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Subject: seed catalogs
am I the only one that pours over these in the winter months patiently waiting for spring so I can try out any new flowers I have found? I actually don't order from the catalogs when I find something I like I call around to local nurseries until I find one that carries it.

Something a nice little gramma taught me, when going to look for a new type of flower bring a picture of it with you, it will help you spot it easier amongst all the other flowers in the greenhouses.


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Title: Wat do?
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Subject: seed catalogs
That's a pretty good tip happy

I don't scour the seed catalogs but it's just because where I live has such hot summer weather, most plants I like would wither and die before summer even came!

Instead I got a book on landscaping for my area that has vines, colorful flowers, all types of gorgeous lush type plants (as well as desert-y kinds) that are either native to the area or thrive in it. I didn't think I'd get to have a nice garden here but now I am planning on it! happy


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Subject: seed catalogs
I love getting the seed catalog in January. It always reminds me of the hope of spring. I sometimes order from them, but other times I just keep looking and relooking and finally buy the plants or seeds locally.


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