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 VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards   KhaanVrenn  0
 I really will miss this place.   Jennifer_the_Great  11
 Dead boards are dead.   LaceTP  4
 nm   .LoXish-KoFC.  0
 wtt writ of apology on sc for writ on dt   Mangekyuu  0
 Vote for AC on Massively!   RuhelosSeele  4
 Still have 24 Imbue Swap coins for yours on TD   Poppyspitter  1
 WTT Casino Keys for yours on Thistledown.   Poppyspitter  3
 1 Grand Casino Key and 6 Imbue tokens   Oreomadness_Forever  1
 Been gone for three years... thinking about coming back   Ysabella_SC  5
 WoA trade.   BlightDT  0
 Trading 6 Writs of Apology + Imbue swap coins for same on DT    VN_Cyton  0
 Anyone know?   De_Lorian  1
 Capture The Flag - TD   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 3 writs of apology on here for 1 on dt   Mangekyuu  1
 What happened to the VN   el-es-dee  6
 I'm back and need some help   CountOrkin  2
 FS 10 Grand Casino Keys. ISO 10 on DT.    LaceTP  0
 Trading 5 writs of apology + imbue swap coins for same on DT   -Cronos-  0
 Windows 7 problems?   Clinta  4
 Imbue coins and Casino Keys for the same on FF   zuizide  0
 Cross Server Trades Grand Casino Keyrings HERE -> DT    shin-fly  0
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  1
 Happy St. Patty's Day!!   Nann  0
 New melee weapon damage max stats    Gibbon_raver  0
 GC keyrings here for DT ones   DemonicTutor  0
 GC keyrings here for DT ones   DemonicTutor  0
 WTT SC FP salv for FF FP salv   Vn_ChUPaCaBrAS-Sc  1
 Bonus XP and Luminance Weekend!   -Marie-  0
 Ft casino keyrings, iso darktide or frostell keyrings   Wheeltide  2
 Anyone here remember Ruthless and his chain gang?   MoFoEskimo  0
 FT - Rank 6 here for the same on TD   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 30 imbue coins and/or 5 writs of apology for same on TD   Jerel_The_Real_One  1
 RIP Davy Jones :(   laris_bloodsong  3
 Grand Casino Golden Keyrings here for the same on Darktide!   Prodan-FF  0
 4 Writs of Apology on SC for 4 Writs on FF   Dinospine  4
 Alinco + new weapons   voltaro  1
 FT: Writs of Apology here for DT   Kalazar22  3
 How's the new patch, guys?   Jennifer_the_Great  15
 Hmmm   Its_Me_Marioo  1
 Writs of Apology here for same on DT   Dark_Druid  1
 February Event News   -Marie-  2
 Writs of Apology here for DT writs   Neomatter  0
 So what day is    laris_bloodsong  3
 Looking For X Server Trades for February Patch stuff   NukeMage  12
 I love old VN threads.   Jennifer_the_Great  5
 FT: 12 WoA or keyrings on SC for same on MT   _Rascal_  2
 *****Writs of Apolly on HG*****   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 auth server still down...   Bob_The_RadialSander  0
 HELLO WORLD!!!!   GuffIII  8
 Sev's February Info Post   LaceTP  4
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, February 6th from 6:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT)   LaceTP  0
 4 writs of apology on SC for 4 writs on DT or FF. :)   Televangelist  4
 An alternate proposal to prevent us from losing all our quest weapons   Televangelist  13
 Woot!   Nann  1
 Good Morning Solclaim!!   Nann  3
 I just Resub    wizz_of_wizards  0
 January Event News!   -Marie-  1
 (V) (;,,;) (V)   -Fenster-  10
 Jesus Christ you guys still play!    _AngelFury_  16
 Anyone seen a level 5 aetheria?   sergeantstab  5
 Happy Birthday, Laris Bloodsong! :)   Jennifer_the_Great  12
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, January 9th from 6:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT)   -Marie-  0
 Solclaim's Fantasy Football Championship!!   Nann  1
 FT: 5 Writs of Apology on Solclaim for 5 on Harvestgain.   DCH862  0
 Happy Holidays!!   Keebler_I  8
 I'm back.   xgematriax  2
 Thinking of coming back   Kat_Jekura  4
 Trading 5 Writs of Apology on Solclaim for 5 on Thistledown   OG_Dynasty  0
 noobs   -Evilish-  0
 GK macer can't hit gumdrops   JoxerTMighty  3
 December Event News   -Marie-  3
 Trading MMDs here for MMDs on FF   xvCensoredvx  1
 7 writ of apologies for same on frostfell   Owndizzle_FF  4
 Gabs   Nauscicaa  9
 Want to play Darktide? Info inside.   sawinc24  7
 *sigh*   TheArcherMax  10
 FT 2 Writs of Apology HERE for 2 on DT   Security_of_dt  0
 Grannies are for pernownen noobs   Lung1  8
 AC custom UI   Caladron  1
 Nice to see they STILL haven't fixed the subscription issues.    Jennifer_the_Great  5
 MFK Prices on Solclaim   -Brukid-  8
 VN Boards Poll - Proposed February Update Options   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 Got 5 Grand Casino Keyrings / Writs of Apology here for same or equivalent on FF   AntaresBlade  0
 Anyone running weekly quests yet...aerlinthe or bobo   cyoteugly  2
 o.o   Lil_Meggy86  12
 Weapon Skills Update for February 2012.   Jennifer_the_Great  6
 I will log in to AC....   Nann  32
 Anyone remember Multus Sanguis Fluebat?   -Kiande-  7
 server up!   laris_bloodsong  0
 Misinboltz/Lashea   Churin_Solclaim  2
 Switching quests !!! Monday will be Undead slayer   laris_bloodsong  2
 WTB: Tinkered armor/250-300+ ua all types   Vn_ChUPaCaBrAS-Sc  1
 Tuesday quests   laris_bloodsong  0
 Monday quests   laris_bloodsong  3
 ---Stretch---   xenophin  2
 FS: Villa with BM Portal Hooked in Basement   CutchaGuy  46
 Happy Anniversary Asheron's Call!   -Marie-  5
 The November Event Page is Live!   -Marie-  2
 Looking for Pre Patch Leather ( Coat + Leggings ) On Frostfell   CoffeeandBagel  2
 FS Good Stuff.   Lucy_Ford  1
 Another Scam? i About fell for it!   laris_bloodsong  5
 PC/IC Double Epic   Lung1  1
 ISO 375 Wield Void Wands   Talenyecis  0
 Thinking of coming back after 7 years?   Churin_Solclaim  24
 Oh hai   BmoguaPK  4
 Bonus XP and Luminance Weekend!!!   -Marie-  1
 FT: Rank 4 Mule here on Solclaim, for the same on FF! :D   Hazel-wudi  3
 ISO: Refund   Bob_The_RadialSander  10
 ISO: head of Exit 13 - paying in FP salvage and MMDs   Bob_The_RadialSander  5
 ISO Foolproof Sunstone~~   Mrbrulaii  1
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, October 24th 6:00 - 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT)   -Marie-  1
 Hello everyone!   SWEKaos  9
 Looking to trade MMDs here for MMDs on Darktide   Severus_Snape_  9
 OT: For Gab's Clan's Eyes Only   TheWizardMoriah  1
 Ugh... So who all are still playing?   -TheHunt-  37
 hmmmmm   laris_bloodsong  2
 ISO List   Severus_Snape_  0
 Anyone seen kuuipolani?   EmberGolighty  1
 ISO PP Energy Crystal   Severus_Snape_  4
 Have 6 apology tokens (new 25-use grand casino chest keys) on SC for same on DT.   Televangelist  3
 Brand new tradebot up in the Marketplace ~   Mrbrulaii  0
 OT: Anyone from SC going to be getting the new Star Wars MMO?   Raiden_I  1
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, October 11th   -Marie-  1
 ISO List ~~~   Mrbrulaii  6
 Where have all the Crimson Knights gone?   HeartOfKarra  1
 Gear here.   Lucy_Ford  3
 How is the..   Stysis  4
 You can thank Overdrive.   Talaerus  19
 1 bag of FP salvage of your choice on solclaim for stuff in DT   MystikalSoul  33
 @Kalazar   Nann  3
 Melee toon?   Cryme  9
 Sometimes it makes me sad that this board is so dead.   Jennifer_the_Great  22
 A favor   Kalazar22  3
 This place still lives?   OldApollo  42
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, September 13th   -Marie-  3
 Just so you know...   phantasma_SC  21
 PSA, FYI, AND IMPORTANT STUFF: by -1313-Evil_Homer   -Foxy-  1
 So I heard there was...   Lucy_Ford  4
 Foolproof Salvage FT   Kalazar22  0
 OT: Power Outage   Keebler_I  5
 Where are the SC players on WoW?   Waz-Fyr  0
 ISO Kiande/Overdrive   I_Stunna  0
 Got FP on FF?   Darq_Nightmare  0
 Could some one do me a favor?   X-E-N  8
 ISO: PP heaume on DT   Kalazar22  5
 I'm NEVER doing this again!   CutchaGuy  13
 ~*~ ISO List ~*~   Mrbrulaii  0
 Need VTank help! (melee)   Squirmy_the_C-Men  1
 New Kia Soul Commercial   CutchaGuy  3
 My Fiat is Alive!!! Alive I say!!!   CutchaGuy  10
 FT: ONE Bags of Fool Proof Salvage (Any Type) Write of Apology Reward.   Bud_bundy  0
 So subscribed to AC , downloaded ,updated logged in    -Zalliun-  28
 So do they still keep account after a few years ? or are they toast   -Zalliun-  1
 Ja'afar Report   Jaafar_al-Saladin  12
 Cross-Server Fool Proof Salvage Trade: 5 here in exchange for 5 on DT   Meola  0
 Amg!   Eric-D  18
 Looking for *PrePatch* items on *Darktide*   AresMorae  0
 Remember me?   Squirejohn2011  14
 Anyone on this server have the Eternal Health, Stamina, or Mana Kit Rares?   Mrbrulaii  0
 ok fine Nann   laris_bloodsong  29
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, August 15th from 5:00AM to 10:00AM Eastern (-4 GMT)   -Marie-  0
 I'm the first   Nann  2
 ISO List ~~~ (Revised Wednesday, August 10th)   Mrbrulaii  1
 MMD trade.   Dj_cide.  1
 Where's the .info?   CutchaGuy  8
 Trading FP (any type) on Solclaim for MMD'S and or FP on Frostfell   Neariec  0
 Solclaim Fantasy Football League   Nann  5
 ISO List ~~~   Mrbrulaii  2
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, August 9th   -Marie-  2
 AC Nostolgia Podcast   spankinbunker  0
 Hi coming back to the game...   76Ashla  7
 So after 11ish years, I found my first Hoary Mattekar Hide.   joltx12  4
 A Companion   TheWizardMoriah  1
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  1
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  31
 PC/IC: PP Heaume Dyed Colban Blue    DeliverFF  5
 Curiousity   Vyze  0
 Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2   Night-Spirit  9
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, July 12th   -Marie-  1
 Wow..some names i actually know still posting...and a hi solclaim.   xenophin  2
 Happy Birthday Brie Cross!   Alleb  6
 anyone got kickahas email address?   Mw_Mage  3
 Im sure this is in the FAQ or something....   khaldrogo2  2
 So? Did you blow yourself up or set anything on fire accidentally??   Granny101  5
 A Tribute   TheWizardMoriah  0
 Anyone interested in "Velveteen Olthoi" pack doll?   Mrbrulaii  4
 did the server   laris_bloodsong  3
 ISO Rare Jewelry   Mrbrulaii  1
 Anyone interested in Rare Bracelet - "Love's Favor"?   Mrbrulaii  5
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, June 22nd   -Marie-  2
 FS FP Salvage   Gashog  0
 Just walked in on my supposed girlfriend with another man.   Bow-Guy  14
 I had no clue you were still here   Koide  2
 Hello everyone! Whats up?   SWEKaos  3
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, June 14th   -Marie-  1
 Active guild at Euro-times   Nauscicaa  17
 OT:<3   Whowuz  17
 Best customer service I've ever seen.   LaceTP  12
 ISO: Huggy Drudge Doll   Webscar  28
 OT: Curious about Rift?   Kalazar22  42
 ISO: Good 400 Wield Cestus or Knuckles   CutchaGuy  3
 OT: So... What came in the mail just now.   xgematriax  2
 Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside   Night-Spirit  16
 So I think we're all in agreeance   xgematriax  9
 Tentative Server Downtime   -Marie-  5
 Anyone playing Witcher 2, or planning to?   BleedingFists  3
 OT: My band demo is out on youtube. Check it.   xgematriax  6
 Every time I try to resub to AC I want to choke someone.   Jennifer_the_Great  11
 May Event News!   -Marie-  1
 Can I have ur stuffs?   blu-nightbreed  9
 The Shake Weight.   blu-nightbreed  10
 Nann we doing football again?   old_tenja  25
 PC/IC,,,,, (Epics)Leather Loafers, AL 224, Epic War Magic Aptitude, Healing Mastery Self VI, Incanta   Lung1  0
 In The Heat Of The Night   X-E-N  10
 May Event News!   -Marie-  0
 How difficult is account recovery?   forgotmypwagain  3
 My Good Friends   xgematriax  7
 For Sale : Rare Bow - Serpent's Flight   Prodan-FF  18
 Disturbed May 3-11   TheWizardMoriah  3
 WTB: Ancient Relic Armor    ParleySolclaim  0
 OT: Bin Laden is dead.   xgematriax  30
 YO vn rate my band   xgematriax  1
 OT: not for ice cream lovers.   mrFlipo  6
 Re-subbed yet again   Arctic_Blast  3
 So some template help please   Tarin_Mage_SC  7
 I Need Vacation Ideas   NukeMage  13
 Just for David the Bear   Lung1  4
 OT: Any SCers I use to play with play on WoW?   Raiden_I  15
 OT: Need opinions on my next car   Arctic_Blast  15
 What would you do/trade for a Blue Energy Crystal? Set of old school Pack Dolls?   Kalten03  11
 Old player returning.   Kalten03  6
 This is my post that apparently is too much of a personal attack to be on the Official boards.   LaceTP  41
 Bass Tud whats up with leading a quest and not telling me what i need for it?   Lung1  4
 Help me call out En_Tome   BleedingFists  14
 My vassal just called me creepy :[    -Arly-  8
 Happy Birthday Jennifer_the_Great!   RRwho37_2000  9
 THE HIGH KING   xgematriax  3
 SC Game Thread: April - Word Association   -Foxy-  18
 Time Ritual Quest: Saturday 12pm EDT   Taomagicdragon  1
 Can anyone help with a technical issue?   XM69  6
 What is your all time favorite quest to do?   Tarin_Mage_SC  38
 Quick silly question for the oldies   Tarin_Mage_SC  15
 Look what I just made   xgematriax  5
 You can update now.   I_Stunna  1
 About update...   I_Stunna  0
 Thinking of Playing with New Char / Mods   RisFlexor  3
 Hey Foxy and/or Marie - Do you guys still need to bump the legacy threads?   Jennifer_the_Great  2
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, April 11th   LaceTP  0
 April Event News!   LaceTP  0
 Where to Find Loot?   NukeMage  4
 Forwarded from DT cause no one answered   Tarin_Mage_SC  5
 Play Asteroids with VN boards!   BmoguaPK  3
 Commodore 64   BmoguaPK  7
 Rep Check: Granino   Granny101  11
 So Who Still Plays on SC?   NukeMage  18
 Ex-husband steers car while woman shaves cooter for new boyfriend.   Nann  12
 The Official Gematria Thread   xgematriax  16
 Hmm. Who is your favorite Solclaimer?   -Kiande-  154
 Dear SC   Pretty_brit1  12
 Heading to Vancouver BC next month...   Granny101  4
 OT: new texting abbreviation   mrFlipo  0
 Servers up!   I_Stunna  4
 Changed downtime...   I_Stunna  0
 ummm 11 hours for maint?   laris_bloodsong  15
 I Just Resubbed to AC   NukeMage  6
 Just had a great time stumbling upon this post:   Tarin_Mage_SC  1
 ISO Epic/Major Flame Ward/Life Magic   xgematriax  2
 Scheduled Maintenance & Server Downtime: Monday, March 28th   LaceTP  18
 OT: OMG LOL FYI will make English Majors scream..... and now even more.   mrFlipo  5
 Just thought Id say hello.............   iamdart2  3
 hola   Pyxis1  2
 Another legend gone   laris_bloodsong  13
 GAME: Fill in the blank   CutchaGuy  18
 So, is my VN acct n3kr0 really gone?   MrKurgan  19
 Cruise to Europe   Keebler_I  5
 Darktide   Kalazar22  47
 wassup sol!!   _Blight_  48
 Eric Dipple doesnt sleep, he waits...   NonOffensiveName  319
 Eric Dippel is a villa thief   wizkid22  219
 OT: As promised earlier ~ Magic Eyez: the tender years...   StormyNights  242
 A tribute to STUPEFIED - R.I.P. cont.   Darkerknight_SC  140
 A tribute to STUPEFIED - R.I.P.   Darkerknight_SC  304
 The Day That PeeKay Died   Bou_Te  161
 You're right....but you're wrong. (7/17/2000 - 6/4/20003)   Bou_Te  171
 Dereth Secrets - Better Concealed !!!   Osito_de_Felpa  95
 The real me.   -Fenster-  363
 Even after all that's gone on lately... I'd *still* love to boink Naraiko...   _KidKodiak  394
 Sign up now for Justification 101!   milanas  118
 -=DECLARATION of WAR=-   Servant-of-Bael_needs_ign_merg  263
 ohnoohnoohnoohno losing all stuffs in lugian citadel!!!   {old}Clutch_Cargo  160
 Of Blondes and Headbutts...Part I   Podunkmer  497
 Tusker Secrets - Concealed !?!   Osito_de_Felpa  207
 Virindi Secrets - Revealed !?!   Osito_de_Felpa  249
 Oh no!! It is an AC disaster!!   LeChuck_needs_ign_merge$$$  164

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