Author Topic: Yay potty trained!
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Subject: Yay potty trained!
At last! The youngest is finally using panties and the potty! She turned 3 in December, so a little later than I usually start (especially since she'd been showing signs of being ready for a while) but with all the moving preparations, and then the travelling and the holidays, I really didn't want to even try until we were settled. Nevermind that it would've been a nightmare trying to do it while packing (not to mention being very time consuming...time which I didn't have!) she doesn't like changes very much, and I didn't want to get her potty trained only to have big setbacks when we moved.

This last week I felt like we were finally settled in enough and in a good enough routine to do it. And it really only took a day! She just had to figure out how to pee in the potty when she wanted to, and the rest was history. She is still in diapers at night, but as of today she isn't even in diapers for naptime/quiet time.

Ohhh and today was so funny. Our house is really nice but a little funky in a couple ways. The main bathroom is a normal hall bathroom with the toilet, sink, tub/shower, etc. The "master" bathroom was definitely added later (house was built mid 1950s) and is about the size of a small closet. I mean the thing is so narrow that when you're sitting on the throne, your knees almost touch the wall in front of you. The sink isn't even's like someone took a normal sink depth and cut it in half. Very tiny! And it shares a wall with the other instead of putting a fan and ventilation in the new master bath, they cut a big rectangular hole in the wall near the ceiling so it could share the ventilation of the larger bathroom! It has molding framing it and everything and is nicely finished off, but it means that a person in one bathroom can hear EVERYTHING going on in the other bathroom.

My husband had to go right about the same time I took the little one to go potty too. She was setting her stepstool up at the toilet when she heard the unmistakable sounds of someone "putting peepee in the potty". Slowly, and with an immense look of confusion on her face, she leaned over and looked in the toilet, craning her head this way and that to try and figure out where the pee was coming from and where it was going. It was all I could do not to laugh laugh . I told her it was daddy in the other bathroom and she gasped and said "DADDY YOU GO PEE IN THE POTTY??" He said "Yup!" and she said "GOOD JOB DADDY, GOOD JOB!!!" Then I *did* laugh!!


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Subject: Yay potty trained!
applause Job well done! Grats.

We're still fighting it with Nicolette, too. She'll be 3 next week. She knows when she has to go, says she has to, sits on the potty, but will not let go.

At this rate, Maddy may learn first. grin


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Subject: Yay potty trained!
That's great news gaevy!

Congrats to the lil one!


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Subject: Yay potty trained!
Awesome news! Congrats to you both.



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Subject: Yay potty trained!
congrats and lol @ the story


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