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 AC: Revelations contest - Help me become the lead singer in ACR main theme!    Phoenix0013  1
 test   sswfoo65  6
 Jorn Lande   Setharion  1
 Always looking for new bands...   DiamondDust_X  6
 Authority Zero   -DarkGizmo-  0
 What is your fav queen song?   TheFlyingRedTomato  1
 Who is the best Guitarist   ryasun1  7
 long shot... anyone have a Kenwood kdcx994?   ericb45696  0
 How is this song called?   madara9991  0
 My Band - free music!!   -Onisha  0
 Depeche Mode   shamizz  8
 Electro House and similar genres..   Playa97  0
 Crap music   bobawpsol  9
 Do you have What it Takes???   Lockand  0
 "Electronica" music :D   _Kewk_  0
 In need of some music that sounds like this!   Shelahan  1
 metallica live rock at am ring!   scifix_2010  0
 Anyone using and what do you think?   Steelwind_Oo  9
 Need help finding a song   _PersonalJesus_  0
 long shot asking here but...techno software   SoulButcher  4
 Tiesto   WMMAINA24  2
 Samba Music   fedajin007  0
 How to transfer iPod files to iPod/Computer/iTunes (Windows/Mac)   taie553  0
 Last Chaos   joao_neves_4  0
 Amazingly Talented Lyricist - Finally Some Conscious Rap   Kaztor23  1
 Band Name Help   JohnCri  3
 Interesting VMA's   StoneySilence  4
 *Sighs* I Need New Music In My Library   Ocura  5
 iTunes tries to boost whole Album sales with Project Cocktail   StoneySilence  0
 Michael Jackson - Heart attack   Ocura  6
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  2
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  2
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Looking for stuff like Mangione   FunTak  1
 Voice Boxes   Blindfox  2
 Has anyone ever heard of Glasvegas?   Timith_McMartis  1
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  3
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 Jimmy leaves Pumpkins. Again.   Kathea  0
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  1
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  0
 A song i am looking for, though i dont know the artist, or any of the lyrics .   YouMightSeeMe  5
 Song of the Week   Pulp_Gareth  1
 Where to buy MP3's?   StoneySilence  15
 For those that do Facebook and like older music   PhantomOfTheMMO  0
 Any 80s Alternative fans here? or Depeche Mode? SOTU is coming!   PhantomOfTheMMO  5
 Bonnaroo 2009   knotteboi  0
 Nirvana meets the Misfits   Sapphyrez  1
 Very surprising..   Pulp_Gareth  19
 Any bands similar to Apocalyptica?   StoneySilence  3
 Know of any good club music?   the_great_intex  2
 Equilibrium - Sagas   -Decadent-  1
 OMFG check this out!!!!!!   winona78  0
 Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright dies   Nevver  3
 Music to game with   diidnath  2
 New song of mine   Niika_kek  1
 ** Saturday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (08/02/2008) **   -Poptart-  2
 John Mayer   Stiger  5
 Check out Amy Winehouse's Sweet Dance Moves!   alexbna  3
 The Acacia Strain   _PersonalJesus_  0
 Check this out!   Blindfox  1
 quite possibly the best movie soundtrack song ever?   Bernion  5
 Summer Concerts   Sapphyrez  8
 this song a guilty pleasure for anyone else?   Bernion  2
 ** Sunday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (06/08/2008) **   -Poptart-  2
 Phil Keaggy   Supernikbot  2
 _What are you currently listening to thread?_   Clonner231  79
 Good Phone For Music   Crazton  1
 New NiN Album up for FREE download!   PhantomOfTheMMO  3
 the absolute best song ever   Bernion  7
 ** Saturday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (05/03/2008) **   -Poptart-  2
 My girlfriend listens to country   SDdresdinSD  25
 Testament - The Formation of Damnation \m/   Goatstar  2
 iPod problems   Pulp_Gareth  6
 ** Saturday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (04/05/2008) **   -Poptart-  5
 On an MC Chris kick   Kathea  4
 Updating My iPod   LavandBedevere  1
 @ Lyndrek   Katusha_GC  5
 Preloaded iPod and unlimited downloads   Pulp_Gareth  2
 Any1 into the DJ business? [Virtual DJ]   Galaus  1
 What do you guys think of Breaking Benjamin?   dab7291993  13
 Nine Inch Nails releases 4 new digital albums   StoneySilence  3
 ** Saturday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (02/23/2008) **   -Poptart-  2
 World's largest music collection sold for over $3m   Nevver  5
 What If....   Themightyspork  3
 My Music   Blindfox  0
 Kate Nash   Sapphyrez  0
 Wintersleep   Sapphyrez  2
 need some music help > Master P Instrumental   Lord_Anton  0
 New Kids On The Block, Hanging Tough and...coming back?   doerayme_fasolatido  1
 Searching for some more metal bands to put on my mp3 player.   Kordirn  17
 Louis XIV   -Accident-  0
 Help needed with some lyrics......   JonnJack  2
 Best Concert?   Sapphyrez  25
 Bif Naked (Beth Torbert) diagnosed with breast cancer   Agonderae  4
 Which MP3 player do you use?   Sapphyrez  35
 2007 CB: Music and Audio YEARLY Post Ratings (01/03/2008) **   -Poptart-  2
 NOFX   NegativeSmoke  5
 Black Sabbath - War Pigs (Live in Paris 1970)   Nevver  2
 Nick Patera   the_great_intex  0
 Nephew Vs LOC at Roskilde festival.   Dwar-alf  0
 ** Sunday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (12/09/2007) **    -Poptart-  3
 Good Christmas Music?    -Poptart-  12
 Australian rock chicks   tehproman  7
 Someone please give this kid a record deal :P and I need advice on a sound card :)   Kaosmage  1
 Have you ever remixed a song, and it sounded better afterwards?   raine777  1
 Know of any 80's pop songs that would probably sound good remixed?   raine777  4
 Funny song   thragnoth  3
 ** Friday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (10/26/2007) **   -Poptart-  6
 Hip Hop/Rap thread...   nextdragonV  12
 Music software for creating music?   -Elena-  2
 Best Band?   rchurchich  9
 @no ratings :(   Belligore  7
 Does this music sound good to you?   Lyceum2  8
 If your in to Jam Bands/Classic Rock please check this out!!   Atticuz  0
 Has there been a post on the new Nightwish album yet?   GrimTempest  3
 Free Music still too expensive for Pirates   StoneySilence  5
 song you listen to while playing games   vueve_cliequot2005  8
 Song Name   Antifriend  4
 ** Thursday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (10/11/2007) **   -Poptart-  5
 What do you listen to at work?   Sapphyrez  6
 Whirlwind of concerts...    -Poptart-  5
 Rammstein - Reise, Reise   Yeng-Wang-Yeh  2
 Two Hours Traffic   scoobydude123  3
 Blaqk Audio   Sapphyrez  6
 ** Friday CB: Music and Audio Post Ratings (09/21/2007) **   -Poptart-  7
 Sisely and the Safety Pin-Ups   Nevver  2
 Street Teams (music related)   -April-  0
 Van Halen reunion appears to be reality (pictures and videos inside)   Nevver  2
 Lyndrek still the mod here???   Sapphyrez  4
 Best Drum Battles ever!   doerayme_fasolatido  5
 She Wants Revenge   -April-  4
 Anybody watch Britney's meltdown on VMA's?   StoneySilence  14
 Loreena McKennitt   StoneySilence  1
 My Morning Jacket   MrHat_Kay  1
 Need new speakers...   Steelwind_Oo  4
 Looking for a certain flash site...   Groooovechampion  2
 Soilwork sets date for new release. Sworn to a Great Divide, Oct 23rd (for the US)   Goatstar  2
 Need advice   lampshade333  0
 MTV to close Urge, Open new shop with Real   StoneySilence  2
 Anyone gonna be seeing Van Halen on their upcoming tour?   Eaoch  3
 Anyone here use   Lasraik  7
 Brian Setzer Rocks!   RockinRobin74  6
 We need a new game so here we go!    Sapphyrez  177
 Biggest (playable) Flying V ever   Nevver  6
 My playlist for tonight * 3 August 2007 *    binyaqub  9
 My playlist for tonight * 2 August 2007 *    binyaqub  0
 My playlist for tonight * 1 August 2007 *    binyaqub  7
 Hubby needs some new stuff!   Sapphyrez  20
 My playlist for tonight * 31 July 2007 *    binyaqub  4
 My playlist for tonight * 30 July 2007 *   binyaqub  1
 My playlist for tonight * 29 July 2007 *   binyaqub  3
 My playlist for tonight * 27 July 2007 *   binyaqub  2
 MUSIC DOWNLOADS   coffeewriter  2
 Looking for a song   Nevver  5
 Welcome Deadcactus, everyone.   Kah_HG  1
 Anyone here know anything about microphones?   deadcactus  1
 good music?   lastinlinetopee  1
 external drive died on me z0mg    Blacheart  7
 Silverchair HAHA   Sapphyrez  14
 Chris Cornell   Sapphyrez  2
 My tribute to Depeche Mode   Niika_kek  1
 I need some song help please   -Kabuto-  3
 Last day to Vote: Lollapalooza    Teck_II  1
 OINK INVITES!   sssharkkk  0
 New Korn Album   _PersonalJesus_  4
 Fair to Midland   _Azmond_  1
 Ultimate Canon Rock   Nevver  0
 Emperor concert   KoE-Reigning  1
 Saw FLYLEAF, Kill Hannah, Resident Hero and SickPuppies last night..   -April-  7
 Game Thread - Musical Connection   Nevver  400
 Gratz Nevver on being the game thread 250 post!   Sapphyrez  3
 Searching....   -Ozymandias-  1
 Who did you give away your concert virginity to?   doerayme_fasolatido  57
 Anyone see Ozzy on Jimmy Kimmel the past couple of nights?   BudTheWiser  4
 Music Piracy Crackdown Nets College Kids   doerayme_fasolatido  15
 Your favorite(s) Myspace musician(s).   doerayme_fasolatido  24
 Game Thread- Name that 80's Band    Sapphyrez  261
 Smashing Pumpkins finally have some SF Area dates.   Kathea  11
 White Stripes Go Cross Canada   Pulp_Gareth  3
 Save Internet Radio   ElysiaDragon  0
 Who else loves the 80's?    Sapphyrez  53
 Musicovery   ElysiaDragon  1
 Don Ho, Hawaiian 'Tiny Bubbles' crooner, dies    Sherri2002  2
 Recommend a Music Service   StoneySilence  2
 TOOL adds more US tour dates   Deadly_Dirk  6
 You like T-pain?   Storm_Seeker  0
 Need help thinking of a song   StoneySilence  1
 Exploring Music on Rhapsody   StoneySilence  0
 Welcome: Please Read (Misc Information and Local Moderator List)   -Poptart-  0
 Anyone else love Gunao Apes?   Rain1Dog  4
 Can't wait   JustDecent  2
 Magnolia Black - check 'em out when you have a minute!   gisel77  5
 Who here listens to Hip-Hop?   vikdem1ze  10
 Van Halen tour cancelled   Nevver  13
 Chris Cornell leaves Audioslave   Lasraik  15
 For Kaki King and Andy McKee fans....   Sapphyrez  2
 My Updated playlist   Reydan  1
 ISO: Headphones for around $100. Any recommendations?   Rev06  3
 Machine Head - The Blackening   Goatstar  7
 Ugly album covers   SeattleBaby  7
 Tool is coming to Albuquerque!   Blynk_  33
 Happiest Song/Saddest Song   Mike_the_Red_MT  22
 Hi everyone   shadowkreia  4
 What was the last cd you bought?    JustDecent  42
 New mix of mine   Niika_kek  0
 What's a good non-subscription online music store?   .Brak.  2
 Rush owns   sephy26946  4
 Internet Radio   _PersonalJesus_  7
 Favourite Pavement Album?   Kah_HG  3
 Who was?   lateforwork  11
 Looking for a certain type of song.. suggestions plz!   Dums  8
 This video really gets to me.................   Nestor_II  5
 VN... recommend me some new music.   Agras  12
 Anyone here use emusic...?   Pallin_Rahl  3
 Iron Maiden   Yeng-Wang-Yeh  7
 Band you wish....   Ral_Partha  26
 What is in your cd player?   pillowlips  123
 Guided by Voices - Bee Thousand   Kah_HG  2
 Great Songs from The Game   sdchaldo27  7
 Drum TV Show   Coggins16  0
 I wish we had shows like this over here   forsythe80  2
 Zappa has too many albums to list in a poll, so just tell me which album is your favourite?   Kah_HG  3
 Dinosaur Jr   Rain1Dog  0
 ding 666th Topic   Itzberetta  6
 Ska. What's your favorite band?   Fizzil.Bot  10
 the WHO on tour AND a new album!   uglydwarf  6
 Trivium:The Crusade   Goatstar  3
 Iggy Pop's concert rider   Nevver  2
 I need some new Music   Xyarn  23
 Porcupine Tree   Ral_Partha  8
 Red hot chilli peppers?   Agrliaf  20
 Name Your Top 5 Favorite Broadway Musical Showtunes Soundtracks   Flexette  5
 Foot pedal king!   _PersonalJesus_  1
 Who would you rather see live?   Rain1Dog  23
 New Dry Kill Logic:Of Vengeance and Violence   Goatstar  0
 So I am getting an original Stairway to Heaven LP still sealed up from my dad.   Samuel_Powers  5
 I was just accepted at my campus radio station!   a-WHALE-of-a-tale  13
 Any one here play the guitar?   GhostOfACPast  29
 Frank Black show last night...   Carne_DelMuerto  2
 Dinosaur Jr Gear Stolen (Long Island City, NY)   Nevver  5
 New Roots Album   Kah_HG  4
 OT: fiddeling with sound - Voice effects, like radio interferance/quality    Groooovechampion  4
 Pink Floyd Dark Side Remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1   CaptainRelient  3
 Austin Lounge Lizards   StoneySilence  0
 Dream Theater - Score   lmn8r  5
 Neu! may be my favorite band from the 70s   a-WHALE-of-a-tale  0
 Breaking Benjamin - Phobia   Krusha_OF  0
 List your favorite vocalists. . .   Agrliaf  24
 NT   Agrliaf  0
 Free metal ringtones here - if your phone is supported.   ruhi2  1
 Any Manowar fans?   wolffin  0
 The Dandy Warhols Fans?   bigboss_twf  1
 Who's Hitting up Edge Fest this year?   CaptainRelient  4
 Gigantour 2006   Fenlenus  1
 Rap albums you need to own/hear.   Ministry-  33
 Cross-Post: Arthur Lee, R.I.P.   Ministry-  1
 Got back from Ozzfest 2006...   Mike_the_Red_MT  12
 Do you play a music instrument ?   Slaine_the_Insane  26
 MTV   Slaine_the_Insane  29
 Question about running a streaming radio station.   Fenlenus  0
 Heyo! Need some help from someone who knows their stuff   White-Orb  1
 VNV Nation   Niika_kek  2
 Pink Floyd   the_great_intex  23
 New Slayer album   _PersonalJesus_  2
 Days destroys the night..night divides the day   Rain1Dog  2
 Auto Audio   ShadeathX  2
 and now, time for something a little different.....   uglydwarf  1
 Anyone here a fan of The Postal Service?   Agrliaf  9
 Devildriver show in two weeks, I'm so stoked.   Goatstar  8
 Give me five albums you feel are underrepresented/underrated.   Ministry-  16
 I'm totally into this band.    gisel77  11
 LMAO, this song made me laugh for about a full minute   Unlocked-VN  1
 Very well done *guitar video*   Zul_Ander  1
 WTH Song is this??   Killnu  0
 Television (the band)   Mike_the_Red_MT  2
 car system, need some suggestions   tuffins  1
 iPod battery problems   Bernion  6
 Syd Barrett dies   Morlach  7
 A song from the first episode of Entourage?   silxe  2
 AFI   Kosiguru_Infftw  29
 Dimebag Squealing Lesson   Nevver  5
 Anyone else think Danny California by the Chilli's sounds familar ?   Slaine_the_Insane  6
 Bands that are at the top of your list atm   _PersonalJesus_  52
 Heard the new Radiohead album?   Mike_the_Red_MT  23
 God on a Guitar   ryasun1  20
 Any 50 cent/rap fans here?   Vaeryn  25
 Mosh Pit Battle Scars!   _PersonalJesus_  26
 Most underrated guitarists?   -TTDO  46
 Your Top 10 Bands   Naailo  78
 Your Top 5 All Time Favorite Albums   Lasraik  71
 Best Bassist?   sadbad_Pellinor  57

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