Author Topic: Anyone know much about container gardening?
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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
Our yard is way to rocky for a regular garden so I'm thinking about starting a container garden. I'd like a small container or 2 of flowers and then a couple containers of vegetables.

The flowers will be in full sun all day. The vegetables can be places in full sun all day, shade 1/2 day and full sun 1/2 day, or on the front porch in mostly shade all day (limited space for this one).

I'd like suggestions on the best size of containers to buy, types of plants for the containers, etc.

I used to grow a big garden years ago so I know something about gardening, just not when it comes to containers. worried


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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
*waves* I've been so lonely here. I'm glad someone stopped by. happy

I'm not a container expert, that's for sure but Cere and I do grow various stuff on the deck in containers. We've grown herbs and tomotoes mainly but we skipped the tomatoes last year because we tried putting them in our new garden. Unfortunately the garden space it too close to a walnut tree and they didn't do very well. So Cere is going back to the containers. He's letting me have the garden spot for my flowers. happy

We just planted the tomatoes pots that are probably a foot and a half wide, and then put the tomatoe cage in. Here is a link that talks about some things to think about:

Good luck.


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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
I have grown all kinds of things in just regular old 5 gallon buckets. Just remember to drill holes in the bottom of your containers. Do not use black ones they get too hot and dry out your plants. On windy hot days water more than you usually do as your plants will dry out more quickly. Placing mulch or small rocks on the top of the soil will help to retain water.

If possible set them on top of something a couple bricks or stones to create and air space underneath the pots, this helps them drain better and also keeps potaote bugs, slugs and what not from living under your plants and then coming out at night to eat!

Cherry tomatoes love container gardens and you will be amazed how many tomatoes you can get off just one plant.


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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
I've done container gardens the past couple of years happy

They're fun, and they take a lot of love and care happy Also to keep out buggies grin after you've drilled your holes and before you put in your dirt, place some mesh screen over the holes grin

For vegetables, unless you're getting the type bred, keep in mind that the bigger the pot the better. Personally I would stay away from "self" watering ones because I've found they don't keep the desired water level.

Best thing to get is a water meeter, you stick it in the soil and it tells you how wet it is.

Actually, here: The Bountiful Container

I've done in containers: tomatoes, peppers of all varieties, herbs, melons, squashes, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, citrus trees.

This year I prepped the ground in the fall so I'm going to do directly in the ground this year...well, except for my citrus trees and probably herbs. I liked my herbs in containers. I'm going to add an apple tree to my list of container trees grin


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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
Getting the biggest container necessary for your plant is the main shouldn't need anything bigger than 5 gallon buckets though unless you're planting trees as well! And the 5-gallon ones are probably bigger than you need for anything except tomatoes maybe.

Make sure the containers have drainage, and water at least once a day, twice on warm or windy days, because the containers dry out a lot faster than the ground will. Also beware because the dirt in the containers will heat up/cool down much faster and more extremely than ground temps, so you want to make sure you don't freeze or bake your poor plants! Shadecloth and frost covers are usually adequate protection, or just moving the containers indoors or to a protected corner for a bit.

Other than that it's pretty easy! Good luck! happy


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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
The above 2 posters hit it right on. You can pretty much do anything in containers. Just keep the thing about having the container a large enough size and have drain holes.

Nice tip on the mesh before the soil.

I keep most of my herb garden in containers, cilantro peppermint basils etc.

The rest is in ground.


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Subject: Anyone know much about container gardening?
I have had and do have a container garden. I do chives, thyme, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, patio tomatoes, hot peppers (cayenne, habanero), spearmint. I think that's it. Hope that gives you ideas.


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