Author Topic: ISO Advice on carpet cleaners
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Subject: ISO Advice on carpet cleaners
We've had our house for 3+ years now, and the carpets really could use a good cleaning. It's a big place, so I'd rather not be paying by the square foot for a cleaning service.

Can anyone recommend (or even strongly recommend against!) a good carpet cleaning machine to buy for under $300?



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Title: Wat do?
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Subject: ISO Advice on carpet cleaners
I recommend going to Sears and looking at the steam cleaners there. I felt the same way and bought a Bissel upright steam cleaner (looks kind of like a vacuum cleaner on steroids lol) and I've been very happy with it. It has a heat setting so you have the hot soapy water if you want it, plus it has a mode where it "helps" you push it so you're not forcing it across the carpet, it practically walks itself. Has a hose attachment with a little rolly brush on the end, good for doing the stairs or what have you.

I bought it several years ago so they probably don't carry the exact model anymore but if I remember right we paid about $250 for it and have more than made up the money spent, when you consider that it cost us roughly $100 every time we wanted the pros to come and steam clean our carpets! Money well spent, imo. happy


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