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 Johnson & Johnson causes cancer?   Sarena_WE  1
 Halloweeen!   Ah-Schoo  0
 My 5 year old gave his phone number to a girl today.   Ah-Schoo  3
 Beating your kids makes them stronger   Blisteringballs  9
 just a little update on my little one   -Lysol-  3
 As promised... first day on the bus!!   myxomatosis8  6
 princess is at Kindergarten and heres a pic on her way to the bus   Fozzie_Bear  24
 Nestle banana baby food recall   .Ayla.  2
 I dunno if this is the right place or not....   Additive-Free  26
 Why do we spend money on toys?   Ah-Schoo  7
 Loooong rant. But I gotta vent.   Mystic.Mike  4
 pool is 60 degrees   Fozzie_Bear  4
 My great niece is in gymnastics now...I feel so old (pic inside)   pkhere  10
 The school my boys go to got this for my oldest since he b-day is coming up   Brother_Tempus  2
 Study of link to Autism from vaccines found to be a fraud   Silverwuf  5
 How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Kid [ Infographic ]   Brother_Tempus  8
 N/M   -7Dust-  5
 I was at the point of wanting to be violent with a 6-year old last night...   myxomatosis8  13
 The cute things they come up with.   Ah-Schoo  6
 I wish I could give the kids this for Halloween...   peritonitis  3
 question   Entrapment_WE  0
 Ok, kiddo is at school   Ah-Schoo  8
 Second kid... first time in school!   myxomatosis8  5
 28 weeks and counting   Entrapment_WE  3
 My poor little guy has Strep throat   Ah-Schoo  10
 Scoliosis   Phaydra  7
 Great website for kids   .Ayla.  1
 What a week!   Darwynnia  12
 Recall Notice: Children's Bracelet   murron2  2
 greatest fathers day card .... ever   shaggynuts24  4
 Is the perfect Father's Day gift?   joymusic  3
 "I burped in my bum!"   Ah-Schoo  1
 McDonald’s is recalling 12 million tainted “Shrek” themed glasses   .Ayla.  1
 my daughter seems to have developed a hollow leg   Fozzie_Bear  6
 Lice omg *shudder*   Gaevren  10
 PSA: Parents, when the Tooth Fairy comes for your kid's teeth...   -Accident-  5
 Happy Birthday Brokk!!!   Tuneses  5
 hilarious picture/caption   Gaevren  8
 I don't know what to do!!   Lyli  4
 Happy Birthday Matthias!   Darwynnia  11
 From the mouth of babes...   BluSkye  2
 Have a happy Mother's Day!   peritonitis  5
 DID you find out?   Entrapment_WE  19
 Over 40 children's Meds recalled!   .Ayla.  3
 anybody ever feel like this picture is true?   Fozzie_Bear  11
 Today's creative lunch - "Triangle bombers"   Ah-Schoo  8
 What do you want for lunch? "A dinosaur train!"   Ah-Schoo  8
 So, we went from a family of 4 (5) to a family of 9 today...   Phaydra  2
 Expecting November 28th 2010   Entrapment_WE  9
 Easter egg decorating   Ah-Schoo  1
 Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?   PallyDog  5
 Parent (and budget!) Friendly Deals?   PallyDog  11
 Aqua Antics Water Bomb Factory   peritonitis  3
 Here comes number 2!   Tuneses  7
 Eczema. Anyone have any ideas I haven't already tried?   Jennifer_the_Great  16
 Do any of you parents also run a business from home???   Phaydra  9
 Any Portland, OR parents here?   Silverwuf  0
 Potty training help - please   Tutti-Fruitti  24
 .   Fozzie_Bear  0
 Help Please - Looking for a lavender diaper bag   PallyDog  4
 So my son is sick....   -Poptart-  6
 Lego Universe MMO   peritonitis  3
 Parents Beware!!!   PallyDog  3
 Rhyleigh asked: "Do Whales Poop mommy?....   Phaydra  3
 Well you guys guessed it! It's going to be a.......   Hogroth  10
 Asking for some help!   EspartacoSH  1
 My kids ask, "Who is Oprah and Jared?"   DrBoarder  1
 What do they mean when a teen says they want to be left alone?   DrBoarder  7
 Slave labor!   Ah-Schoo  7
 LOL was I that way when I was his age?   Fozzie_Bear  4
 Any tips on keeping your kids off Facebook who are on constantly?   DrBoarder  26
 What's the difference   Tipztoe  13
 My 3 year old just told his mother about gravity.   Ah-Schoo  5
 For anyone with a new baby or anyone expecting, you have GOT to do this!    Lyli  6
 Happy New Year!!!   pkhere  4
 <<<<IS Expecting again!!!! :O   Hogroth  9
 You know how puppies grow into their paws.....   Darwynnia  9
 A Child's Gift to the world   Darshawn  4
 merry xmas   Entrapment_WE  1
 Hi Everyone!! Long time no share... time for me to read lots!   KahunaLaguna  1
 OT: (kinda) My latest adventure!   Phaydra  12
 Gingerbread Houses!!    -Poptart-  11
 ** Wednesday CB: Parenting Post Ratings (12/02/2009) **   Tuneses  2
 Baby delivery pool contest~*~*~Jennifer_the_Great~*~*~Congrats!!   Tuneses  22
 Im so mad right now   Princess_Bri  18
 stride rite 25% off today only   Makaena  0
 ~*~Contest~*~Best Bribe Picture~*~Congrats!!   Tuneses  24
 Help!! daughter pulling her hair out   shaggynuts24  12
 Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding - Need Input and Opinions   Lyli  42
 Anyone else hate Little Bill?   kigaro  13
 Cloth diapering?   Tuneses  8
 Identical Twin pregnancy issues.   Fuury  1
 Stroller recal news for the Parents here....   Nestor_II  7
 New ones on the way....I REFUSE to get a mini-van.   Fuury  28
 Baby skin peeling?   Lyli  10
 Blue Lips? WTF?   Darwynnia  13
 Let's see your costumed cuties!!!   Tuneses  5
 Andrew Connor   Lyli  32
 Any tips for the 'sex talk' with my teen?   DrBoarder  8
 H1N1   Phaydra  30
 Halloween Rant   Silverwuf  8
 "Toddler Escape" Drop-in    peritonitis  2
 stride rite 20% off   Makaena  3
 I want to walk into my Appointment tomorrow   Lyli  11
 Need to find one of these in pink....   PallyDog  4
 Sooo .. 2 weeks from today   Lyli  18
 We went for a 4D Ultrasound today.   Jennifer_the_Great  5
 Here goes nothing... bye bye soother!   myxomatosis8  12
 This board seemed the right place to share this   GrimTempest  4
 Bullying?    -Poptart-  30
 How to tell family not to give clothes as gifts?   myxomatosis8  4
 First cold omai   Tuneses  4
 Bedtime thoughts...   peritonitis  2
 He loves his ice water    Princess_Bri  9
 So I took my two younger kiddo's for their Well Child visit today...   Phaydra  7
 Bake up some Legos....   peritonitis  11
 I wish I had a Dad like this...   peritonitis  2
 Have any old baby stuff sitting around and just happened to be buying new things?   Jennifer_the_Great  0
 Baby on the way?? ~~**~~ Join the baby pool contest!!!   Tuneses  9
 Hi everybody! My 2 yr old having problem talking, any ideas?   Hogroth  7
 Never thought I would feel bad for a cockroach   Sarena_WE  2
 I HATE BEING PREGNANT!!!!!!   PallyDog  19
 It's early but...Halloween ideas!!   Tuneses  21
 Issue with car seat!   Fuury  7
 4 month old sleep regression...   -VanDraegon-  10
 I'd almost forgotten   Phaydra  2
 Binky Buddy... Wow.... *shakes head*   Princess_Bri  18
 Do all teenagers dislike their parents?   piejack  16
 so we watched Endeavour launch this evening...   -Accident-  1
 Congratulations to Brandun and his Family!   n00berness  7
 They get attached to the oddest things!!!!!!   Phaydra  3
 Force Lightning   Princess_Bri  4
 Single Parents...   Tuneses  13
 Fun place to take a 13 Month old?   Princess_Bri  11
 Prayers, good thoughts needed   Phaydra  4
 Ugh... Tips for sick baby. (He's running a 104.7 Temp between drug doses)   Princess_Bri  11
 since there is a lot of ACF here, I wanted to share the flyer from my daughters memorial garden   Brandun  19
 We Did It!   aimigive  10
 what would ya'll do in the event that........ (cancer relating)   Makaena  9
 take care of yourselves folks   Varece  34
 Traveling with a newborn   Tuneses  28
 Coupons and best places for baby supplies?   Tuneses  2
 Someone sip the water... the boards are dying down :(   Entrapment_WE  12
 Baby talk....   peritonitis  2
 A list of over 50 places where kids eat free or for very cheap!   Brother_Tempus  4
 The Jumparounds   Fozzie_Bear  7
 ground beef recall   Makaena  0
 Quick Question: Does anyone on this else on this board have an academically-gifted child   Brother_Tempus  25
 Top 50 Texting Acronyms Parents Should Know   Loktofeit  15
 Anyone have any experience in renting a fetal doppler?   Jennifer_the_Great  1
 Tuneses   Entrapment_WE  10
 my poor daughter   .Ayla.  6
 My first baby's off to college <sniff, sniff>   Darwynnia  4
 Who likes pasta?   Ah-Schoo  5
 1 Year   Princess_Bri  6
 Gymnastics   Varece  1
 Child Porn found at multiple houses   Varece  8
 I bet there was not a dry eye in the house.    Darshawn  1
 Happy Mother's Day!   BluSkye  10
 There is a real nasty stomach flu going around now   Varece  8
 ~*~CB:Parenting - Baby Delivery Pool Contest WINNER!!!!!! : Tuneses~*~   Mikkilynn  34
 Useful link for eating out with the kids   Brother_Tempus  1
 Geek maternity shirt   peritonitis  7
 Hrmmm....   Entrapment_WE  5
 awesome Free MMO for kids   .Ayla.  3
 It was just a matter of time...   Silverwuf  12
 What am I going to do...   Tuneses  0
 I'M FINALLY AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!   Lyli  9
 "It was just a strawberry, honey..."   Darwynnia  13
 Blind and deaf triplets   Varece  4
 random pics   Entrapment_WE  5
 Why we love children.....see inside   pkhere  5
 Easter pics!   Tequila-Sunrise  11
 Welcome to Monday sugar detox!   Varece  6
 LOL My girl learns fast :)    Makaena  4
 Nintendo DS games for younger kids?   Sarena_WE  6
 omg   Entrapment_WE  5
 Well, im a dad finally.....and a nOOb to this board   -VanDraegon-  22
 Trip to the beach   Princess_Bri  10
 Daycare   Entrapment_WE  6
 Lilies deadly to cats, veterinarians warn   Aerlinthian  3
 Attempted photo shoot with Julia and Charity. (pics)   Tequila-Sunrise  9
 Toddler activities/games? Need suggestions   Gaevren  11
 Needs tips on early delivery lol   Tuneses  2
 :)   Ragneth  1
 I'm an aunt!!   Gaevren  10
 i have twins! just 2 years and 10 months apart.......   Makaena  6
 argh @ the preschool   -Accident-  17
 Happy Bday Nicholas Adam!   Entrapment_WE  4
 Pregnant women are sooooo lucky!   Tuneses  15
 Happy Birthday, Tera!    Varece  12
 Any parents have thought or experiences to share about the vaccine topic?   Aerlinthian  22
 Please keep this couple in your thoughts :(    Darshawn  1
 New glasses!!   Gaevren  1
 Do your child's bath products contain carcinogens?   -Accident-  9
 Does it get much better?   Varece  6
 How do you feel about universal pre-school?   Aerlinthian  4
 My kingdom for a nice pair of maternity jeans!   Tuneses  10
 Rubber Ducky, you're the one...   Darwynnia  6
 Proud parent moment   Brother_Tempus  11
 PICS PICS !   Entrapment_WE  7
 My poor baby lol   Gaevren  15
 He wont sleep!   Princess_Bri  5
 Gah, teacher's French is terrible...   myxomatosis8  9
 Being a Parent....   N-A-S-T-Y  4
 Do you push your youngster to finish what is on their plate?   Aerlinthian  44
 Elmo Live - $20 @   Princess_Bri  3
 Breastfeeding an 8 yr old?   Kameko  18
  RECARO Como Convertible Carseat $99.99* + $5 shipping   Princess_Bri  0
 You can childproof your computer   Aerlinthian  3
 Carseat safety vent?   Mikkilynn  15
 Newest Addison Pix   Goatstar  6
 When it is too quiet...   Varece  10
 HAPPY BDAY TO ....   Entrapment_WE  5
 Funny T-shirt   peritonitis  8
 Early sign of Dyslexia or just normal kid behavior?   -MrBean-  7
 Why oh why   PallyDog  13
 Need sleep advice   dbzuffa  23
 American parents, prepare to lose your parental authority as per a U.N. treaty   Aerlinthian  9
 Tricksy Matthias!   Darwynnia  9
 creative recipes that kids can help and willingly will attempt to eat?    Entrapment_WE  6
 Kiddo's 3rd birthday party   Ah-Schoo  10
 Storkcraft recalls over 500,000 cribs!! get your replacement brackets    Makaena  0
 HELP!!   Entrapment_WE  15
 So Ian turtled my wife last night :)   -MrBean-  7
 I was getting that stroller come hell or high water...   Tuneses  3
 New Pics   Entrapment_WE  8
 I know a couple ppl had babies.... if you arent busy new mama's post some pics please!!!!   Entrapment_WE  8
 According to my son   -Poptart-  6
 yay for snow days!   Rhylla  2
 OMFG I am LIVID   Princess_Bri  9
 Montessouri Schools - Opinions?   Sarena_WE  9
 Happy Birthday, Nicolette!   Varece  8
 I'm seriously nervous   Phaydra  3
 Out of the mouths of babes...   Varece  9
 My son is on the "Deans List" at his College.   pkhere  7
 What... are those... molars??   myxomatosis8  3
 A dilemma...   Darwynnia  7
 Why is it so hard to find a nice Diaper BAG?!!   PallyDog  16
 Yay potty trained!   Gaevren  4
 Miracle-Gro for Infants   Darwynnia  16
 Sometimes I am truly worried that CPS is gonna be called on me :|   -MrBean-  11
 "Buddy do you have to poo"   Ah-Schoo  3
 when i saw this all that popped into my head was Ah-Schoo with a camera.......   Makaena  3
 First time playing in the sand... (he tried to eat it!)   Princess_Bri  12
 My eldest created his first "love letter"   Sarena_WE  7
 got a call from the preschool and I'm kind of lost now >.<   -Accident-  13
 HAHAHA! my little girl has a crush on Diego   Fozzie_Bear  7
 want free books?   UberGirl  0
 Question about Teeth!   Kahlyn  4
 A Cold AND Double Ear Infection   Princess_Bri  8
 "6 yr old takes family car after missing bus"   peritonitis  9
 You think your toys are cool?   Ah-Schoo  7
 So...   Hurtinator  7
 Contractions have started!   BluSkye  24
 How long did it take you to pick your child's name?   Tuneses  32
 Being a gay parent   BodyguardTheGreat  12
 Horseback riding and Disney World! (pics)   Tequila-Sunrise  11
 Photoshop fun!   Varece  5
 Playing Fetch   Princess_Bri  2
 Christmas day pic   Ah-Schoo  7
 Heartwarming, Uplifting Video   murron2  4
 Parents here are slackers!   hart_thorin  7
 so we are supposed to fly to Texas today...   -Accident-  12
 Questions Answered by Elementary Age Children   Lyli  3
 so my kids have fallen asleep on the living room floor   -Accident-  1
 A few thoughts.   Entrapment_WE  3
 So someone asked me when I am due today   Princess_Bri  3
 The Phone!   Fozzie_Bear  15
 Christmas Cheer   Darwynnia  11
 Random kid pic   Ah-Schoo  3
 Weird...but cute and I had to share   dbzuffa  6
 The Mom Song (YT)   Lynea  2
 I have him well trained.    -Poptart-  4
 I can't think of a catchy title   Princess_Bri  13
 perfecting the finger sweep :|   -MrBean-  14
 Before I was a Mom   Mikkilynn  5
 Good grief...what have I done   Sarena_WE  22
 Santa Visits 2008!   Varece  12
 Christmas Tree / Decorations   Nyxxie  7
 Let the baking begin!    Varece  19
 Benefits to Boredom   Silverwuf  8
 Ok I just had to post this... sorry if it makes you tear up, :) its sweet it truly is !   Entrapment_WE  3
 Anyone have Bratz on their X-mas shopping list?   peritonitis  22
 Sweet Countdown - Christmas Craft   Nyxxie  0
 Glittery Windo clings - Christmas Craft   Nyxxie  0
 Growing Pains   -Poptart-  6
 And again....Speaking of babies not being babies anymore...    Darshawn  5
 Santa Claus is Coming to Town   Nyxxie  1
 Speaking of babies not being babies anymore...   Darwynnia  23
 I feel really horrible   Gaevren  13
 My baby's not a baby anymore :(   Lynea  25
 Now here is a Christmas Gift for young and old   Nyxxie  1
 CB:Parenting - All Hallow's Eve Costume Contest 2008 - WINNERS    Nyxxie  9
 iso ppl to have more babies ~!!   Entrapment_WE  19
 Black Friday   Alystrial  13
 Flu Shots   Nyxxie  15
 ~*~ ATTEN Expected Parents to be: join in our baby delivery pool contest   Nyxxie  41

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