Author Topic: Christmas decorating
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Subject: Christmas decorating
I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but I have already been eyeballing the closet where the decorations are stored lol

Are you an all out go for broke 10,000 lights or bust kind of person? or are you more moderate?

I like to think I am a middle of the road person (you cannot spot my house from the moon)

This year I think I am going to do my tree in all different decorations, no Balls just my Hallmark decorations along with unique one of kind ornaments I have picked up through the years.

What are your plans? do you have theme?

maybe we could even post some pictures of our trees when they are done.


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Subject: Christmas decorating
Last year was the first year we got to put any decorations up outside. Just some icicle lights, and a rope down the pole on the front porch. We went out and purchased a bunch of decorations post-Christmas last year in preparation for this year. This year all we had to buy was about $50 in outdoor extension cords, and we should be pretty much set!! I'm very excited as this is the first time we'll be decorating so much!! Plus it's the first year I'm hosting Christmas and the whole family is coming. happy

I don't know if we're going to do any sort of theme inside the house. We'll have to see after we get started this weekend. happy


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Subject: Christmas decorating
We don't go crazy but we are doing a little more decorating that in previous years. This is year is the first time we've put lights on the outside of our house. We purchased the white and blue icicle lights. We also ditched the old garland and used purple and silver ribbons on our tree. We have big purple bow at the top for now because we can't find a purple and/or silver angle or star that we like.

We still have the pew bows from our wedding and since our wedding was purple and silver we would like to put those bows up at the corners of our doorframes. We just have to dig the bows out of storage and that might take unlike New Years! LOL

I haven't set up my Christmas village since we moved 5 years ago. I just don't have a place to set it up in this house unless I'd move our daughters toys out of the living room and set up the village on the floor--which I'd prefer not to do.


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Subject: Christmas decorating
I do lights inside around the windows, and a string of them around my bannister.


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