Subject Author Replies
 So Long Vns and thanks for the memories-Moving Raid Postings to Gaheris.Net   geckobanzai  1
 Board merge to IGN next week   beibhinn  8
 Items not working as stated   Ironmaidenn  4
 Relic Changes   DukkmanDrakke  4
 what totally sucks   Rastafriarmon  2
 Well....   turtleembo  4
 Trilo Raids April 1st -7th   geckobanzai  0
 Melee Friar template   geckobanzai  2
 Ever wonder....   Nabs01  7
 Viable Solo / Raid Worthy Class   Nocternal01  7
 Arcane syphon question   Doonya  4
 Hello!   Bnwdancer  2
 Raids: Tuesday/Thursday Dragon Quests 7pm EST Saturday - Galladoria 7pm ESt   geckobanzai  0
 Dusted off my Thane   Nabs01  5
 So.. here we were...   Rastafriarmon  5
 Server needs free xp /level to 50   BuffsteriaCantBuff  7
 Caster (SM) Template with POC Gear: No artifacts!   geckobanzai  0
 POC Farming - Thursday and Friday night - 3/22 & 3/23 7 to 10 pm EST   geckobanzai  0
 Molvik   DukkmanDrakke  7
 Caer Sidi - Saturday, March 24th - 7EST   geckobanzai  1
 WTS/WTT Dreaded Seals   sauvi  1
 Friday March 16th Dragon Raid -- BG opens at 7:30pm movnig at 8pm EST   Aquilonia  0
 Caer Sidi - Saturday, March 17th - 7EST   geckobanzai  3
 Prayer Request for Rose AKA Aliciaday Lilsneakyone...   Aquilonia  26
 crafting   lorthdaoc  2
 Seal Mobs   DukkmanDrakke  5
 How hard is it to get groups?   KaponeGames  17
 Toons created   BuffsteriaCantBuff  4
 How many does it take to kill Xanxicar?   Mooshaka  5
 This Game Is Awesome!!   KaponeGames  3
 Board merge. Sounds like bad news to me...   samhainchld  1
 Why you need to know about now more than ever!   Saxona  78
 Best farming duo?   _Amasa_  10
 March 9th Friday Night ML10 Raid - BG open's at 7:30pm EST   Aquilonia  1
 ML10 Farm - Saturday, March 10th - 7 to 11PM EST   geckobanzai  1
 Megalodon/Relics - Thursday, March 8th - 7PM EST   geckobanzai  0
 Xanxicar/Relics - Tuesday, March 6th, 7PM EST   geckobanzai  0
 Warrior Template    geckobanzai  0
 Wanted Warden Template   geckobanzai  12
 Run Amok in New Frontiers - Saturday, March 3rd - 7 to 11PM EST   geckobanzai  3
 Summoner's Hall - Thursday, March 1st - 7PM EST   geckobanzai  5
 Old Guild.   Halisstra27  8
 Returning player looking for some pointers   PhloidPhan  4
 Merchant Summoning Stone quest for level 50s?   d3bear103a  3
 Farming Leviathan   Mooshaka  8
 Relic Raid & Fat Boy tonight -- Friday 2/24 -- BG opens at 7:30pm EST   Aquilonia  0
 Internet knocked out   geckobanzai  1
 To all you DAOC Gaherians!   Nabs01  3
 PBAoE Class   DukkmanDrakke  24
 Spell Pierce   DukkmanDrakke  14
 Heretic temp    geckobanzai  5
 Raids: Tuesday/Thursday ML10 7 to 10PM EST Saturday - POC/Relics 7 to 11pm   geckobanzai  0
 Returnnig player, looking for a Guild ! :)   Cittadino_Del_Mondo  1
 need chanter temp   Oshui  4
 Is it a troll?   PasswordLLOTH  14
 ML10 Farm - Thursday, February 16th - 7 to 10 PM EST   geckobanzai  0
 ML10 Farm - Tuesday, February 14th - 7 to 10 PM EST   geckobanzai  4
 ML10 Farm - Saturday, February 18th - 7 to 11PM EST   geckobanzai  5
 Dragons/Xanxicar/Relics February 11th, 7pm to 11pm EST   geckobanzai  3
 SO will we get the 200% bonus by the time it ends on 2-13-12   kiraniri  12
 In the absence of Tril.....   Nabs01  5
 200% bonus to RP in the capital cities on Gaheris.   Mentalburn  4
 You would think....   Nabs01  29
 Tuscaran Glacier - Saturday, February 4th - 7PM EST   geckobanzai  7
 Topic of the Week wants to know if you've met anyone from game in real life?    Aliciaday  15
 Returning People and questions   Ridolain  16
 New NF quests, what has anyone found out?   kiraniri  0
 Dragon Raid tonight -- Jan 27th BG open at 7:30pm EST    Aquilonia  2
 Galladoria - Saturday January 28th - 7pm EST   geckobanzai  5
 Topic of the Week wants to know about your funniest Ventrilo / TeamSpeak experience   Aliciaday  3
 Caer Sidi - Saturday, January 21st - 7pm EST   geckobanzai  5
 Dragons/Relics Saturday January 14th - 7PM to 11PM EST   geckobanzai  5
 Who here is playing SWTOR?   spy33  8
 Topic of the Week wants to know if you've made any New Years Resolutions?    Aliciaday  2
 Grrrr   Unacceptablenick  13
 I reactivated...   Quazimortal  63
 WTT my gaheris plat (items) ur ywain plat   Unacceptablenick  3
 Since I have not been around . ..    KatDonii  6
 i have a daughter now...   xeene  29
 Anyone willing   Unacceptablenick  6
 worth coming back ?   dcsapper17  8
 need help on what sham bot + warrior or valk should farm?   Lilicia31  6
 Holidays   MansteinD  4
 How do you spec a Vamp for PvE?   TER31  5
 Topic of the Week wants to know your thoughts on the alternative rule sets?   Aliciaday  22
 @_@ i see you   hairbrush1234  8
 Darkness Falls then all 6 relics: Saturday December 18th 7PM until done   geckobanzai  15
 Can anything farm just as fast as a pet class?   tifania31  36
 Do you believe Molvik would bring new life that would benefit the server?   Saxona  29
 flop poll   Saxona  0
 Le Pacte is back.. sorta..   dkhawkee22  3
 Comin back ...    Zilentbob  2
 Windows 7?   Shyllaa  3
 OMG   Aliciaday  2
 Topic of the Week wants to pay tribute to friends   Aliciaday  6
 Best class for farming Elementals/Afrits   TER31  17
 New to DAoC ... anyone out there?   Severad  29
 Guild   Ryukotsuei  9
 why respect should be given to me   PasswordLLOTH  5
 ML10 Saturday 12/3/12 8pm Eastern   LordWhiteTiger  14
 Can you farm with a melee class + bot?   Ally30  13
 Best Pet class?   Thomasmgp29  14
 The Epic Password Vs Mental Thread   PasswordLLOTH  47
 Topic of the Week wants about play styles.    Aliciaday  9
 Thinking about trying Gaheris out some advice please   Thomasmgp29  14
 Game.dll stops working only when I load a Gaheris toon...   Mr.Doomzdave  6
 Happy Thanksgiving all!   MansteinD  7
 Thanksgiving Bonus. (200% RP bonus)   Glowstuff  10
 Black Friday ML10 8pm Eastern   LordWhiteTiger  1
 Favorite Place to Camp on Gaheris   PasswordLLOTH  4
 Topic of the Week wants to know about rage logging? (ooops)   Aliciaday  7
 WTB Heart of agramon   tobaine  18
 ML 10 Raid ... Saturday 11/19 8pm Eastern   LordWhiteTiger  3
 -- Network Maintenance - 11/18 --   Marrian  0
 I like gaheris but I don't know which kind of bot to get!   JerkyDale  47
 The Upper Gauley river...   Anaethema  6
 Gaheris kinda' got screwed...   MattBarkerr  28
 Dragon Raid Friday Nov 18th -- BG open at 7:30pm EST - Dartmoor    Aquilonia  16
 Ummmm...... ?   menial  5
 Hot Fix Notes - 11/15   Marrian  0
 WTB Lug's Spear Fragment   Blanker_merlin  1
 WTT: 500 dreads for 1 month timecard.   Mentalburn  13
 New To Server :D   BryGuy888  11
 Topic of the Week wants to know which is the friendliest realm?   Aliciaday  3
 If I would have known sooner.    TonJR  9
 New Friar temp I made this morning   Rastafriarmon  13
 Friday Nov 11th Raid - ML10 Raiding !! -- BG open at 7:30pm EST move at 8pm EST   Aquilonia  14
 ML 10 Raid ... Saturday 11/12 8pm Eastern   LordWhiteTiger  3
 [WTB] Hapy's Shield of Dread --------- Disregard, it finally dropped!!!!   LordWhiteTiger  3
 BG-like Quests for Gaheris   Mykkael  6
 New DF encounter mob defeated(Hib side) in raid lead by Amy.   Glowstuff  12
 tempestuous long bow   PasswordLLOTH  8
 Take 2 Friday Night Raiding !! 11/4 - BG open at 7:30pm EST    Aquilonia  3
 OT: Afk for a few!   _Tonka_  10
 scale farming?!   tordensnegl  8
 ML 10 Raid ... Saturday 11/5    LordWhiteTiger  10
 Hotfix   Siolith  12
 ML1-10 raid....   MattBarkerr  14
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know your thoughts on the latest patch.   Aliciaday  5
 Warden spec   _Tonka_  15
 Xanxicar   Woodspryte  1
 New to gaheris   TonJR  15
 give me stuffs why because i said so   PasswordLLOTH  24
 Trading 500 dreads for 100p on Hib/Ywain   Saxona  1
 Friday Night Raid -- BG open at 7:30pm EST -- 10/28   Aquilonia  5
 Ariak WRU   spy33  1
 New DF content in 1.110.   Glowstuff  6
 Custom UI?   _Tonka_  0
 ---Patch 1.110 Goes Live Wednesday, October 26!---   Marrian  9
 just popping in!   KatDonii  8
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know what you would do to bring back realm pride   Aliciaday  20
 Who is still playing here that I know?   _Tonka_  21
 @Ribble   Inej  14
 How the heck do you cancel your accounts nowadays?   Turric  13
 New Player   Raethe72  11
 New Rule: Keep Etiquette   Saxona  46
 Summoner's Hall Tic Temp   SecondBanana  3
 Gaheris help plz   kancle  12
 Summoner's Hall Templates   SecondBanana  3
 Halloween Quest is back!!!!!!   Aliciaday  2
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about in game practical jokes.   Aliciaday  13
 Archers: Sojourner vs. Battlemaster   Saxona  17
 Guide to Turning in Dreads   Saxona  10
 Gaheris Guilds   Mykkael  16
 Honey, I am home   Inej  13
 Anniversary RP Bonus for Gaheris   Saxona  7
 Topic of the Week wants to know if you participate in the seasonal quest lines   Aliciaday  7
 Former Bedever Players   Crakke  0
 Tonight Sat 10/8 for anyone interested   Nabs01  1
 anyone selling dreads?   Maiens  2
 best starter class   Erothehero  8
 Merc PVE Crush/DW Temp   Siolith  19
 Anyone interested in helping me make a video?   Saxona  13
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know if you've tried out Pendragon.   Aliciaday  10
 Summoners Hall Raid Tonight (Sat) 10/1/2011   Nabs01  2
 Camelot Flashback - Videos 9/28/11   Marrian  0
 It appears a new Gaheris-only campaign is in the works....   Saxona  9
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about your least favorite class.   Aliciaday  29
 Anyone Interested?   Unacceptablenick  26
 Tonight (9/23) -- Friday Night Raid on Summoner's Hall !! BG opens at 7:30 move at 8pm EST   Aquilonia  5
 Gaheris September Report   Saxona  10
 Camelot Flashback - Videos 9/21/11   Marrian  0
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know, what's your favorite encounter?    Aliciaday  13
 Whats the purpose of this post?   Harksted  0
 Topic of the Week wants to know about a memorable RVR encounter?   Aliciaday  6
 3653 days    Harksted  0
 All 6 Relics Tonight - Saturday 9/10/11   Nabs01  2
 Camelot Flashback - Videos   Marrian  0
 @boud   Unacceptablenick  0
 This week the Camelot Vault's Topic of the Week wants to know who were your most memorable players?   Aliciaday  13
 Friday Night Raid !! BG open at 7:30pm moving at 8pm EST    Aquilonia  1
 Templating Help   VN_Somniac  4
 Camelot Flashback - Videos   Marrian  1
 Summoner Hall updated!!!!   Mr.Doomzdave  20
 Rather new to Gaheris   Bradd0ck  11
 Xanxicar/Draco Wednesday August 31st 7PM EST   geckobanzai  0
 Gathering Feedback - Help Gaheris be heard!   Saxona  4
 Camelot Flashback - Screenshots   Marrian  0
 Relics/HoA - Tuesday August 30th - 7pm EST   geckobanzai  0
 Topic of the Week wants to know: About your game status and accomplishments.   Aliciaday  0
 Xanxicarr/Draco - Monday August 29th 7PM EST Read for details   geckobanzai  0
 Goodbye/Auction Raid - Saturday, September 3rd - 5PM EST until Done   geckobanzai  11
 original dragon remains?   Smallcl  15
 Camelot Flashback - Videos   Marrian  0
 Darkness Falls followed by Relics - Saturday August 27th - 7-11pm EST   geckobanzai  2
 Login in problem   Unacceptablenick  2
 Anyone know of an Italian Speaking Guild on Gaheris?   Nabs01  20
 Topic of the Week: Do you remember your first guild?   Aliciaday  5
 Three Dragons - Thursday, August 25th - 7:30PM EST   geckobanzai  1
 Thug Temp   Rastafriarmon  2
 @ Jenny : Warrior Temp?   VN_Somniac  10
 -=:+:=- Mentalburn's Astral (ML10) Extravaganza!! -=:+:=-   Mentalburn  12
 OT: Thinking about builting another NEW computer =P Suggestions?   Mentalburn  8
 Attention Tailors: (4 things I need)   Turric  23
 Camelot Flashback - Retro Videos   Dryt  0
 Topic of the Week: What was your first character in game   Aliciaday  12
 Run Amok in New Frontiers - Saturday, August 20th - 7 to 11PM EST   geckobanzai  7
 Xanxicarr/Draco - Thursday August 18th - 7:30 to 9:30PM EST   geckobanzai  1
 Bizarre   poenadare  2
 want to reactivate today but   spy33  7
 Camelot Flashback - VN Reading!   beibhinn  1
 Camelot Flashback - Retro Videos   Dryt  2
 Camelot Flashback - Screenshots   beibhinn  8
 @torf   spy33  5
 Topic of the Week: What brought you to DAOC?   Aliciaday  7
 Camelot Vault Presents .. Camelot Flashback   beibhinn  0
 DAoC Wiki   Legiliwin  4
 Dragons/Relics Saturday August 13th - 7PM to 11PM EST   geckobanzai  3
 Xanxicarr, Hydra, Nosdoden - Thursday - August 11th 7:30PM EST   geckobanzai  2
 Looking for ML10 plate items... paying dreads   Mentalburn  1
 hows the evening pop   spy33  14
 WTT HoA for Midgard Studded Infernal Sleeves   Tryingtodie  0
 Caer Sidi Raid -- Friday Aug 5th -- moving out at 8pm (EST) SHARP    Aquilonia  3
 Camelot Vault on Twitter   Marrian  0
 Holy Crap! I came back to DAOC!   Mystic.Mike  18
 WTB cloth power sleeves- paying dreads   koee  7
  Minecraft Players: Any interest? RvR Server   Saxona  3
 Calling all LEGION!!   Tegbuk  33
 Anyone using my account?   Mystic.Mike  5
 Gaheris Section Added To Template Database   Marrian  2
 Tuscaran Glacier - Saturday, August 6th - 7EST   geckobanzai  1
 Draco - Thursday August 4th - 7 to 10PMEST   geckobanzai  5
 Topic of the Week: What keeps you reading The Camelot Vault?   Aliciaday  0
 Hero Template, need some pointers.   Asber  11
 More computer problems   Unacceptablenick  9
 Caster Template   lilkaji  23
 Friday Night Fun !!! Come one Come all BG will open at 7:30pm @ Malmo   Aquilonia  2
 New Mentor Structure and Mentor   beibhinn  4
 Just started playing on this server.   Iruced979  8
 Arms Template Ideas   SecondBanana  10
 New Pally Temp   Rastafriarmon  11
 Ut Oh!   LordWhiteTiger  11
 Xanxicarr - Thursday July 28th - 8PM EST   geckobanzai  2
 Galladoria - Saturday July 30th - 7:30pm EST   geckobanzai  3
 Please donate to the "Help Mentalburn template his characters fund!!"   Mentalburn  7
 Turning off "Tool-Tips" and other stuff.    friz898  2
 stupid internet   Unacceptablenick  4
 thinking about comming back here   Maiens  24
 WTT dreads   BiggehDon  3
 Jeweled Doppelganger Bracelet   Tryingtodie  1
 LF AC/SC   Unacceptablenick  2
 Galladoria - Saturday July 23rd, 7PM EST   geckobanzai  4
 Draco Twice - Thursday July 21st, 7:30 PM EST   geckobanzai  3
 Gear for Leveling?   ceto27  4
 Wednesday July 20th Dragon Mythirian Superpull Extravaganza !!!   LigenBrawler  13
 Starting on Gaheris today... guilds?   Ishfwilf  6
 Guilds actively recruiting?   tringley  1
 Searching for specific labyrinth cloth helm drop   lilkaji  17
 WTT: 500 dreads for 3 month timecard. Willing to negotiate!   Mentalburn  8
 Thinking about coming back to DAoC for this server   Atheonion81  2
 Foosa, Totosai, Koe - come back to Gaheris NAO   Aebola  13
 Camelot Vault Community Calendar   Marrian  1
 might try gaheris   Crodun  4
 wtt ywain -> gaheris   tordensnegl  0
 Gave in and decided to 2-box a BuffBot for Gaheris play.... Need some suggestions?   Talehon69  25
 Looking for a good SM pve template.   Etored-Ywain9  5
 Leveling Guide   friz898  7
 can ML10 be done here pretty good?   Mr.Doomzdave  6
 Looking for a good Gaheris PvE Class/Spec combo, for no buff bot   Talehon69  10
 asda   SnoopawoopSpudMonkey  3
 Camelot Vault Topic of the Week : Patch 1.109 Poll   Marrian  7
 Hibernian Dragon - Thursday, July 14th - 8PM EST   geckobanzai  3
 Thinking of trying out Gaheris   angeix_vn  11
 Throwing around some idea's for a BM template - would love alternatives   Harksted  6
 Account Center   Holly_GoLightly  13
 Netbook // Render Creation Failed   friz898  1
 Returning Player, May be long post....   friz898  15
 WTB   Legiliwin  1
 OT: Xbox live games   Unacceptablenick  15
 Anyone know whether they will turn the coin back on in the lab?   Turric  12
 If anyone talks to Corevetta   Nibblet_71  5
 Caer Sidi -Saturday July 9th, 7pm EST   geckobanzai  0
 ML10 - Two Kills - Thursday, July 7th - 8PM EST   geckobanzai  1
 thinking about starting here, quick question(s)   tordensnegl  4
 New Gaheris player   Alnmike1  11
 New patch with battleground love   dazzler72  6
 Its All About the Dreads - Saturday July 2nd 7 to 11pm EST   geckobanzai  13
 Xanxicar/Hydra/Nosdoden - Thursday, June 30th 7:30pm EST   geckobanzai  3
 @kobenator   Kilduce  102
 Template Questions on Gaheris   Thorious_Novex  21

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