Author Topic: I'm seriously nervous
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Subject: I'm seriously nervous
I go tommorrow to meet with Rhyleigh's teachers/therapists at her school tommorrow. They will give me the progress report, which is done every 3 months, but now is when they give me recommendation for next year. Meaning, tommorrow is when I find out whether or not all our work has paid off and she'll get to go to kindergarten on time.

I'm afraid for her! This has been a rough road, and she's going to be just devestated if she isnt in school with her big sister next year. It will ultimately be our decision, but if her teachers/occupational/speech/Physical therapists dont think she's come along far enough, or will be ready in time, then I doubt I'll go against them.

I know it's probably just me, I get worked up about my kids, especially Rhyleigh, I feel like I have to protect her from those who dont understand her. I really wish my husband were home right now to go with me. It sucks being a truckers wife at times like this.



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Subject: I'm seriously nervous
I'll be praying for you both, Phay. love



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Subject: I'm seriously nervous
sad Best wishes. Ultimately you at least know you will be making the best decision based on the facts at hand. Sadly little ones have a harder time understanding that until later. You have to do what is right for your child though.


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Subject: I'm seriously nervous
good luck, hope it goes well.


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