Author Topic: Do you decorate for the holidays? If so, how?
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Subject: Do you decorate for the holidays? If so, how?
We put up our Christmas tree this weekend. We have an artificial tree because of my allergies. We used 2 strings of multi-colored lights and an led lighted star on top. We have a big purple velvet bow near the top. The purple velvet is trimmed in silver. From the bow are matching purple velvet with silver trim ribbon streamers as well as some white ribbon with a silver print. The skirt is purple velvet with silver embroidery and beads. For ornaments we use an assortment of ornaments from my childhood, ornaments given to my daughter and some that she made in school or at church.

We normally have an Advent Wreath on the table but I haven't found it yet. It might just have to stay packed up this year.

This is a hectic year since the hubby started a new job Dec. 1 so I doubt that we do much other decorating. He likes to put some candy canes along the sidewalk and lights on the house but those probably won't get done this year unless I do them.

I'm sure as Christmas gets closer my daughter will make more drawings/crafts to put up around the house.

Do you do any special decorating at this time of the year?


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