Author Topic: Cactus soil?
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Subject: Cactus soil?
What mixes would you suggest? I am trying to spend the least amount necissary, but also have very good drainage. Do you think medium sized gravel at the bottom would be good or would I have to go small size? And what would you suggest for the overall mix? It will probably have to be a lot (5 gallon pot)


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Subject: Cactus soil?
I've never raised cactus but from what I've read, you want good drainage.

Good luck on the project.


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Subject: Cactus soil?
Good drainage is key. Also having a good organic % in the mix to hold and retain water is also key.

Are you going for low water use decoratives or edibles?

For any containers to get that good drainage I put in medium crushed granite in the bottom. Seems to do the trick.

Check this link out its helpful:


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Subject: Cactus soil?
You can get cacti soil just about anywhere. I think I got mine at wal-mart. I think the main thing about it is all the perlite that's mixed in for drainage purposes. I have some succulents that have been growing for about a year and a half now and they're doing very well on almost NO water... just plant them and forget about them. I leave them outside and as little as it rains here now in the South-East they've been doing nicely in the hot weather. It takes them a bit for the roots to take hold and I believe you're not supposed to water them for a while after you plant, but I don't exactly remember so don't quote me.
Hope this helps.


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Subject: Cactus soil?
I use Miracle Grow Soil from Home Depot, a wee bit of water and then I let nature take its course. Be careful to not overwater them.


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