Author Topic: Exploring Music on Rhapsody
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Subject: Exploring Music on Rhapsody
Well, I just bought a Sandisk Sansa E280 at Costco the other day for $140. I got to say I am really liking it. It's a bit slow at times when you have all 8gb full.

But anyway what I am really impressed with is the integration with Rhapsody (which is a bit buggy but not bad). I really like their To Go program where for $15 a month I can download almost all of their songs to my E280 and listen on the go.

This has got me exploring a ton of different types of music. Right now I am exploring world music.

Found I like:
Altan (Traditional Irish)
Agatsuma (He is like a Japanese Joe Satriani with a Shamisen)
The Shanghai Restoration Project (mixes traditional Chinese with western hip-hop. Especially like Babylon of the Orient which came with my E280)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Zulu/Christian choir)
Stephen Kent (Didgeridoo player)

Anyway, What other interesting world music do you recommend? I prefer instrumentalist music.


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