Author Topic: My tribute to Depeche Mode
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Subject: My tribute to Depeche Mode

I'm a DJ who normally spins various styles of Trance and House, so I decided to take all my favorite Depeche Mode songs and create a dance mix out of it. After all, they are the ones who started it all for me. Recorded it live last night in one shot, so here it is.

Depressed Mode (55:11)

note: If you dont like Depeche Mode or dance music you probably wont like this.



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Title: Stand back I'm,...I'm going in.
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Subject: My tribute to Depeche Mode
Downloading as I type. My Firefox couldn't download the file as it caused some
kind of session error (not cookies). Copying and pasting the URL into Internet
Explorer solved the problem.

Thanks for the download Niika. applause


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