Author Topic: curse all this rain!
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Subject: curse all this rain!
I'm in SE WI, tons of flooding going on around here, luckily I'm somewhat up high so we haven't had any flooding

however yesterday I had to buy a ton of dirt and go to town on my garden because of all the non stop rain we've been having I must have lost a good 2-3 inches off my mounds, all my onions were almost all the way out and the corn and watermelon plants roots were exposed as well! the kohlrabi, peanuts, and strawberries held up ok

but then there was the fact that all the rain was like steroids for all the weeds which because of the non stop rain I hadn't been able to get at for some time! shock

but whew I managed to deweed the entire thing yesterday afternoon/night, took a good hour and a half when you add in that I had to get some more dirt and get the dirt on the mounds

but I think everything will make it, including the onions happy

anyone else from the Midwest have any similar problems because of all the rain that had been pounding non stop there for a while?


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