing the great tradition of having quality icons made and available for use.

Just to complicate it into the realms of never going to happen... It would be awesome if there could be a way to mark a username as an "approved icon maker". When they go to upload, they will have a flag on their name that automatically puts their submissions into the "VN/IGN" list. Evily (and other managers) would manage this with the ability to add and remove users from the approved list.

Ah, pipe dreams, I love them wink


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