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Subject: Emperor concert
I know their's a handful of metalheads out there from reading this board.

I saw Emperor in Hollywood the other night, and good god they put on an amazing show. I'll go again in a heartbeat if they ever come again.

As a bonus, I got to meet the band after the show. Unlike how one might think given the reputation black metal bands get, they were all a bunch of very nice, gracious guys. I suspect they were surprised by the love they got from an American audience. Samoth especially, since he wasnt able to come to their previous show.

Their was an opening band, Martriden...apparently just got signed to a label. They were surprisingly good....reminded me a bit of Amon Amarth's style, though without the whole Viking thing goin on. What I suspect was their mothers was at the show, it was actually kinda sweet. The sound quality is terrible (not surprising given the volume of the show) but that's from the concert I was at.

Mayhem concert next month! And Daath at the end of this month if I can swing it. Rawr!


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Subject: Emperor concert
Man. Emperor was touring in LA area last time I was there, but the show was like two days after I had to go back home and couldn't swing more time off. Shame.


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