Author Topic: Spring cleaning tips and tricks
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Subject: Spring cleaning tips and tricks
what is your best spring cleaing tip or trick?

Spring is when I declutter, if I am not careful I am one of those people who save just about everything. Before I know it my house starts feeling cluttery. (I am a drawer stasher I dont want it out where you can see it so I stash it away in drawers and closets lol) So what I do is get a big cardboard box and tell my self I cannot stop until the box is full. I walk from room to room and toss anything i have not used in say the last 3 months into the box. Clothing, cleaning supplies, shampoos, nick nacks anything is fair game. When I am done I let my daughter look in the box and take anything she might want then the rest goes to the goodwill. (minus the partially used items like shampoo etc)


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Subject: Spring cleaning tips and tricks
Well, since we got extensive snow yesterday and the ground is a slick patch of ice today, spring cleaning is the last thing in my mind.

But since you asked...

I try to hold a yardsale the end of April as my incentive to get rid of stuff. I don't think I will pull it off this year. I just haven't been as faithful going through stuff to get junk ready for the sale. I try to do that all winter and I have a closet that I put the garage sale boxes in until the weekend of the sale.

I do so love the first Saturday that you can open all the windows in the house, crank the music and start the cleaning. It always feels liberating.


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