Author Topic: Any Desert Gardening tips
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Subject: Any Desert Gardening tips
I am experimenting with growing a liberty garden in beautiful but blistering city of Las Vegas.

I have dug out a plot (7x5x2' deep) and will be laying a wooden box of that dimensions on top of the plot 1' tall for a total depth of 3' deep. The plot is in the 24/7 shady part of the house with only about an hour or so of sun as it sets.

I will be laying a layer of dirt and some gravel (for water retention)and then garden soil

I was planning on beans (pinto), strawberries, carrots in there but I am curious about zuchinni and squash . Would they need shade as well or can I have then grow in a 3/5 lighted environ in a big planter box?

Also would like to plant a dwarf apple tree and an orange tree.

I am also looking at the hanging tomato planters to place on the ext. wall of the house.

Has anyone has any success if desert vegetable gardens and have some experiences to share.

We have a robust irrigation system


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