Subject Author Replies
 Port Forwarding Help   Boy_Kai_HG  1
 lifetank x issues on win7 64bit   dameon94  6
 Keep This Bumped: Boards Going Poof   Dragon_FIend  5
 Just saying bye   -Mithan-  0
 GoArrow issue...   azv4  6
 [Decal Dev] No wield weapon class   KhaanVrenn  0
 ISO WHAT I NEED TO DO TO GET UNBANNED FROM VIRINDI CHAT - i have an error i think   R3Mington  19
 Since these forums are probably closing...   Saloben_ign  23
 Sample code for detecting new skills and Mastery?   RedKimseth  2
 [Decal Dev] Multi strike weapons   KhaanVrenn  7
 Vtank Navigation / Route help   Oreomadness_Forever  1
 VTLooter String Match Name Armor Requirements   immortalbob  0
 Alinco Buff 3 issues   JLatuska  14
 Error with v tank. Help greatly appreciated.    0-0-0-0-ppooo  4
 Virindi Chat Error    R3Mington  1
 Resizable Windows   MishnaoftheRangers  4
 Win 7 64bit stuttering video after running AC   KhaanVrenn  0
 So, those of you with 2965 crashing bugs... do you use fullscreen?   Hazridi  11
 ISO Leatherll   4f715e314c1622c067  0
 Anyone got any ideas why my high value weapon loot rule wont work?   -MaynardJKeenan  8
 ChatTextIntercept   MishnaoftheRangers  5
 GoArrow (VVS Edition) update fails   eshannon  10
 PrePatch GSA lookalike VTank loot profile   Talice  3
 decal issue... Concerns mag tools currently   Druxus2012  1
 A few questions... Mag-Looter, Alinco and DCS related.   Si_Wang-mu  4
 Virindi tank says <No DDL>   Korr-upt  0
 Decal Options question/info request   Sucamarto  2
 Virindi Chat will not sign in or under Anonymous   R3Mington  8
 Post-alinco woes...   Billy-Mountain  18
 Decal Beta Not Working...please help!   Corpus_Lux  4
 Vtank Suggestion ... or an idea at least :-)   ChuckMgutsup  2
 Decal Help.   Hydrogenated1  10
 Sending a message to Fellow   MishnaoftheRangers  3
 Inventory?   OgII  7
 AC Client stops working when I run Lifetank    DarktideDeathtoll  5
 Loot Snob vtank loot profile (req mag's enhanced looter)   immortalbob  57
 Mule trade it points help   Druxus2012  1
 Mag-looter questions   Imhotep_Amun-Ra  7
 new looter for post feb pacth weapon changes????????????????   4f591049aa379cf5da  0
 I'm having a common problem with Decal/Mule Trade It & Vista.   Kryptocake  1
 Running a buffbot on a character with augmented Foci   Deathspawner  2
 Making bots use mansion items and dual-use bots.   _Shang_  0
 Decal   shojimbo  18
 Visual Basic 6 help again   KhaanVrenn  4
 Decal help (again...sorry)   DarktideDeathtoll  3
 Skunkworks?   Absolute_Chaos  0
 Memlocs posted for March 2012 (Client   Virindi-Inquisitor  6
 memlocs up   Striderlongshanks  0
 Decal not working !!!!   gamer4f4d0be34c16f  2
 CoC Violation   Rusmurf  5
 Houston we have servers!   mrFlipo  0
 Anyone experienced this? Can log into all worlds except one.   Ball-Cruncher  5
 iso leather II   ownith12  0
 Windows 7 Decal Install Help   DarktideDeathtoll  12
 Multi-character Trade Bot   _Shang_  7
 Whoever makes castaway bot please implement this feature please   4f6259fa4c16ff1a4e  1
 Virindi Tank will not install   4f6436e6aa37fc0dde  6
 Alinco 3 Help   JJSjeremy  0
 Classic Looter Celdon Tailor Armor Probs   -MaynardJKeenan  1
 Virindi Tank monster expressions beta: need testers over the next few days.   Virindi-Inquisitor  13
 Kimseth   -Absolution-  3
 How to get dungeon ID?   _Rascal_  9
 Link to chefwubbies level 8 scrolls?   Legoxiardarktide  3
 6th sense?   -Spacelord-  1
 Findit! or something like it   Trickyii  5
 [DecalDev]: How to get skill levels of new skills?   sergeantstab  1
 ISO: Large, hi-res map of Dereth for Dereth Explorer   _Rascal_  9
 Need help with Draiker Dual client    polemistis  4
 (Another) Question about default rule set for mag tool looter   sergeantstab  9
 Question about new Mag-Tools classic looter   sergeantstab  2
 Having trouble with Decal   SemiroundPiano  5
 Virindi XP Helper crashes when run   Gafoon_v2  7
 Virindi Sense feature request.   Sucamarto  6
 cant get my decal to work please help   ShockaZulu_DT  3
 Nm!   vn_quuz  0
 Skill ID's List   RedKimseth  2
 Virindi Tank Can't login to registered user......   Oreomadness_Forever  8
 Quick question for Mag-nus about your improved Classic looter   OgII  2
 Vtank is so buggy....   -Kiande-  5
 Mag-SuitBuilder   Mag-nus  25
 VTank Infinite Casting Dispel Self   Boy_Kai_HG  6
 Plugin dev via Visual Basic 6 questions   KhaanVrenn  20
 Disable trade windows for LockesArmyKnife   sergeantstab  7
 Random blue screens   ArmandoFF  2
 Virindi Tank Broked!   DTSince99  0
 Quick & Dirty Skill Planner    -lino-  9
 Tradebot - What should I use?   Drache_the_Destroyer  1
 Salvage bags less than 100k value   tomJerk  0
 Portal Bot feature now in Tings version 390.   mrFlipo  52
 Chest Looter Plugin?   Shedao-Shai  20
 little help with these rules   eclipseofblood  4
 Stopping Alinco from Looting   _Shang_  3
 New Ting's verson 385. Feb 2012 patch fixes.   mrFlipo  1
 Spell ID numbers?   shojimbo  4
 Vtank Dispell self help   gamer4f4aa6c6aa379  0
 Decal File Service / Version 1 Plugin Surrogate Problems   Odhinn72  14
 All i see is black   CouchAttack  3
 Alinco3   -Absolution-  7
 Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator   EndyTheUnsane  2
 New Weapon Loot Profiles?   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 AgentZ   Zegeger  6
 Alinco 3/V Tank picking up Aetheria   Imhotep_Amun-Ra  3
 SkunkWorks: Needs Updated Skapi.dll   KillaCryptic  2
 >>> Vtank error, help?<<<   medusa_1  3
 Memlocs posted for February 2012 hotfix (Client   Virindi-Inquisitor  7
 .net error this hotfix    KillaCryptic  0
 Hazridi just an FYI   Burnthembad  2
 ac/decal crash on start up since patch   cccnjmc  3
 <<BuffMe>> Spell Incantation of Spirit Drinker failed, skipping.   -Krakatau-  0
 Mag-LootLogger   Mag-nus  25
 Alinco3buffs   Gilrog  18
 DEVELOPERS: How to read character skills in .net plugins post-february patch   Virindi-Inquisitor  1
 New VT loot profile   Gones_Mage  0
 buffme or cast it ?   Zarry  4
 ACClient out of date??? **Decal Probs**   -End_Oh-  8
 Trying to help someone with Decal remotely   Brona_we  2
 Adding the new weapon types to Classic Looter.   AresMorae  11
 RIP Ammo Gimp   _Rascal_  1
 Feb Patch Issue Thread   Hazridi  8
 Patch seemed to break skunkworks so no more portal bots til/if fixed   Striderlongshanks  1
 Castaway Buff bot profiles.   Weeping-Willow  25
 Tings pre feb patch data vs post feb patch data   mrFlipo  1
 buff bot help    Zeek350  2
 Memlocs posted for February 2012 (Client   Virindi-Inquisitor  15
 OMG.. Decal is BROKEN!!!   yaroz_vn  2
 Someone should make a new calculator for character creation...   .LoXish-KoFC.  1
 New and improved fix for Goarrow ACMaps error   _Rascal_  1
 Can't get Decal and AC to play nice   4f4016a1e4b00eff03  2
 So, if I were to return to AC and Decal plugin development   -lino-  24
 Dual Client Issue   gamer4f3ef8dee4b00  0
 Need someone to test installer changes   -paradoxlost-  10
 Anyone love doing XML that wants to make me some awsome bot xml for my free buff bot in Holt?   mzstormyrose  5
 Alinco post February patch   -Krakatau-  3
 How I fixed errors.txt from GOArrow Completely.   Bl00dW4R  8
 vtank setting for melee using life spells to   largegroh43  8
 Looting cloaks with Vtank   Res_Dt  5
 BLACK SCREEN WITH DECAL!   bleholalia  1
 Decal Development Forums ugggh   mrFlipo  2
 Working Tradebot Plugin?   ColdAvaton  0
 ISO: Decal Plug that picks up trophys   BishopCoop_II  5
 Vtank looter/Alinco 3 question   Vodka_Tonic  0
 Can't get map function to work in Vtank   eatcarrotsnow  2
 Vtank and Lens for Vulning    ChuckMgutsup  1
 Feb update incluted in Cleaner's AC Calculator   Saurons_Pet  0
 New version of Tings 383   mrFlipo  3
 Wiki   hggm  1
 Decal requires that It know Asheron's Call installation Location!    jonstrong  3
 Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many plugins are going to break with February's patch?   Gafoon_v2  13
 Info request... Alinco3, LockesArmyKnife and/or Tings/ACCompanion...   shojimbo  5
 Decal won't work?   elizabetch  4
 Auto Chest Looter   immortalbob  12
 LifeTankX crashes on start-up   Zack_of_FF  2
 Call It   Xavier_Cougat  1
 Combine Portal / Casting Bot Plugin   hggm  1
 Plugin code problem. Relogging causes plugin to start more than once?   -Eps  3
 Decal   xDeath-n-Decayx  2
 Problem with Vtank -- persistent auto targetting   Konnir  2
 vtank and vuln question...   largegroh43  3
 Best plug-in for locating items on the landscape?   Shedao-Shai  1
 Problem with VT auto weapon select   _Rascal_  4
 VT and Dispell Gems   hggm  0
 VT Server Down   hggm  1
 Vtank & Crashing Client.   Grave_DT  1
 Where to Install Decal Plugins?   Docere  2
 [VI] Disconnected, retry in 150 seconds.   sergeantstab  1
 Decal help with Windows XP on Apple Bootcamp   Agorist  7
 Vtank & Landscape item detection   sergeantstab  3
 Feb Patch & Loot Plugins   sergeantstab  0
 Decal Will Not Load, Please Help   old_tenja  1
 Decal & NVIDIA Optimus on Mobile 540M Card   GateKeeperDT  0
 Tings Inventory Issue   yaroz_vn  12
 If I check virindi view service bootstapper my client gives me an error on login!   old_tenja  1
 Decal problems, halp!   Thieflord2  0
 Inventory Management Alternative to Alinco?   .LoXish-KoFC.  12
 How should I upgrade my PC   old_tenja  2
 VI2 Connection Problem   Sell_Out  13
 Issues with HUD and other graphic plugins, Windows 7 - Decal Help!   GateKeeperDT  16
 Very Basic Virindi Sense Question   ColdAvaton  9
 Memlocs posted for January 2012 (Client   Virindi-Inquisitor  6
 VTank weapon selection vs auto selection   ChuckMgutsup  4
 VT Classic Looter 101 - Need help transitioning away from alnico or other looter plugins? Try here.   PicaroLC  68
 Decal is broke WATAF!?   old_tenja  18
 Request for the VI2 Chats!   FreestyleDT  7
 Xpender...anyone have an alternative?   Bl00dW4R  4
 VTank: Lightning Protection/Nether Protection on Armor dumped wrongly?   _Blakar_  14
 Target Info   Donut-Man  1
 decal help with windows xp   RiloFF  3
 Need help Decal   DarkDread21  2
 HWACStats plugin sourcecode available?   sergeantstab  6
 Classic Looter   hggm  1
 Looking for a plugin that might or might not exist:   barqs_td  2
 Vtank... Gearcraft Mastery   sergeantstab  2
 Virindi follower   tika_waylen  3
 Decal Issues just come back! Plzzz help   soccer171717Killer  5
 AmmoGimp + Alt Currency Arrows   sergeantstab  3
 Good tradebot plugin that isn't Muletradeit?   LaceTP  3
 Moving Alinco Buffs HUD?   ColdAvaton  0
 Returning Player - Decal Problems   N-A-S-T-Y  15
 VTank melee targetting issues   AC_Crog  1
 Question??? Can you...   Dark_Coil  3
 Void Magic combat   Strikore13  3
 This application has failed to start....   King_of_the_lizards  5
 Vtank loads but nothing else will   mazeroth1  12
 ISO a programmer!   DTSince99  5
 CraftBot Update - Fixed Tinking W/ Salvage   FireSickle  13
 New Craftbot Post   Burnthembad  6
 having trouble with vtank and fletching   j3peaz  7
 New functionality request! (Virindi bundle / Mag Tools)   quren_mt  4
 Automated gold tinking? Automated salvage giving?(like item tool used to do)   Dementis_Anima  1
 Help with looting a certain armor color   EvilOwnage  2
 Dispelling Imperil with Vtank   EvilOwnage  5
 Alinco3 and "Windowed Fullscreen"   sergeantstab  5
 VTank help.   DCH862  6
 Vtank opens and closes corpses in a split second. Doesn't loot anything!   Phaces666  4
 Decal and Windows 7   Chazcon  6
 Portal Bot?   Move_HG  2
 Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Error   FreestyleDT  3
 Decal Hotkey System - delete hotkey entries for uninstalled plugins   Chazcon  5
 A little help for someone gone for a while   pcfixall  1
 Alinco3 v1.0.1.10   Chazcon  43
 GoArrow Lite - or Virindi Atlas?   Chazcon  14
 Best replacements for Sixth Sense/BS2 and UST?   Chazcon  3
 Memlocs posted for December 2011 (Client   Virindi-Inquisitor  13
 display Lum/hr?   JoxerTMighty  4
 DCS - adding colors   Sanddh  3
 Find It issue   Zarry  1
 Decal keep crashing asherons call    .Addiction.  2
 What does it take to tank a sentinel?   Move_HG  2
 Vtank question   -Kiande-  4
 Back after many years, does Decal work with Windows 7 64-bit?   Chazcon  15
 Plugin Manager updated for Decal 2965   -paradoxlost-  0
 FPS Lag when certain plugins overlay...   .LoXish-KoFC.  9
 Virindi Tank Classic Looter Modified Source and Binaries   Mag-nus  69
 Virindi Integrator Server Down   joeblow8579  1
 decal crashes ac   2-high  0
 ISO help (have export) can't get decal to show up.   ShockaZulu_DT  1
 How do I change the hotkeys that Virindi Tank uses?   sergeantstab  3
 Vtank Route question   yaroz_vn  3
 decal problem, cant check or uncheck any boxes in decal...   Striderlongshanks  13
 How will the Feb patch changes affect Decal?   kronikjames  2
 Some random decal dev questions   Heysun_HG  3
 Vtank and loot options   Solitus  2
 Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea   Sucamarto  4
 Decal and CheckColumns   EndyTheUnsane  14
 Bots for other games?   WhipSmack  2
 AC Crashes with Decal on VMWARE   Hockeybowman  12
 Could not extract version information from acclient.exe   Xanthys  1
 Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator – Stuffed Turkey Edition    EndyTheUnsane  9
 A couple of Virindi tank questions?   Dakotadarkwind  6
 Vtank: Old Chars Are Lagging, while New Chars Are Fine   Boy_Kai_HG  22
 Back to AC after 5 yrs,need help with Decal.   iridion  3
 Decal wont show in AC   FoxxEclip  1
 Does anyone have a good Loot Profile for VTank Classic Looter?   -Brukid-  2
 crashing at enter world   kanokeh  10
 VI 2 Intergrator   hggm  3
 Decal is crashing ac launcher   TrenAceHG  5
 returning player, decal is harsh.   RideNimbus  9
 Windows 7 decal help   RiloFF  3
 Vtank not runnning untill i reboot.   Lucy_Ford  1
 Virindi Mapper?   kronikjames  0
 Multiple VVS windows for a plugin?   shontsu  4
 New version of Tings    mrFlipo  5
 SSsort VVS edition   -Absolution-  4
 VTank is not combining salvage anymore   King_of_the_lizards  1
 Vtank Failed to register plugin    CephalicDillinger  0
 MuleTradeIt Problems?    VN_Pyrocy  5
 Virindi please read The problem with go arrow crashing u   eclipseofblood  1
 Is there an updated garage sale?   MidnightDT  5
 Craft Bot    Burnthembad  38
 anyone else having problems with Skunkworks this patch?   AsheronsOutcast  2
 Lifetank X crash with nov patch..   KillaCryptic  1
 Memlocs posted for November 2011 (Client   Virindi-Inquisitor  24
 Goarrow Issue   JJSjeremy  21
 Corpse Tracker won't work   shrtchng64  11
 Need help with v tank looting on olthoi cov armor   eclipseofblood  0
 wtb plugin   supremacyofself  10
 Is dead?   -Desensitized-  9
 vtank graphics issue with windows 7   blazoot  8
 Mule trade it wont scan packs..   KillaCryptic  2
 Vtclassic looter: looting -200 damage cloaks   immortalbob  10
 Decal program don't show up ingame   ElCorazon  5
 Question about getting VTank to kill specific monsters   Hilbertraum  3
 vtank and thrown   bryan.rose  4
 Decal not loading in game. export included   cainkul  0
 Mag tools and Vtank   Neue-Regel  5
 Vtank help   darkblaster23551  3
 AmmoGimp Source Code/Update/Replacement?   joeblow8579  1
 mag tools, beta and xp   Malavir  1
 Virindi Looter Aetheria Help   Drewman_MT  4
 why does AC crash after a random period of time   AresMorae  8
 Using VT vlassic looter to find robes   King_of_the_lizards  0
 virindi tank stopped working on my is my export   bryan.rose  6
 Another helpless soul with Decal problems   Semicomatose  1
 Timer Help?   blingblangbloaw  11
 Stumped with VVs and decal revert   Pappa_Fizzle  4
 Skunk Works   Wheeltide  2
 Decal Issues   Spinoff69  10
 Help installing Garage Bot   Thieflord2  10
 Request for Hotkeys for Stam and Mana Kits   -Absolution-  2
 DCS Color Schemes   Dark_Coil  3
 returning player...yah, you guessed it, decal issues   bryan.rose  5
 all i get is red X's since patch   Zarry  0
 Ac crash on log in   killtacos  0
 Skunk works error   Sinister-DT  2
 I need a link to update decal with! Please   Sinister-DT  5
 ISO Plugins please   Night-Spirit  1
 Help Please   Tunajoker  3
 Virindi Tank Classic Looter profile sample   Mag-nus  1
 ISO Plugin to create Trade Lists   orly_owl13  1
 Been years since I've used Decal... trying to get it to work.   Talonus_Duprey  3
 Crash after character select   forenza  3
 wrong board.   DrewageX  0
 Can we get VTANK to support the use of the new stamina and mana kits?   FreestyleDT  2
 Vtank error log   -Pneumo-  2
 Decal fails to register all plugins   -Brahji-  0
 A simple identification plugin?   Saurons_Pet  4
 How to revert decal back to an older version   -Brahji-  2
 Cloaks - ArmorSet Number list   Spindar  23
 VTank Issue   -Advice-  2
 Is there a how-to write up on V-Tank   riu  1
 Memlocs posted for October 2011 (Client    Virindi-Inquisitor  8
 Decal - Updated, then crashed   Grafix_GS  9
 Virindi Sense question.   Sucamarto  3
 Decal, black screen   forenza  13
 Decal top toolbar does not show up   Mrbrulaii  9
 Tradebot Help   Devilbreed  0
 Help with Virindi bundle   b_o_n_e  1
 AC Multi Client and Decal   DT-player  1
 game crashes after log in   UorDT  2
 Virindi public repos u/p?   Move_HG  3
 Alinco not looting   darkblaster23551  0
 Decal Wont update. ISO help.   Physically  1
 Major Decal problems please help.   DT-player  3
 virindi loot   kolbar  1
 Could not obtain updatelist.xml.-Hosting server down?   Bloodfury32  17
 Anyone using Sort It! to dress/undress?   Striderlongshanks  0
 "Unable to connect to the remote server"...   Mrbrulaii  1
 Decal export - missing required installs ?   pyrostreaker  4
 VTank Problem ~ "acclient has stopped working"   Mrbrulaii  4
 Plugin to switch armor sets?   Dread_Impervious  5
 Endy's Tinkering Calculator Updated   EndyTheUnsane  5
 Plugin Suggestion - Contracts HUD   Sucamarto  0
 Could we add music to AC?   Televangelist  28
 Couple of Questions on Damage Rating and Surges   EndyTheUnsane  6
 Decal problem   Cyan1979  1
 Mule Trade it not able to scan new bags of steel   Res_Dt  1
 Multi Client site down.. wtf??   Themightyspork  0
 Wrong forum   BmoguaPK  0
 Hey guys.....need a suggestion on mobile internet   Ball-Cruncher  2
 dule client draikers and decal on vista home premium plz help.   hustle-  4
 Decal Problems Please Help!   BrothaLynch_FF  20
 Decal Development Information   k3ny  13
 Flickering screen   darkblaster23551  5
 New web site for Tings and AC Quick Launch.   mrFlipo  6
 Windows 8   Volthorn  4
 iso weapon tink calc   supremacyofself  5
 problems installing decal on vista   ruined30  6
 Endy's Tinkering Calculator   EndyTheUnsane  3
 Decal says my AC Client is out of date, when its not   MidnightDT  3
 ISO Plugin   Lilaina  10
 Decal won't update.   Decapitation  5
 Sorry if posted...DECAL Help...   FalcorThor  3
 Is it possible to customize the combat spells in Vtank?   King_of_the_lizards  7
 For users crashing at launch with decalnet errors   -paradoxlost-  0
 cannot install decal   GJUNG  6
 Full Window'd Mode?   Hematic  3
 Downloading a loot profile for Virindi Tank   AresMorae  8
 Decal issues... For the love of god plz help!   Camp_of_HG  6
 Buffbot plugin?   felix160  1
 Memlocs posted for September 2011 (Client    Virindi-Inquisitor  11
 The Decal Devs are also looking for a server   Hazridi  0
 Is this the end... (Decal) Just looking for some clarification.   Themightyspork  12
 The Decal Devs are looking for a Designer   -paradoxlost-  7
 Memory leak in vtanks port of GoArrow?   Move_HG  7
 Vtank Autocram not working   Council296  0
 Vtank Troubles   Council296  2
 Decal still not working   MidnightDT  17
 Updated to Decal (a few issues)   VN_Lull_Abye  7
  PSA, FYI, AND IMPORTANT STUFF: by -1313-Evil_Homer   -Foxy-  3
 AC+ Question   -Absolution-  3
 Level 8 spell shopping list   Move_HG  0
 Vtank Problems   Soggyjoe  0
 Decal/Windows 7 64-bit   Omniscient  4
 New website for Go Arrow / Dereth Explorer / CoD Database updates   RoogonII  7
 Vtank error on login...   supremacyofself  6
 DCS question...   shojimbo  3
 VTank Rares   Darq_Nightmare  2
 Decal Not Updating?   Excogitate-Pudendum  48
 Anyone help me with VTank classic looter   Zederok  1
 VTank servers   Zederok  5
 Need a volunteer to test plugin manager update   -paradoxlost-  7
 VTANK SHOULD..   supremacyofself  0
  GoArrow 2.0 for VVS icon not showing in game   _Rascal_  4
 Had anyone else forgot about /fillcomps command? I did!   Excogitate-Pudendum  9
 Does anyone know about Lifetank Rare Looting   riu  17
 Dual Logging broke   SkaughtRazor  2
 Decal Issues   BigofFrostfell  10
 Mag-tools   Mag-nus  287
 Looking for someone to take over the Go Arrow / Dereth Explorer / CoD Database updates   Darktorizo  5
 GoArrow 2.0 for VVS issues (and minor bug)   RoogonII  8
 Thanx for GoArrow 2.0 for VVS   Sucamarto  8
 Questions about Rules/Combine tabs in Vtank classic looter   Striderlongshanks  0
 Sellvage Pea Seller   hggm  3
 Mule Trade It   Res_Dt  3
 Code to check luminance augs   Mag-nus  0
 Trouble Running Decal with Vtank... Posted export list iso help   yesSIRdt  3
 Super duper lag & Castaway   KTAgain  1
 Anyone getting net framework crashes with vtank?   AgzntOrange2  0
 Decal Problems   Boy_Kai_HG  2
 delete thread please <3   Leetum_al-Roxor  0
 FOG Problem has me stumped.   Mystykalie_HG_Jezza  9
 Alinco 1   Dark_Coil  0
 Problems with Fog & Mule Trade It   KTAgain  0
 Decal help please...   Dark_Coil  3
 Virindi Classis Looter, and Celdon Colors   Move_HG  9
 My Decal Sample Plugin and the same plugin converted to VVS   Mag-nus  17
 Virindi Sense version   Zederok  9
 ISO: Damage Tracker plugin (Your dmage given)   Saurons_Pet  0
 Active X Runtime 429 with Mule Trade It   KTAgain  1
 Go Arrow Error   Chronic_Twitch  3 error?   pappa_slop  3
 Where to go for Go Arrow update?   Churi-ya  22
 Weird Dual Log Issue   VanishDT  4
 Vtank Unable to imp with Royal Runed weapon   dirematterkar  2
 decal issues...   pappa_slop  6
 Rank 6 Maker   hggm  4
 Can't get Decal to show up in AC after the patch.   -Snatch-  23
 AC Dual Client Virus?   D1RTY_BLADEZ  3
 Memlocs updated for August (   Hazridi  10
 Add clients POST setup in Drakier's?   .LoXish-KoFC.  0
 ISO: Users crashing while entering world with   Hazridi  47
 Virindi Tank Bootstrapper   AresMorae  3
 LTX or Vtank help plz ?   Soggyjoe  1
 Decal   -paradoxlost-  21
 Make it is not loading the .xml file.   Excogitate-Pudendum  0
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 Would like to use Decal, but...   SatsopWA  15
 I want to track XP/Hour and Automate looting, which plugins are best?   GoldyGoldtheGoldfish  6
 Virindi Chat System v.5   Excogitate-Pudendum  0
 Hex [Alpha Release] - AC in FULLSCREEN Enabler   Hazridi  12
 Decal Filer Service error   Zederok  0
 I know Vtank bundle has interogator...   Lilaina  2
 No decal bar Windows 7 64 bit   Imhotep_Amun-Ra  10
 DO NOT DL VTANK   pimpinsins  20
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 Tracking Quest Timers   Move_HG  5
 Interest to know the bad plugins that are causing 3 day bans?   AgzntOrange2  3
 Vtank   Soggyjoe  3
 Anyone know if Spies still works?   Res_Dt  0
 Are there any plugins for making mass arrowheads   Res_Dt  2
 Decal with Mini PK plugin, FPS problem   dr3xFool  2
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 Vtank irc    bvarner8  0
 For those having trouble with ACDC and need the ACMulticlient link.....   Ball-Cruncher  0
 ISO help writing my first plugin!   Reawakener_FF  2
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 Rainpea   Zodiac_A.L.Allen  4
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 trouble running certain plugins   galnar  28
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 Could not initialize Direct3D. Please ensure that DirectX 9.0 or higher is installed   MD_Dt  21
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 need a list of decal plugins   Zarry  2
 Probably a simple problem, but trying to install decal on my first Windows 7 computer:   MD_Dt  2
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 Vtank Looting   Dyzlol  3
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 Windows 7 directx_feb2010_redist install never completes   GoldyGoldtheGoldfish  1
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 Tried as hard as I could need Decal Help pls   KTAgain  4
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 Ok I did a full system recovery for my pc, Can somebody help me now.   DarkPanKake  9
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 -   -M-  0
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 d3dx9_30.dll   XpotxTD  2
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 Ammo Gimp   Aqua_Tone  2
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 Any detection loggers for ppl who DO NOT use LT?   Kungy  1
 Ammo Gimp   Sittler  1
 Interest Check (trading plugin)   inkburnt  4
 ACDC help   anewbus711  6
 Self buff plug-in   Gilrog  7
 Windows 7 and Decal   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  2
 Couple of Questions - Chat, cell.dat, and buff others related :)   Elder_AC  1
 acclient has stopped working   DraconisUmbra2  6
 March Update ruined my decal! Help Please.   blkdrgn07  6
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 LTX Level 8 Item Spells   KaLok  1
 Vtank   IronBru  1
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 Must have plugins?   DraconisUmbra2  8
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 Update: Go Arrow / Dereth Explorer / CoD Database for March 2010   Darktorizo  4
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 decal not working.   inkburnt  3
 Memlocs posted for March 2010 (   Virindi-Inquisitor  5
 Servers up! Memlocs? :D   Elder_AC  4
 Windows 7 decal and acdc   Muertte  0
 Lifetank   Crystal-Mages  2
 How doi get all this Vrindi crap off my computer?   Cleverace2  9
 older decal version   xeinchi  2
 How do i get LifeTankX to buff items with the Incantation spells?   Caine_of_Evil  0
 iso a good link to alinco buffs   Allana_the_Bringer  2
 looking for decal help   ibn-pain  1
 Lifetank Issue   Churi-ya  7
 Drakkier!!   Nugs_Lantz  8
 Issues with Decal/Vtank   bumballin  2
 Downloaded Decal instant crash logging in   Bobfletcher1  1
 Can anyone point me in the direction of the origionator of "Buff me"..?   Churi-ya  4
 Vtank is not releasing corpses.   Excogitate-Pudendum  10
 ac dual client fails to establish connection to the server, when i try to sign in a second account   darth267  2
 virindi tank issue   LateBlackMan  4
 Windows 7 64-Bit Decal/Dual Client issue...   Nugs_Lantz  1
 lifetank problem   LateBlackMan  7
 MakeIt! Recipies 3.2 Released...   Chef_Wubbie  1
 Vtank and 2hand   ZeroEthics-FF  5
 Lifetank and Incantation of spirit drinker   Elmo_UA  4
 MakeIt! Recipie File Update...   Chef_Wubbie  0
 Just reinstalled everything and now ACDC won't let me dual log.   Cr_  9
 Can't open the data files?   -C9-  7
 dual client core filter issue   inkburnt  1
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 Alinco3 Set up question.   Excogitate-Pudendum  2
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 Help with buddies Decal...   Excogitate-Pudendum  1
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 Plug-in that tracks damage over time?   Elder_AC  3
 One-Key Healing   Sittler  5
 VTANK questions   MageChick  3
 A couple of new Vtank issues popped up today.   Excogitate-Pudendum  1
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 Windows 7 ACDC won't run with decal...   macwillydogg  7
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 decal site down   seabasstsf  4
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 V tank Question number.... um yeah   Excogitate-Pudendum  5
 Update: Go Arrow / Dereth Explorer CoD Database for February 2010   Darktorizo  5
 help with dual client please, i get an "error in extract client" message...   darth267  1
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 VTank Suggestion   mav_sc  8
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 info needed to make plugins   Hard.Charger  2
 My Decal won't run in game someone please help me!   Blayzed4life  3
 castaway not like incantation of blood/spirit drinker?   agnari  17
 Memlocs posted for February 2010 (   Virindi-Inquisitor  8
 Graphics Bug?   twizztd1  1
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 Decal doesn't show up in-game   P.L.E.A.D  19
 automatically logging on characters via ACDC   yaroz_vn  3
 Plugin suggestion    Naia-Ra-Sal  0
 Link for LTX XI?   BowWitch  4
 LTX XBow healing problem   -Super_J-  0
 Alinco - Major 2hand?   Shiraja  1
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 Exporting .wav from client_portal.dat   Casseia  0
 AgentZ Released   Zegeger  8
 Treestats   Geibber  3
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 Inventory exporter..   Dearly_Demented  1
 Security Issue with ACC Wikia?   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  5
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 Ports of open source plugins for Virindi Views users   Virindi-Inquisitor  13
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 Vista Ultimate 64 bit and tank   ZeroEthics-FF  2
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 LTx?   PaleRyderofMT  5
 VTank   gg1085  1
 LTank Looting In General   gg1085  0
 alinco3 info   JoxerTMighty  2
 can anyone throw up the alinco files...   Dearly_Demented  2
 iso a link to alinco buffs   Allana_the_Bringer  2
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 Trade Bot Buying help   -Super_J-  1
 Chat Relay Question   Sir_Horibu  4
 Lifetank Issues.   Dyspathy  10
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 ACDC Win7 64   Shadowdancer_WE  1
 Questions about updated quest timer durations as of Jan 2010   Digero  2
 OT (Sorta): Win 7 and land terrain   CutchaGuy  2
 New standalone plugin released: Virindi OCS (Old Comp System)   Virindi-Inquisitor  0
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 Quest Timer Issues   Darktorizo  4
 HWAC Stats Issues   Darktorizo  13
 Best Crafting Bot?   _Zen_  8
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 Plug-in Needed....   Dark_Coil  9
 Decal install help   Maglett_of_FF  4
 Who is currently maintaining MakeIt! ?   Chef_Wubbie  1
 ISO basic help with plugin   N_Oo_B  0
 Virindi Decal Plugin Updater shows no plugins installed?   Daenku_SC  2
 Coming Back, but having Decal Issues   Sell_Out  6
 Looking for a working plug in that will export inventory of entire toon.   Excogitate-Pudendum  3
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 Alinco3 info/request...   shojimbo  0
 Simple Ainco3 loot profile question   Neue-Regel  2
  Update: Go Arrow / Dereth Explorer CoD Database for January 2010   Darktorizo  13
 call it help   tika_waylen  1
 I need a bit of guidance in getting LTx to loot Two-Handed weapons.   Second_Chance  1
 Anyone Going To Make the New Facility Hub Portals Updated for GO ARROW?   Shang_HG  1
 dual client windows 7 64 decal   sorryest  4
 Quick Buffs   Blanx335  4
 Memlocs posted for January patch   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  5
 Alinco3 vs Alinco question   Sucamarto  5
 Alinco 3 Questions   Sittler  0
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 Dual Client question.   DrewageX  5
 n00b Question for LifeTankX   FallenStar1982  2
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 Decal problems (not typical)   GetDELTwith-DTD  1
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 CraftBot   Saloben_ign  25
 RareTracker   -Logan_Conrad-  10
 Black screen when entering ac with Decal   snoZone  2
 Problem with Virindi Bundle, specificly Virindi View Service   Striderlongshanks  4
 Can't get decal working ingame   vn_the-unexplained  6
 Radar add-on v1.2.0.53 released   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  1
 ISO a plugin...   shojimbo  2
 Current version of Alinco3?   shojimbo  3
 Window 7 64 bit - LTx fix.    silverrabbit  6
 Rare Exchanger Plugin   Elmo_UA  2
 Looking to DL Radar Addon V1.2.0.49   VN_Pyrocy  6
 Decal won't update onDell Laptop w/Windows 7   Majielle  2
 Really really curious about something....   Ball-Cruncher  2
 decal bar not showing up IG   Tarqon_II  10
 Thanks Portal Space   Saloben_ign  45
 feature request for PortalTank developer   DarkstarSwiftkiller  0
 Very wierd thing keeps happening.......   Ball-Cruncher  5
 <{ GoArrow }> Error downloading file [WebException]: An exception occurred during a WebClient reques   Cr_  3
 Lifetank Issue, export included - help please   Churi-ya  3
 Cant log onto ac with decall...   SnoopDizzleBizzle  4
 decal and a 64 bit system   Mtterry  2
 LifeTank not vulning.   -Mindflayer-  1
 MiniMap v1.1.0.264 released.   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  12
 Has any plug in been designed to work with 2h combat yet    suntzukali2  3
 LT Question   Elmo_UA  2
 Castaway Needs An Update   HG_Bower  3
 It's coming..   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  6
 decal plugins stop working for one player on a account   Neue-Regel  14
 Is there a Decal Developer around who could try and help?   shojimbo  6
 Alinco 3 problem   David_the_Bear  0
 Decal problems since last update   Smacx2  7
 alinco3 Hud   Nezrik  4
 Alinco3 error...   shojimbo  4
 Lifetank X freezes when logging in   Riziad-dt  14
 Update: Go Arrow / Dereth Explorer CoD Database for December 2009   Darktorizo  13
 Decal messed up bigtime   Smacx2  1
 Having some Decal/Lifetank issues   TheNemesisII  4
 W7 & DirectX9.0    VN_Pyrocy  14
 Help with Decal Plugins   jammoracing  1
 The Client version does not match the XML version??????   IkonFF_2  2
 Memlocs posted for December patch   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  4
 Mirror for my plugins (GoArrow, Quest Timer, etc)   Digero  12
 ACDC and Win 7   -Dyslexia-  2
 MakeIt! Recipes v3.2 prerelease notes.   Chef_Wubbie  6
 ISO Quest timer install file...home site appears to be down   Konnir  2
 acclient/decal crash every 2 hrs or so   shoryuji  3
 ISO working link to castaway. Thanks   Mistatecal  2
 Problem with AC and or Dcal / VTank. Please help!   OM_Skeela  5
 Decal and Windows 7   Blanx335  4
 Decal crashes acclient when character enters world   SchmittTrigger  6
 Ltxi origial will be updated   Cleverace2  21
 AC+ V2.0.0.2075 released.   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  1
 Anyone have ltank compiled with msvc6.0?   Cleverace2  7
 getting 2h to self buff in ltxi   Cleverace2  11
 newbie vtank question   MageChick  6
 Alinco not pickup up Rares   Sittler  3
 dual client problem need help please.   ShockaZulu_DT  3
 V Tank Only Target mobs on same lvl ???   dayzed_dt  7
 Vtank and Alinco - Auto Salvage Issue   Sittler  0
 Please help me make a list of things that makes LTX crash   Go_Meat  1
 Lifetank X Healing problem....   Grimfell_1  2
 Lifetank causing extremely slow character login times   Cixelsid  2
 ISO Plugin to pick up certain colored armour.   Elmo_UA  4
 if you expect help... POST AN EXPORT!!!!!!   yaroz_vn  2
 Help with virindi tank and looting   soldiermedic  1
 acdc can not launch 2 clients   Blanx335  1
 Strange log in Vtank - Lockes Army Knife effect   agnari  6
 Lifetank and Vtank   MageChick  2
 vTank and Alinco looting issues   mav_sc  9
 LifeTankX Problem: My char wont attack???   IkonFF_2  5
 Boobies!   CutchaGuy  4
 Are there any plugins that can loot ground items?   Thaddeus_Bass  0
 Problem with auto salvaging with alinco3 and vtank running....   Striderlongshanks  2
 V-Tank + Alinco3 looting Problem   Boomshakalakah  3
 Decal makes AC load very slow or crash   _Rascal_  2
 Alinco3 problem   Seandis  4
 decal works but doesnt work, need help   Imatition  9
 decal crashing on login.. any ideas?   Dirty_Elf  8
 LTX attacking ghosts.   fjoesne  2
 Salvage bot   Zeek350  4
 Learning VB Scripting?   dayzed_dt  2
 AgentZ Test Release   Zegeger  15
 Virindi Automatic Rank 6 Generator   Hauchucha  19
 Screenr 1.3 - now with VVS support and exploration marker tracking   -lino-  0
 For those with with no foci augmentation running Castaway   Maddy_ACEDL  3
 anyone know what this error is and how to fix it?   ShockaZulu_DT  2
 Lifetank X red linking on log in?   RayneOfAmber  4
 Are the new augmentations in Decal?   Maddy_ACEDL  0
 CoD Database Update 2.0 For Go Arrow and Dereth Explorer   Darktorizo  5
 ScrollReader3 updated! New filter option for shopping + VVS support!   -lino-  0
 LockesArmyKnife 1.5 RC1 - Global inventory, Melee weapon/Covenant armor tinkering advisors and more   -lino-  8
 LTX and Win7    CutchaGuy  3
 LT won't recruit anyone!   TheNemesisII  7
 ISO forum moderator   -Tutankhamun-  1
 character planner   Okra  5
 It's a long shot, but does anyone have this file archived somwhere?   Damien_Sarin  2
 Decal Updates....   Temerick_TD  0
 What do people look for in a 'global inventory' feature?   Virindi-Inquisitor  8
 MiniMap v1.1.0.118 released   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  2
 Alinco3 - Loot Healing Kits?   powtech  1
 Vrindi Tank Error :( Help plz!   dayzed_dt  11
 .net 1.1 installation issue   jaclin_ff  1
 Dual Client and Win 7??   David_the_Bear  5
 Lookinf for portal bot program   Silo_HG  1
 Any Working Multi Character Portal Bot Programs   Silo_HG  1
 AVG 9.0 warning   Volthorn  5
 Vtank error msg   ChucktheRipper  2
 help with LT and Windows 7   hobartbouregarde  2
 LockesArmyKnife beta version - now with global inventory (and some more changes)   -lino-  8
 I am a complete newb to Vtank   TheNemesisII  5
 windows 7   tonaple  3
 Memlocs posted for hotfix client update (client   Virindi-Inquisitor  5
 Alinco3 and inventory   Striderlongshanks  8
 Dereth Explorer - Added Locations V1.0   Darktorizo  14
 ISO: Guide for Vrindi Tank Looting   dayzed_dt  6
 virindi tank loot 2 hand weapons   Vuo  2
 ISO: Means to extract all of the colors being referenced by armor and clothing   RhesusFF  4
 ISO version of lifetank that cast 2 handed weapon self  0
 Virindi Tank Looting : Rule Question   Ozzie-SOL  2
 Can I get vTank to attack vulned targets first? And can I have it change shields?   mav_sc  4
 Can't get client to launch....   I-C-E-D  2
 mule trade it problem   Sempiterna  11
 Virindi Tank turns off on its own   Khalin_Frost  12
 Alinco3Buffs   --Scrap--  1
 LTX targetting trouble   Go_Meat  4
 combat macro for 2 handers?   BlackxOut  2
 Virindi Views Theme & UIs   Virindi-Inquisitor  6
 Hwac_stats problem   ndmobeer  2
 Any plans to use the Quest Journal and Decal?   Lonsgard  10
 Alinco3 problem   TigsTigereyez  7
 AC+ V2.0.0.1978 released.   Thorfinn_Sigurdssen  18
 DibBot program fixed, however...   Lanfear_SC  2
 AC Dual Client prob with 2nd instance   _Rascal_  11
 Anyone looking at the various plug-ins yet....   Churi-ya  9
 Alinco 3 help   ndmobeer  3
 Decal & Windows 7   TheMasterKato  8
 Ignore   Seandis  3
 LTX issues since patch   CutchaGuy  5
 Craftbot   Saloben_ign  4
 getting this error message from ac duel log... process performace counter dissabled   Banderliing-Scout  4
 Castaway Cut-And-Paste   Hemenucha  6
 Castaway Issue   NBKMage  20
 Memlocs posted for October   Virindi-Inquisitor  7
 Gouru or new MakeIt! maintainer a question...   Chef_Wubbie  2
 Sucamarto is back in da house.   Sucamarto  5
 Radar add on bug   Dirty_Elf  4
 Virindi tank lockup on exit   Striderlongshanks  5
 Problem with LT and plugins   LaliPJ  3
 Decal Support for 64 bit   TheMasterKato  11
 d   ShockaZulu_DT  13
 decal problem...   Nuerotox  6
 What is the buff bot program now?   Ferrydust  4
 some help with Cleaner's AC Calculator please.   Volthorn  3
 What craftbot plugins are currently available?   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  4
 Radar add-on and Vista   Talenyecis  7
 New plugin and updates to some of my old ones   -lino-  3
 Can anyone else access the Virindi Tank site?   Monolith_WE  3
 I think I found the crash to desktop for vista LTx users...   SolandrosFF  0
 Running LTX 11.9.9 and only two 8's won't cast   CutchaGuy  5
 Lifetank XI disconnecting internet?   Vale09  3
 Mule Trade It! == Runtime Error It!   fjoesne  0
 Lifetank not shooting arrows   Reluke-TLS  3
 Problem With Tings   ndmobeer  3
 ScrollReader3 feature request.   Maglett_of_FF  21
 Ignore.   Striderlongshanks  1
 decal + windows 7 = slideshow? common issue?   _Ratio_  1
 Where can I find Decal Plugin VMT?   migrax  14
 Trouble with Virindi Views   Niarlan  2
 Looking for a skill calculator.    Volthorn  3
 trouble with acdc Process performance counter is disabled   Banderliing-Scout  3
 Please post the workarounds for the computer retarded for making AC work with Vista   Churi-ya  4
 HWACStats   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  20
 is the owner of around?   Volthorn  0
 Spell ID?   Saloben_ign  7
 Tings is very spammy, is there anything that can be done?   -D-  5
 Decal Crash on New Laptop   CutchaGuy  12
 Are there any loot ID plugins?   Dakotadarkwind  5
 Coming back after several years off: what plugins to use for Ua melee   MageChick  4
 allegiance scanner   Saloben_ign  0
 Alinco Loot and Rares   ndmobeer  0
 A couple of LifetankX questions   GengisCon  1
 need help with computer transfer   DrizzitDoUrden  10
 Question for the technology smart...   Chef_Wubbie  4
 LF:::: Very simple plugin:   Masta-Mage-Og  1
 Alinco looting issue   ubarninja  2
 Is there a decal plugin that can open doors?   vn_quuz  1
 Vista and updating problem   WTB_HG  2
 Any Craftbot users out there still?   Monolith_WE  3
 Alinco   Allana_the_Bringer  5
 Suggested Utility to suppress fighting messages   Sittler  4
 Help with decal   sayxnug  6
 a question about dcs   Allana_the_Bringer  3
 LTX broken? Craftbot broken   TheMasterKato  1
 Are there any tutorials on making decal plugins?   ILikeSleep  6
 BuffMe error   DarkCoil  1
 reconfiguring at each log on   ddmt  1
 Decal Memlocs posted for client   Virindi-Inquisitor  10
 decal appears to be updated..   yaroz_vn  0
 Inventory Plugin?   DarkCoil  3
 How do i get Auth'd for Spies?   dayzed_dt  4
 Looking for a plugin might be an old one   PigPenAC  2
 How can I make ltx fight without a shield ?   suntzukali2  1
 Decal, LTx[i] and Windows Vista[7] x64?   Artinas  4
 Virindi Bundle and Virindi Tank updated (looting)!   Virindi-Inquisitor  20
 Decal install on windows vista 32bit   PigPenAC  4
 StatInfo update   yaroz_vn  1
 MS script 5.6   Didikillit  0
 Plugins updated: Screenr and HouseMan (updating strongly recommended)   -lino-  1
 Lifetank X + Dual Client + Vista 32 Problems...   Decayed_HG  0
 New Miniplugin: Virindi Item Tool   Virindi-Inquisitor  0
 Decal Trouble   Playa_Slayar_DT  1
 iso plugin to hand in Crystalline Shards   Banderliing-Scout  11
 alinco 3 question   Dirty_Elf  0
 Xnutalk a new Decal Plug-in   Xnumt  4
 Plugin Developers: The Virindi View System   Virindi-Inquisitor  1
 New plugin to display current stat/attribute information...    yaroz_vn  15
 Client_Portal.Dat appears to be Corrupted!    dayzed_dt  3
 Visual Decal   -lino-  7
 And another new plugin: HouseMan   -lino-  1
 New Plugin: Screenr   -lino-  12
 Bot Shopper   eshannon  2
 Lifetankx 11.9.9 help   Neue-Regel  0
 Caching BoardsSearch is working again   _boneyard_  0
 LifetankXI 11.7.x.x EOL Notice   Crelic_MT  34
 LTx on Win7   yaroz_vn  3
 Scrollreader3 updated!   -lino-  5
 Alinco3 epic detection   jaclin_ff  2
 vb6 runtime on win7   JoxerTMighty  6
 Trying to figure out chat in Decal   Xnumt  17
 Alinco 3 problem-finding critters   David_the_Bear  4
 Asheron's Call Dual Client (cannot run two games at once)   Epimyth  16
 Alinco3 problems :(   dayzed_dt  2
 SSSort crashing game to desktop   OcteptheAssassin  16
 I can't figure this out - Re: AmmoGimp & HWAC-Stats.   TieraM  2
 OT: Owner of trophyhunteronline   NK_Wizarium  2
 Wish there was a tradebot plugin in development still.....   notorious_Z  4
 I want advice on how toset up a melee in ltx   suntzukali2  4
 Bandit Sense   Churi-ya  2
 Decal is up for August patch   yaroz_vn  7
 ISO: Downloading Decal on Vista for the Computer Illiterate Guide   Malystryx_hg  14
 FYI, Aug 20 is Patch day, suspect Decal may be down...   Maglett_of_FF  4
 Need help with Target Info   Liaya  2
 Common MuleTradeIt! "Runtime Error 429" fix   Corpserayne  0
 Life Tank X Problems :(    dayzed_dt  2
 goarrow problem   Banderliing-Scout  7
 Skins?   Cyker  0
 Post your video card if you're having trouble with Lifetank crashing.   -Kiande-  5
 Make It! You Say “b”   Xnumt  9
 Request for info from Decal Devs....   Chef_Wubbie  3
 Alinco 3 problem   David_the_Bear  2
 Allegiance Plug   eshannon  19
 working link to skunkworks   Volthorn  4
 Are the lvl 8 spells for Lifetank still around   Morock1  3
 So you want to be a Decal Developer...   MT_Gouru  12
 Decal Gurus - Decal Newb Needs A Point In The Right Direction   ColdAvaton  1
 Has anyone developed a little plugin to advertise with a tradebot?   Masta-Mage-Og  1
 Dev/Plug-In Request   Padre-Adamo_SC  11
 Really Need your help for Castaway ! thnaks   Slita  22
 GoArrow : <{ GoArrow v1.2.0.1 }> Error [NullReferenceException]: Object reference not set ...   Ozzie-SOL  15
 DC + Vista   Kahuna-of-HG  3
 Need help setting up Lifetank to detect Epics   David_the_Bear  7
 Imp Inventory upload to website?   eshannon  10
 Decal Plugins   eshannon  5
 iso working link to Players Online plugin   Volthorn  5
 iso Insta OG style plugin or actools code   Volthorn  9
 VTank question   Maglett_of_FF  0
 Possibly conflict with Vtank and Decal Hotkey System?   CyranosCottage  6
 Decal needs to be open source   Arc_DT  33
 Problem updating Decal   Mahvrick  1
 DCS   Saloben_ign  1
 Memlocs posted for July   -paradoxlost-  15
 ISO tab config for Buff Ho   Gones_Mage  2
 Decal Update boards   Majielle  2
 Looking for.....   Volthorn  9
 what is going on? 3 willing workers and work going undone for 24 hrs?   ddmt  60
 Any news on update for Decal?   Chydragon  20
 Tinker Calc type plugin around anymore?   UlrikTheWolf  6
 July 2009 Patch day.   Maglett_of_FF  4
 looking for a self buffing plug in?   ubarninja  3
 Life Tank issues   Invision_MT  3
 dotnetfx.exe not compatible with 64 bit processor   Hobbes-The-Feared  1
 LifeTank won't stop eating my Stam Items!   CyranosCottage  1
 ISO: New Life Tank DL Link   MageofCruor  4
 Virindi Tank : Can Melee Attack Height be Adjusted?   Ozzie-SOL  4
 Vtank issue.   CyranosCottage  10
 Windows 7 compatabilty   YosserY2k  3
 Allegiance Scanner   Themightyspork  1
 Wubbies random desires...   Chef_Wubbie  5
 Is there a macro to gamble the carenzi or the monster fights?   Gali_Nala  3
 Question about CastAway   Saloben_ign  8
 society keep tracker plugin?   JoxerTMighty  1
 Plugin Source Code Repository   Paraduck  0
 Alicno 3 Problems   agnari  15
 INstall Package For CastAway Has Been Fixed   Maddy_ACEDL  0
 Has anyone made a Component Exchange plug-in?   shojimbo  4
 Decal and Windows XP 64   syrnix  3
 dual client error   MagikalKitty  0
 Working tradebot?   -Kiande-  9
 virindi tank looting    Dirty_Elf  24
 Why is LTx ID'n my mana charges every couple minutes?   yaroz_vn  0
 Vtank keeps shutting itself down   Striderlongshanks  1
 Picking up epics   frec  2
 Memlocs Posted for June Patch   Drakier  9
 Decal.interop.core.dll error   ZareckofMT  4
 Can someone please fix Lifetank?   -Kiande-  11
 dual client help    Medeka  4
 Is there ANY way to fix the Decal/AC Crash?   HG_Gt  11
 Help With Decal Please thank you   iSPQR  1
 Decal Help Please   Scorppio09  3
 A loot finder type plug in   suntzukali2  63
 Slight problem with VTank   Striderlongshanks  2
 AC wont run with decal installed?!?   vn_skaz  7
 New Version of CastAway posted, version   Maddy_ACEDL  7
 ISO Better way to output inventory   jaclin_ff  3
 Castaways help needed thread 2    Tarqon_II  15
 VMT - tiny problem   Erensin  2
 Trade Bot Plugin   WindofHorror  1
 Is there a plugin that does my salvaging for me?    S-O-L  1
 Anything special I need to do to get Decal to work with 64bit vista?   S-O-L  5
 Quest Timer Error 70   yaroz_vn  10
 Alinco   Saloben_ign  4
 Ltank freezing game up   Syril37  5
 Where can I download Decal and the Plugins? it used to be where is it now   S-O-L  2
 Tried everything to get dual client to work..   blahbalah  5
 Trade Bot plug-ins?   MD_Dt  3
 Editing game files...or somthing like that   Apollo_FF  0
 Stuck entering world... again   Reluke-TLS  2
 help me with decal please   BlueJacket47  2
 Decal wont show up ig. Running Vista 32 bit.   Mateobolp  8
 Does ACtool and autoit work on AC anymore?   StriderStingblade  0
 cant log into AC   Reluke-TLS  0
 Fiun Bot   Perronebone  1
 Dual Client Issues   Reluke-TLS  0
 Decal worked once, then it crashes AC client   StriderStingblade  4
 ACDC just stopped working.   kill_me_first  2
 ISO Skunk Vision...   LadyFreia  4
 removeing Decal need help   Whammytd  0
 Memlocs Posted for May Patch   Drakier  5
 LTx Mob Attack Priority?   o-0-Core-0-o  4
 Alinco 1.5 HELP?   HewjBoner  1
 Video Lag while running decal   LiquidTension34  4
 Vista & AC Problems.   Kahuna-of-HG  1
 Stuck "Entering World"   Reluke-TLS  13
 Can't Decal installed   VitalForce  7
 Help!!!! Decal in XP64   Volthorn  5
 Tings?   BowWitch  4
 looking for plugin to take screenshots of kills   Glorn  3
 I need help finding something...   Destiny_II  1
 Vtank question.   varcos2  4
 Ltx loot setting?   Raging_Stormm  4
 Tried everything, still no decal bar in game   Ram03e  10
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 AC Tools help   dayzed_dt  6
 Castaway Bot? Help?   Churi-ya  4
 AC wont log in   Scorppio09  2
 Anyone try AC with Windows 7 Beta   hobartbouregarde  3
 nevermind   Self_adhesive  0
 ISO Armor tink plug-in   Rhaza  1
 Alinco buffs...   Wisegrant  17
 anyone have or know location of recipes.xml file for Craftbot?   wekar_ac  7
 Decal wont load since new patch   -7Dust-  2
 Cooking Program?   number-sun  5
 Virindi "Open Beta" Program   Virindi-Inquisitor  53
 Can't seem to get decal to update   DarkCoil  1
 Castaway bot?   Eldebar  1
 Memlocs Posted for April Patch   Drakier  3
 Anyone have a working link for Botshopper?   ACWolfenstein  3
 LT Won't equip ammo, says already equiped   Nin-X66  1
 Dual Client wont install   Ta-bow  2
 black screen at login with decal turned on   SojuMonkey  4
 Is there a plugin to auto salvage?   LyricalMenace420  1
 Decal wil install and works but plugins won't install   AgzntOrange2  3
 Chatbugfix - a plugin which leaves and rejoins global channels at login   Virindi-Inquisitor  5
 chat forward plugin?   eugene_levy  0
 Are there any developers here?   Majielle  13
 Possible New concept: cross-server questing?   Virindi-Inquisitor  0
 ISO: Help Logging In Please!!!   A2I3R  2
 Was wonder if....   DarkCoil  4
 Lifetank question   Majielle  4
 Dual Client and AC Problem.   Soul_Crusher_LC  10
 Virindi LogoVideoBlocker: Skip the loud Turbine intro video at AC start   Virindi-Inquisitor  0
 Does anyone know where to download Decal at?   Lomi_HG  4
 alchemy grenades + macro plugin   Karakak  4
 Looking for help with FindIt! salvage detecting   Skir  1
 Endy's Tinkering Calculator   Endy_The_Unsane  8
 RareExchanger Available   Paraduck  6
 AgentZ...   Zegeger  9
 Is there a plugin that will text/email your phone upon logout?   -TheOtherWhiteMeat-  2
 NVidia Skybox Bug Workaround   Virindi-Inquisitor  34
 LTx wont pay attention to my Stamina Vital   Critical_Beatdown  7
 Is this plug-in still out there???   DarkCoil  1
 iso auto fellow plugin that wont rape my cpu / crash   Dirty_Elf  17
 Lifetank mage just sitting there, doesn't always attack   MD_Dt  2
 Windows Logo Error   RastaBong  1
 Decal Dev Site is down?   DaRiteWing  2
 Anyone still have the TerraGen texture files for AC?   darelc  0
 I am struggling with Virindi Tanks Mob List!   sirbeepa  2
 ISO: Developers of AC+ and Alinco   RhesusFF  8
 Mule Trade It keeps freezing on login   Billy-Mountain  0
 Problem with Dual Client   MrHubbell  9
 Decal Updating problem   DarkCoil  1
 LT Bug: Just stands still and won't attack nonexistent target   GoldyGoldtheGoldfish  1
 Find IT! versus Alinco   jaclin_ff  4
 Decal - Could not obtain updatelist.xml, Cannot update - hosting server down?   Kanofang  5
 Dual Client Help   NinwaChanPo  8
 Decal not showing up in game   Jerel_The_Real_One  4
 Could someone point me to a good link for Botshopper please?   Bloodbow_HG  2
 Where can I get Impfilter?   vn_last_man-mt  2
 mswinsck.ocx   Back_to_AC  1
 Hey everytime i log in with LTX on i get this message,   jonaystewer-t  7
 Plugin Pondering   Chef_Wubbie  6
 ISO: Rare exchanger   yaroz_vn  13
 ISO of help with BuffMe plugin   DarkCoil  0
 accessing tod content   ixtl  1
 Newbie question about terrain information from cell.dat   darelc  4
 VTank Loot Profile Question   Deemon328Hurler  3
 Need LTX help please. mswinsck.ocx error.   Pure_Godly  4
 Memlocs Posted for March Patch   Drakier  4
 Lifetank Woes continue   Churi-ya  1
 Lifetank   hvstang7  1
 What Anti-Virus is everyone using now with AC & Vista   Monolith_WE  8
 Alinco/Find IT Question   jaclin_ff  9
 Decal site broken?   fluffystuffign  2
 Windows vista 32-bit and decal/lifetank X 11.9.9   Deaths-Reign  0
 Any IDing plugins showing the set info yet or plan on adding it in?   yaroz_vn  1
 Self Buff Plug-IN ?   Zarry  7
 Name That Decal Plug-In   LunarE-ClipZ  5
 Alinco gone /dead ??   Zarry  1
 Decal Mirror?   DanT1284  4
 GouruWare   IronBru  2
 Decal problems   PerilousRobert  3
 Decal   Ra-Xenar  2
 Looking for a Current Trade Bot Program   Biggie-Smalls77  6
 I'm determined to get Decal to work with Windows 7 (beta)   Goddess_Skuld  11
 VTank testing version   Virindi-Inquisitor  44
 Cannot enter game with LTX   _Zach  4
 New release VTank v. Issue   AprilRanne  5
 Is there a Mote stacking macro?   DumpsterDiver  1
 Portable Skype v4.0    muneman  6
 VTank v. released   Virindi-Inquisitor  55
 Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and AC?   Monolith_WE  5
 AC runs fine but with Decal it crashes at login.   h20lily  4
 Need a self-buffing plugin   Jothony  5
 alinco bufs?   tika_waylen  1
 LifetankX issues   I_R_NUBI  1
 Decal Problem (Missing d3dx9_30.dll)   Gwonk_Thug  2
 Tracking time until next carenzi race/monster fight   _JaGuAr_LeaDeR  3
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 XPender Updated   -paradoxlost-  0
 info on decal   StoneColdChainsaw  6
 Sample script?   connorthecraftmaster  1
 decal   caromav  1
 dual client password issue - please help   krissyisptx  3
 ISO link to castaway buff bot please.   fusion-legends  7
 Memlocs Posted for February Patch   Drakier  11
 LTXI casting 1st spell in buff cycle perpetually   Eifersucht_DT  0
 Ltx Archer Problem   ndmobeer  5
 Decal install   caromav  0
 Lifetank decided it didn't want to play anymore... help?   Churi-ya  7
 DServ Memlocs   NK_Wizarium  3
 Another lifetank question - archer randomly stopped attacking.   FerociousDinosaur  1
 Trying to get old plugin working   yeeoleox  10
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 Decal options...   Zaxxon_TD  0
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 Decal Program question - Text Reader   jaclin_ff  2
 Quest Timer website down   Volthorn  5
 Decal help   Puzleman121  6
 Computer Issue - it seems to be losing it's mind   Churi-ya  4
 How to get decal?    Zaboomafoozarg  5
 Dual client problem   Monolith_WE  7
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 New comp, decal bar not showing up   _Rascal_  4
 Flynn about AC+....   DarkCoil  7
 VTank updated   Virindi-Inquisitor  17
 Looking for a copy of Alinco   Abham  2
 Arcane Lore Calculator   Hemenucha  1
 Lifetank X & Casting requirements   Sendar_FF  3
 Decal Installation Problems   Mastermindkev  0
 AC client crashes after three hours of LifeTank   Reluke-TLS  2
 AC client out of date? Decal illiteraate here!   _Bladen_1987  3
 is there any plugins out.....   --Kizz--  2
 New Miniplugin: Virindi XPHelper   Virindi-Inquisitor  8
 Plugin for iron/granite ratio calc   Tarqon_II  8
 Where's the REAL link to get Decal?   MeridianGar  1
 Flynn still playing AC?   sergeantstab  2
 Plugin like Topheron's Doom   -Celestro-  7
 Decal flickers....? IG Problem   Torgar_812231  0
 Decal Help   Shoda  0
 Any ideas why lifetank stopped working after patch?   -187-  2
 skunkworks and ACTool   Kriptic  2
 Couple of annoyances with vista/AC/Decal setup   Liaya  8
 DecalNet.dll Failed to register. HRESULT 2147023898 ???   Qaija  0
 Castaways help needed   Tarqon_II  35
 Is their a Music plug in that does this?   suntzukali2  4
 Is Cast It! working after the patch?   MT_Gouru  3
 Decal Problem since patch/maitnence   -187-  4
 Just re-installed ltx on vista 64...   yaroz_vn  0
 Fixed files for level 8s and LifeTank   Paraduck  43
 Memlocs Posted for January Patch   Drakier  6
 Decal Causing AC to crash!   dayzed_dt  2
 Reverse Trade Bot plugin   Kriptic  2
 Mule Trade it! Name length Truncation   Xnumt  2
 Anyone try playing on Windows 7?   Paraduck  23
 Decal w/ vista NEED help   PianoTide  1
 LTX Does NOT want to play   Churi-ya  3
 wanted....good, clear explanation of 2 boxing options in this game as it stands today   SCWEFF  2
 Any way to add set names to LTX id strings?   yaroz_vn  0
 ISO: Decal help   Bone_King_we  0
 Society Task Timer?   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  1
 Decal?   Churi-ya  2
 Graveyard Hours timer?   --Scrap--  3
 Game not launching w/Decal - export file   STOCKER4  1
 mule trade it chat problem   pickle2676  11
 wiki is back up   yaroz_vn  0
 Decal Export here: Crash on entering world   rocketsfiretd  2
 Need Decal Help: Cant install   rocketsfiretd  2
 GoArrow Locations Database   Ashake  9
 Ltx help   Polrbearfist  3
 ACC Wiki Home down?   Gones_Mage  8
 Help W/ Decal.    VN_Pyrocy  2
 Mule Trade It! Scan pack finds no items .....   Dei_Ray_HG  0
 Decal Development - Plugin Testing   jungalist  3
 LTxi Errors---Please Help!!   Naybear  1
 Plugin Content Question,,, Maybe a feature request for a plugin?   shojimbo  4
 MakeIt! Updated Recipe File v3.1   Chef_Wubbie  3
 I need help with ACDual Client please   Bloodbow_HG  4
 LifeTank Question   Karamon98  1
 new ltx release schedualed?   Commander_HG  17
 Need help with decal... Can anyone help me please............   C-L-O-W-N  1
 ac/decal in vmware workstation   yaroz_vn  9
 Wher can I find the decal download now?   Bloodbow_HG  7
 While running decal graphics degrade and then comp locks.   Nature_of_SC  1
 LTX not healing while in Archer mode but melee works fine   Muertte  4
 DECAL issue. I hit update and my plugins are red and decal wont load   DamienNathaniel  2
 Mouse Wheel   --Scrap--  4
 Memlocs Posted for November/December Patch   Drakier  6
 FindIt! Question...   shojimbo  4
 Decal Installation Problem.   UUU  0
 black screen when running ltx - all the sudden.   Artinas  4 site down   tamas  3
 Lifetank X Targeting Question   ShadowsOfAir  1
 What do people now use for a Level 8 buffing Program?   --Scrap--  4
 Looking for someone to take over It!   MT_Gouru  9
 Decal issue i think   hydroponic3  0
 Decal is good for about 5 min then client crash C++ error   Fane-SC  8
 Acclient locks up when running decal/ltx   New_User  1
 a little help, with windows script 5.6   Lord_Anton  3
 Decal doesn't show in AC....   New_User  4
 Wht plugin is best for finding dual spell items   Muertte  3
 Life tank help again   Lex_TD  1
 Life tank help   Lex_TD  0
 ISO a previous version of Alinco ( and Alinco filter (   shojimbo  0
 Help with Ac dual client.   Lex_TD  4
 decal setup prob   v_mortalys  4
 Decal problem. Please help.   Lex_TD  7
 SortIt! glitch, bug annoying problem   agnari  2
 AmmoGimp help?   shojimbo  1
 Is there a plugin....   DrageDetrin  2
 A Combat Macro that can attack pks !?!?!   Corma  3
 Decal question   magere  2
 Anyone working on an update to LTx to get it to use level 8 spells...   -Bub-  2
 Hard Drive Crash Alinco Buffs Help   Tevatron  0
 Vista 64 Decal Installation - Please Help   Eric_The_Great  6
 acclient crash. constantly when running LTx.    Artinas  4
 trying to install decal. getting error missing files   DoomheraldTD  5
 Does anyone have a copy of the Alinco Buffs installer that they could send to me?   shojimbo  0
 LTX wont fletch.   Soulvernn  1
 HWACStats ( )   Paud_Gorf  7
 A little help with Alinco please?   shojimbo  3
 Is there a kind soul out there who would write a simple (I think) plug-in for me?   shojimbo  5
 Updated GoArrow map available   Digero  5
 decal prob   IngrimDT  4
 Decal Problem   HorridOne  4
 red x in Version 1 pugin surrogate   Muertte  4
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 Raretracker causes Client crashes (weird ones)   Naia-Ra-Sal  5
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 Most recent version of Alinco not finding weapons?   Nebuzaradan42  4
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 Dual Client not Installing   Artinas  3
 I love you Xeon Xarid !   scareymary  3
 Decal Problems   Speedcity89  5
 Decal crashes AC on start up log included   BuRnT2ASHTuna  5
 vmware workstation 6.5 supports directx 9.0c..    yaroz_vn  6
 Official Decal Mirror Available   -paradoxlost-  6
 Poll.. Who was/is getting ACCLIENT Crash   Muertte  10
 Lifetank not fletching   Muertte  7
 any word on the servers being down today?   Gones_Mage  2
 DibBot   Muertte  5
 any idea when decal is just going to work the right way without all these unofficials ways    suntzukali2  13
 Why wont Decal show up ingame?   DansBM_MT  7
 Question regarding plugin overhead...   yaroz_vn  6
 ISO: Plugin that takes items and charges mana stones, then uses them on jewelry and armor   Muertte  1
 Craftbot buffing items   yaroz_vn  5
 BIG THANKS TO CLAN U C M   House_Appliances  0
 Those who play with Vista .....   scareymary  5
 ok heres my problem i updated decal to a tee just like was sugested still dont work   chosenchin  1
 GoArrow Map Update?   --Scrap--  10
 Acclient crash.. am I missing something? export included   Muertte  22
 This application has failed to start because msvcp70.dll was not found.   xEdwardx  3
 Decal prerequisites   MishnaoftheRangers  1
 Decal Will Not Update   Suspect_owns_IRL  20
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 Need to d/l Decal   Hemiddar  15
 Decal Update Work-around   AprilRanne  1
 Alinco link?   dayzed_dt  3
 AC+ request   _Rascal_  0
 Memlocs Posted for October Patch   Drakier  80
 Decal not working after Patch?   dayzed_dt  18
 Decal not showing up in game.   dayzed_dt  1
 Are there plans for the kind and generious author of AC+ to update it so it will cast Level 8s?    j_how44  4
 Is there a plug-in to auto-loot without combat macro?   reddir  7
 Dual client question   Lex_TD  4
 Go Arrow routes   yaroz_vn  6
 Frequent crashings.   Numinor_HG  2
 Where can i download Vrindi Tank?   dayzed_dt  3
 problem with Avg and AC   scareymary  17
 Lifetank, Virindi Tank, any other tank?    Heavy_Metalz  4
 ISO Inventory plug-in thats similar to Imp Inventory   DarkCoil  0
 Decal Crashing   eatcarrotsnow  9
 Is there a way for Alinco to detect Black Coral?   David_the_Bear  9
 Alinco Bufs and Ammo Gimp   Ryucho13  1
 Level 8s for GOArrow?   j_how44  5
 When I open up the decal window in game the client gets very slow and choppy.   riu  20
 Castaway gone? What does everyone use for their buffbots?   Strikefast  37
 Updated Maps in GoArrow?   --Scrap--  0
 What Plugins do I need and where do you get them   Dushman  4
 Archery mode & ammo gimp   Scout-X  8
 Craftbot start on load?   yaroz_vn  3
 Any way to auto-login bots?   yaroz_vn  7
 Lifetank Detects   yaroz_vn  0
 Lifetank XI on Vista.   beanerlord-Puke  1
 Looking for a special request   Hemiddar  3
 Virindi Tank Question   WTB_HG  3
 Virindi Follower   Jumpydiabolicus  0
 Help with head tracking using virtual reality glasses in AC   DeliverFF  0
 Help with Decal?   Benjii_Returns  7
 Decal not showing up   Hemiddar  5
 Person who wrote DCS still around?   sergeantstab  0
 Craftbot & Foolproof Salvage   yaroz_vn  1
 Decal Authors: Can we get an update that supports sets?   YewWanSum  8
 SocietyAid updated to max out skills/attributes for shadowfell   Paraduck  14
 Jerkiness with Alinco (   Scout-X  7
 Decal & Shadowfell Q's   Fzzt  1
 decal on vista 64 probs   johnsonDON  0
 Lifetank Buff Level 8's?   Elmo_UA  2
 Memlocs Posted for September HOTFIX Patch   Drakier  3
 LTx Making the Game crash when i log in the world.   beanerlord-Puke  1
 QuestBot 5000   John_Jingle  14
 Updating GoArrow with New Locations   Cyberkiler6  1
 LTX crashing alot   Zedon  4
 Looking for plug, havent played for 6 years   Slackers_  3
 how to wrie a pluging???   Apolloff  7
 ISO - Old Utility....   Chef_Wubbie  2
 Craftbot use lvl 8 spells?   Gones_Mage  5
 A strange LTX bug...   shojimbo  2
 LTx looting problem   Spectre_MT  6
 Vista 64-bit LifetankXi Help   Tim_DT-  2
 Are all these Decal Filters necessary for Decal to work properly?   hggm  2
 Memlocs Posted for September Patch   Drakier  5
 Decal keeps crashing me every 4 hours or so, help!    VN_Pyrocy  15
 Decal is not showing up IG, Help Please!   Speedcity89  7
 Caching BoardsSearch is working again   _boneyard_  1
 Anybody haveing errors with the new sclavus textures locking you up?   Gali_Nala  5
 Annoying DirectX 9.0 Error with Decal   Hematic  1
 Plugin idea   David_the_Bear  4
 Paging Available Core Decal Dev to the White Courtsey Phone...   Chef_Wubbie  7
 TY to the Devs and Smart people!   dayzed_dt  0
 Lifetank took a dumb on me! HELP !!!!   dayzed_dt  1
 Alinco problem    Zarry  3
 ***ISO someone who can write an ACTool script***   .Daktar.   2
 Mouse problems   David_the_Bear  5
 extracting client_portal.dat images   yaroz_vn  6
 Decal and New computer   Silvurhawke  1
 LifeTank X Question   Elmo_UA  1
 cant get to castaway bot...   FighterUSAF  3
 buffing plugins not recognizing items   Merlunus  2
 In need of Decal assistance--VISTA   Speedcity89  0
 Quest Timer spamming time-out error   Grippin  13
 @Everyone still using Lifetank XI   Crelic_MT  10
 wierd window problem...   yaroz_vn  0
 Purchasing From a Trade Bot   Shoshinshu  1
 Mob Tracker 1.4 is now available   YewWanSum  15
 What we need is a speedometer   MarkWalt  2
 selfbuff plugins?    -kenjin-  14
 lvl 8 spells and tank   Merlunus  5
 Is there a forum or support site for MuleTradeIt! ?   shojimbo  3
 Lifetank X Crashing Problems   Allevato  7
 Botshopper plugin   yaroz_vn  6
 can someone help with Castaway tried the forums there but get error when posting   mohawk119  2
 Playing AC on Vista...   Butter2Nuts  2
 What is the Decal program called that...   EvilWookie  1
 When installing the Dual Client it tells me to download Netframe 1.4322   EvilWookie  1
 Decal Programming for Idiots (in VB.Net) - Does this guide exist anywhere? Want a new Friends List   TheCleaner  20
 Lifetank X 11.9.8 not casting creature spells   Ole_Reliable  2
 VMT request   yaroz_vn  0
 Need help getting Decal to work with Vista   -Prismatic-  6
 Decal Error: Invalid Text to Encrypt Passed to Crypt Function   Wussy_Woy  0
 nevermind   Kriptic  1
 SocietyAid Plugin - Society Chat Color Changer   Paraduck  31
 looking for the link to the trade it program   jack_handy_fran  2
 which Plugins, if any, currently 'see' EPIC spells on armor/weapons?   agnari  5
 ISO: Dude who runs   ShadowsOfAir  2
 How to disable your UAC!   dayzed_dt  9
 LifeTankX version 11-9-8   Xeon_Xarid  2
 I'm having some small problems with Go Arrow and Mob Tracker   montgomeryburns1972  9
 Loot plugin to detect Epics?   sergeantstab  10
 Allegiance scanner output help ie displaying the file   mohawk119  0
 Memlocs Posted for August Patch   Drakier  6
 Need some help with dual client please   Bloodbow_HG  15
 Decal not showing up ig and lifetank not working properly. Vista   Mateobolp  4
 does war detect real exist?   kelleherisgod  5
 whats the name of the plug in that puts a green circle around you...   kelleherisgod  0
 Anyone know how to get lifetank x to run on vista?   Mateobolp  1
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