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 This board isn't going to get read it now   Ptilk  6
 Ender's Game   Ravynmagi  10
 Anyone else read the Hunger Games trilogy? *possible spoilers*   Natoli  7
 How fast do you read?   Natoli  15
 If you were to write a novel today...   Bochica  19
 The problem with the evil overlord destroys home town trope....   Yossarian_42  3
 J.K. Rowling vs. Stephen King.   Natoli  4
 (WoT) Release Date Set for A Memory of Light   DunesVladHarkonnen  5
 The Sword of Shannara   Calidoc  6
 Book you know you should read, but never have....   Ptilk  18
 anyone read the riddle-master books?    Caoilin  1
 Chocolate covered pickles on a stick   Agonderae  2
 The Illuminatus! Trilogy   land_of_the_cold_air  2
 Wool - Hugh Howey   Galois2005  9
 How many people have you converted?   vn_jurojin  10
 Books that hooked you on their genre.   Yossarian_42  21
 why are the new nook covers so expensive?   Caoilin  8
 Dresden Files: Side Jobs   jarom_td  1
 santa fe dead - stuart woods   Caoilin  5
 Ready Player One   Lyndrek  4
 Any good adult Mountain Man books?   Altra_Shadowstalker  6
 Ah, so that's how he chooses!   Natoli  9
 started reading the tawny man   Caoilin  10
 Sad, but true...   Natoli  8
 lol @ Eragon book four.   Yossarian_42  23
 Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4) Comes Out Tomorrow   Calidoc  11
 Books forum: Less activity than the Parenting forum.    _Kewk_  5
 The Hollows TV Series.   Yossarian_42  3
 oh snap wil wheaton does audio book narration now?    Caoilin  4
 I got into an almost arguement with my roommate over fantasy novels   Lyndrek  12
 AMoL: 75% complete (1st draft)   DunesVladHarkonnen  9
 Hollows Short Story from Al's POV!   Natoli  0
 John Glover   vn_jurojin  3
 Amazon needs a Vampire filter   Ravynmagi  23
 lol @ amazon   Yossarian_42  12
 E-Book recommendation?    Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 That Very Popular Book/Series Everyone Loved But You Hated   poenadare  29
 short good books are pissing me off   Caoilin  6
 The Night Circus   Ravynmagi  12
 @Cao   Calidoc  2
 nonplussed   Caoilin  16
 Terry Brooks fans   Walker_ID  2
 I refuse to ever suffer through another farmboy fantasy opening.   Yossarian_42  25
 Why do they let such awful people do audio books?   Yossarian_42  13
 Just finished "The Breath of God"   litchick  3
 Whoever it was that recommended the Darth Bane series...   Calidoc  4
 i started the farseer trilogy   Caoilin  18
 So I finally finished A DANCE WITH DRAGONS....   -MrBean-  15
 amazon has a 4 for 3 sale on physical books going on   Caoilin  0
 Any of you folk ever ready anything by Christopher Moore?   Onslaught.  29
 Just read Children of Hurin   Onslaught.  18
 I just started reading Ghost Story...   Yossarian_42  12
 I just started reading Dune   Altra_Shadowstalker  17
 borders closing- not a big suprise to some.   uglydwarf  6
 Joy of joys, another Davos chapter.   Yossarian_42  5
 Cool. A book board!   Onslaught.  6
 After 6 years   vn_vigilante66  14
 lending ebooks - why aren't we doing this?   Caoilin  6
 So, today was my birthday..   Raiztlin  9
 man bn is clearing out it's hardcovers    Caoilin  2
 "Doc" by Mary Doria Russell   GrimTempest  0
 I wish those damned teenagers would quit reading.   Yossarian_42  15
 ebook sellers have finally started doing what i've been wanting! bulk books!    Caoilin  1
 i need something to break me out of this reading funk i'm in   Caoilin  31
 Grim I'm sorry   Lyndrek  31
 My Ten Favorite Books. In Order.   Yossarian_42  30
 currently reading Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov..   Snackpack_Genocide  0
 New Nook out next month   Calidoc  35
 Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies   Siddalee  0
 Chloe Neill - Chicagoland Vampires   Yossarian_42  1
 So... Wheel of Time   Calidoc  16
 The Iron Druid Chronicles   Siddalee  20
 well i'm finally out of my not reading funk   Caoilin  4
 What do I read next?   vn_vigilante66  14
 Pygmy?   DiamondDust_X  0
 For those who still care...Kong is dead.   vn_jurojin  2
 Ranger's Apprentice?   Tai-Daishar_MT  11
 Chronicles of the Necromancer   Calidoc  0
 So did anyone else read the first chapter preview for the new Dresden Files book?   GrimTempest  13   vn_jurojin  6
 S**t My Dad Says   GrimTempest  3
 15 min preview for A Song of Ice and Fire   vn_vigilante66  32
 Ender's Game   Demorak  5
 Pillars of the Earth - Best book I've every read   Joyce22222  3
 The Crippled God is the most disappointing book I have ever read.   Yossarian_42  8
 Why is it so difficult to find who narrates an audiobook?   Altra_Shadowstalker  4
 The Song of Ice and Fire   -Logan_Conrad-  2
 Winter is Coming...   sliyurs  14
 Wise Man's Fear   vn_vigilante66  54
 name of the wind/wise man's fear - denna   Caoilin  11
 Norse/Greek Mythological Novels   Corfel  10
 So i read Kim Harrisons Pale Demon yesterday   GrimTempest  2
 lyndrek (i think?) is right about books needing to be packaged with a digital copy   Caoilin  7
 Alright...   Calidoc  26
 The Guardians of Ga'Hoole   Verodin  6
 Started reading Game of Thrones last night   Lyndrek  13
 has anyone preordered on the nook before?    Caoilin  10
 the internet has really let me down   Caoilin  16
 Brandon Sanderson   Lyndrek  6
 I got a Kindle   Lyndrek  19
 Ian Flemming   Altra_Shadowstalker  0
 The Assassins of Tamurin   dugfromthearth  3
 NOOKbook names   Calidoc  13
 Full Dark, No Stars- Stephen King   KonorLc  6
 I finally got around to reading Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos.   Yossarian_42  9
 i need book suggestions for mythology crap   Caoilin  14
 Nook 3G + Wifi   Mayhem702  3
 Hunger Games series   Blynk_  10
 Free books - Lois McMaster Bujold   Daimar  1
 Anyone found a preview for Kim Harrisons new Hollows book yet?   GrimTempest  10
 Nook update 1.5   Yossarian_42  14
 What? Not a single thread about Malazan or Iain Banks?   Kjarhall  4
 WoT: Towers of Midnight   n0tdan  19
 So i read the Dresden Files Side Jobs book today    GrimTempest  17
 NOOK Color   .Brak.  11
 Nook Update Next Month   Calidoc  3
 @Yoss   Calidoc  1
 Dune   Calidoc  5
 novel of the century?   Caoilin  6
 why are there no like.. ebooks for sale packaged together?   Caoilin  13
 I just bought "Way of Kings"   -Mithan-  11
 Electronic Readers   Nyxxie  20
 A Game of Thrones tv series    Slaine_the_Insane  19
 Libraries   Cynxy  6
 I'm starting to think the future of literature is bleak   GrimTempest  29
 The Stormlight Archive is the next Wheel of Time (The Good Aspects).   Yossarian_42  3
 wise man's fear has a release date (kingkiller chronicles)   Caoilin  4
 So I finally got a nook.   Calidoc  24
 I'm listening to Codex Alera on audiobook   Altra_Shadowstalker  0
 Across the Face of the World, by Russell Kirkpatrick   vn_jurojin  1
 ok so my friend got me a book for my birthday and it made me appreciate ebooks so much   Caoilin  11
 Tom Clancy books...   Playa97  4
 wow major price drop on the nook   Caoilin  8
 @Yoss   vn_jurojin  1
 I realize now that I enjoy romance.   Yossarian_42  10
 For those who like Christopher Moore books   GrimTempest  2
 I have never been more offended in my life.   Yossarian_42  5
 The Change Series by S.M.Stirling   Lyndrek  2
 anyone a b&n book club member?    Caoilin  2
 So, I finally read 'Changes' and I think you people are really overreacting. (SPOILERS)   Yossarian_42  14
 is the codex alera series finished?   Caoilin  5
 I hate prologues.   Yossarian_42  8
 I read Dresden 5 and 6 on saturday. (spoilers cause Yoss said I should.)   Lyndrek  19
 So I found the TV series The Dresden Files on Netflix.....   Timith_McMartis  12
 Are there any first person, single narrative fantasy authors?   Yossarian_42  11
 I don't understand people who read multiple books simultaneously.   Yossarian_42  9
 whoa this nook update added insanity   Caoilin  6
 The Pillars of the Earth   Stiger  5
 Christopher Moore - Bloodsucking Fiend Series   Blynk_  7
 ipad vs kindle   Slaine_the_Insane  12
 Has anyone read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter yet?   Timith_McMartis  4
 So who else got to the end of the last Dresden files book....   GrimTempest  18
 I question the humanity of anybody who likes Abercrombie's First Law Trilogy.   Yossarian_42  17
 so my nephew is really getting into reading   Caoilin  21
 good lord the harry potter books are so much better than their movies   Caoilin  16
 Urban fantasy is emasculating me.   Yossarian_42  25
 dragonriders of pern   Caoilin  12
 the name of the wind   Caoilin  15
 How is Terry Goodkind's series of books?   -Mithan-  26
 scifi book suggestions   Caoilin  15
 Good series to check out if you liked Dresden Files or The Hollows   GrimTempest  14
 First Lord's Fury was released today (Final book in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series)   -MrBean-  22
 Welcome: Please Read (Misc Information and Local Moderator List)   -Poptart-  0

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