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 @ Unity and Solar Invictus players and friends   Meddyck24  6
 End of this board?   Meddyck24  21
 .   Thugoneous  3
 dominus   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  0
 GW 2 WvW detailed   Meddyck24  10
 Another example of our nation falling behind so many others   Lowdog-DGB  0
 TERA   Nydaweth  7
 Just a dropaby.   Ironclad1  2
 SWTOR   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  3
 Dominus   Lowdog-DGB  6
 Any SWTOR guilds?   Meddyck24  22
 Did anyone else lose their Mythic account?   TheyTasteLikeBurning  4
 Facebook   Coupland  2
 You bent my wookie   Lowdog-DGB  2
 Is Final Fantasy 14 salvageable?   Lexi_Necrodiva  0
 Alb, Hib, or Mid?   Lowdog-DGB  6
 Oo   kaburn  6
 A decade of camelot   Bluejaye_Wayfarer  2
 So OP   Lowdog-DGB  3
 OT: HAIL TO THE VICTORS! My annual Michigan post~   WoW_WoW_Wubbzy  6
 10th Anniversary Flashback   Lowdog-DGB  2
 SWOR   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  48
 lil art project im workn on, constructive critiques would be appreciated   Cordovaa  1
 Kilbery Solo Boards   Nydirech1  0
 Hello   GotharNW  20
 Google+   Guud  2
 Garjo!   Guud  0
 We Remain No Longer Recruiting   UruzEverlost  26
 0_o   -BurningSensation-  3
 Don't tell Spira!   jaloria  18
 Playing with Legos would be cool but...   Lowdog-DGB  3
 Uber Guilds, and How WoW-itis Is killing games   UruzEverlost  9
 @ Boridi   Lowdog-DGB  0
 Ding 21!   TallinDragonblade  7
 Dear Guud (Ground control to Major Tom)   Lexi_Necrodiva  11
 Althena is JESUS   rainermaria  1
 Rift PvP Server   UruzEverlost  11
 @Ironclad   Lexi_Necrodiva  4
 @Lexi   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  7
 Uruz got punk'd.   Ironclad1  5
 Rift recap   -Blackfire-  52
 Heh.   Nydaweth  0
 @Onslaughter   Xeanor  1
 @ Chooch   Nydaweth  3
 Rift launch Server, Make it quick   UruzEverlost  9
 RIFT HeadStart Download is UP!   Nydaweth  0
 Funniest episode of Community I've ever seen.   Ironclad1  4
 PAX East 2011   chooch709  5
 RIFT Duels   Nydaweth  3
 RIFT Release we have it so far   UruzEverlost  37
 Video Card   Rezzinu  3
 guild website   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  46
 Keep Your Eyes on This Too :D   Nydaweth  3
 DAoC to Rift, who are you bringing?   Ironclad1  9
 anybody come up with a guild name yet?   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  32
 Rift FYI   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  3
 Rift Classes/Combinations you've found and enjoy.   Ironclad1  3
 DAoC Players Unite on RIFT   Rezzinu  14
 What faction do the DAoC members want to play?   Ironclad1  8
 Rift and what I'd like to offer to everyone. (Warning/Long post)   Ironclad1  15
 Black Prophecy   Guud  10
 Gawaine folks on Rift.. ? Vent info damnit!   Ironclad1  5
 RIFT Newcomers   Nydaweth  49
 I have 25 VIP Rift beta keys   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  37
 Skill   Charnley123  6
 And...   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  9
 RIP Chulak   LancelotOCT  8
 Just Pre-Ordered Rift   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  13
 Animal Query   Charnley123  4
 Oh Noes! My WoW Account!   Thugoneous  3
 @Alive   TallinDragonblade  19
 Hello all my little uglies   graywytch  13
 Rift   Rezzinu  1
 Anyone playing WoW anymore?   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  5
 Lord of the Rings Online   Rezzinu  18
 Old names/faces   -Rags-  37
 It's time for my yearly post about....   WoW_WoW_Wubbzy  8
 Final Fantasy 14?   Lexi_Necrodiva  1
 Quivna says:   DoubleDownn24  11
 C Programming   TallinDragonblade  3
 OT Kinda: The state of gaming, and California trying to stop gaming all togeather   Cordovaa  1
 Why Home Made Siege Equipment Could Be Bad!   Lexi_Necrodiva  1
 After 7 years I finally have internet ability at work!!   Ironclad1  4
 Lose Change 9/11: An American Coup   Guud  4
 School help   rainermaria  19
 How Dukes of Hazard should of ended   Thugoneous  0
 For All You Daddy's Out There...   Lexi_Necrodiva  0
 Odd Discussion Time.... (Be Serious).   Lexi_Necrodiva  35
 8:::::::::::::::::::::::::::@------   Czeris  5
 it needs to be fed...   Cordovaa  3
 DAOC and the world of computers   Mugombie  6
 Avatar the last airbender fan?   Cordovaa  5
 League Of Legends.   -Blackfire-  5
 @Chooch   TallinDragonblade  10
 new mortal combat movie... looks decent   Cordovaa  5
 A Game I Won't Ever Play   Lowdog-DGB  1
 RIP - Dennis Hopper   BuckroeBred  5
 RIP - Gary Coleman   Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 For all those Maggots out there....   BuckroeBred  1
 RIP - LOST   Lexi_Necrodiva  11
 damnit....   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  22
 /giggles   Lexi_Necrodiva  1
 nuke to stop the gulf oil leak... wtf   Cordovaa  7
 OT: Ip Man 2   Moong_IceBreaker  0
 @Rags   irishmist76  4
 Pulling the plug on my asian pl team :(   Lexi_Necrodiva  1
 Windows 7 was my idea   LancelotOCT  6
 @Albs   Thugoneous  7
 Starcraft II Beta   -Rags-  5
 Ding 20 IRL   TallinDragonblade  12
 Lego MMO beta   TallinDragon  2
 good software deals   Cordovaa  1
 IRL Bullseye    Jenovah777  2
 Earthquake Pool Anyone?   Lexi_Necrodiva  23
 This Cannot Be Real....   Lexi_Necrodiva  4
 hahahahahah   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  6
 LOL   Cordovaa  9
 PAX East   chooch709  7
 hi   Etheros  1
 Aika   arcaniusx  8
 Flordia does it again.   Guud  1
 New Computer, need input, other than its overboard, i know this already..... links included   Cordovaa  6
 The Pacific   Guud  3
 SPARTACUS!   Lexi_Necrodiva  8
 The beginning of the end?   -Rags-  10
 LoveLine Funneh   chooch709  7
 Roll Call   Charnley123  40
 Old(ish) DAOC pics   GotharNW  22
 If Morgan Freeman raped you, and narated the entire thing, would you care?   Cordovaa  5
 I hate you all!   GotharNW  8
 Funny People   Turric  2
 Let's See Some Old Videos   Knight-Owl  17
 OT: Can You OD on Laughter?   Shademade  1
 This looks amazingly well done   Cordovaa  7
 Beep beep!~   Xeanor  2
 For Old Time's Sake   Stealpulse  2
 The Return Of: LOST   Lexi_Necrodiva  10
 AoC Most improved game of 2009???   Cadinsors_Bardsbane  3
 iPad?   Thugoneous  7
 LOL WUT?   stabzilla  10
 Global Agenda Anyone... ?   Lexi_Necrodiva  13
 Star Trek Online - Biggest Disappointment Since Election Day   Lexi_Necrodiva  15
 Serious Discussion... Opinions / Advice Please...    Lexi_Necrodiva  66
 8 years ago....   MrZerg  4
 OT: Doraemon ending   Moong_IceBreaker  0
 Big Question....   Ironclad1  1
 Merry Christmas   Rezzinu  7
 Hey Lexi   Turric  4
 What, 8 years later and I still see old names?   Ironclad1  18
 RIP - Brittany Murphy   Lexi_Necrodiva  3
 HAHAH - They Start Young In TN!   Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 Anyone know how..   Turric  6
 Tonights Season Finale of Dexter...   Lexi_Necrodiva  6
 Norway UFO, Missile, or That Large Hadron Collider Machine?   Lexi_Necrodiva  8
 Dragon Age pretty good if you havent tried it   LancelotOCT  10
 Woah... A+ For Effort?   Lexi_Necrodiva  1
 Lexi & Friends CA Tour January 2010   Lexi_Necrodiva  7
 Hiya ToAers    knumbknuts1  11
 hmmm   torii_T  4
 ..... HAHAHHA   Lexi_Necrodiva  4
 delorean cyrsis mod done well   Cordovaa  1
 This Sites Been Amusing Me For A Few Days...   Lexi_Necrodiva  6
 HOLY MOLY....   Moong_IceBreaker  0
 Storm Warriors 2   Moong_IceBreaker  2
 O-Mazing Grace / Special Olympic Kareokee & Some   Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 Hello old friends!   Sunfires  17
 How Is This Fair? So Mad Right Now...   Lexi_Necrodiva  16
 The Matrix, Now in silent film   Cordovaa  1
 NM.. :)   Fedup23  1
 @Lexi   Cordovaa  5
 Christopher Walken -VS- Cartman - VS - Lady Gaga --- Vote Now!   Lexi_Necrodiva  10
 Fort Hood Tragedy   Rezzinu  7
 Yankees win!   Guud  6
 Anyone know Python and/or Mel script?   Cordovaa  14
 Mr B   Cordovaa  2
 For the grammar nazi's out there   -BurningSensation-  14
 Aliens vs Predator   Cordovaa  1
 Lexi's a Justice of the Peace?   Altra_Shadowstalker  12
 To Hell With Being Grounded... I'm Going To The Fricken Moon!    Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 Lexi?   num97  9
 We're Peaceful!   Thugoneous  9
 Gawainites on FB   Guud  54
 Still a work in progress, but here ya go lexi   Cordovaa  7
 gettin' squeaky wit it   -BurningSensation-  2
 So Yeah.... ..   Lexi_Necrodiva  15
 Need some Critiques   Cordovaa  4
 Gareth?   Altra_Shadowstalker  25
 Sorry Okell and Retal.   Mugombie  2
 This is a good idea that will probably never happen   Cordovaa  3
 DAOC 2 / Old Frontiers / etc? - Interview   Lexi_Necrodiva  11
 List of possible people that cut Lexi's break line and tried to kill her.   groundskeeperr  15
 Best website ever?   -Blackfire-  4
 Deleate this   Cordovaa  15
 Awww, poor Jessica!   Guud  17
 RIP Patrick Swayze   torii_T  4
 Gratz Kanye West!   Lexi_Necrodiva  13
 WE'RE BACK!   WoW_WoW_Wubbzy  28
 I Miss Tourettes Guy   Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 Official Good Bye #Gawaine Board?   Lexi_Necrodiva  19
 @Spira   Zoroaster11  10
 If daoc was on the crysis engine   Cordovaa  6
 Enough is Enough..   Lexi_Necrodiva  5
 Orlando Savages - Granny Hoe Down Video   Lexi_Necrodiva  0
 Louisville, Kentucky..not only known for having several Oracle members but..   -BurningSensation-  10
 Nostalgia   DodensGruva  11
 RIP Dominick Dunne   torii_T  1
 Loch Ness Monster - Proof or more BS?   Lexi_Necrodiva  72
 RIP - Ted Kennedy   Lexi_Necrodiva  3
 Lexi would love District 9 (possible spoilers)   Altra_Shadowstalker  42
 @cordovaa   TallinDragonblade  3
 Inglorious Bastards   torii_T  3
 @Meddyck   WoW_WoW_Wubbzy  3
 Brett Favre   Charnley123  6
 A day in the life of Retaliation:   Guud  2
 Once again, in the name of The Oracle..   -BurningSensation-  7
 All DAoC Expansions now free & 10 day free trials   chooch709  8
 Champions Online   arcaniusx  3
 physics question   Cordovaa  3
 This made my day   Guud  9
 GI Joe - A Collection of Vomit & Rip Offs   Lexi_Necrodiva  7
 R.I.P. John Hughes   briq  4
 Gold star   Meddyck  18
 End of Days   Lowdog-DGB  2
 PSA   Guud  2
 If anyone's going to be Playing Aion or on the Beta...   naxarisdok  0
 They are making a new V show this year!   Turric  20
 I want to publish scenes   suikoden_thesb  8
 Hey   Xeanor  16
 Sugar Gliders - The Biggest Hoax. RIP - Hammy   Lexi_Necrodiva  8
 I forgot how sensitive VN People are!   naxarisdok  4
 So I bought Aion today...   Jenovah777  107
 Hello to all from Uruz Everlost   naxarisdok  8
 RIP - Walter Cronkite   -Rags-  2
 Is Boridi legal yet?   vn_outtasync  5
 Finally leaving   trolloscopy  12
 RIP - Arturo Gatti   Lexi_Necrodiva  4
 What games are you playing lately?   Moong_IceBreaker  35
 Delete this   Cordovaa  3
 WTS 2 Sidi Items :p   Cordovaa  2
 Sceptre of Intellect   Charnley123  15
 RIP Steve McNair   Fedup23  10
 Happy Don't Blow Up Your Fingers Day   -Rags-  8
 RIP Karl Malden   briq  1
 Happy Canada Day!   Lexi_Necrodiva  5
 RIP Billy Mays   briq  5
 euro music video question   rainermaria  8
 RIP Michael Jackson   Lowdog-DGB  39
 RIP - Farrah Fawcett   Lexi_Necrodiva  4
 Question!   -BurningSensation-  6
 Buh-Bye Mark Jacobs   Lexi_Necrodiva  13
 Super Cluster Confirmed & Some..   Lexi_Necrodiva  8
 RIP - Ed McMahon   Lexi_Necrodiva  3
 Anyone Else Use Free To Air Satalite? Coolsat / Sonicview Question   Lexi_Necrodiva  0
 Galla   xXmoriarityXx  0
 Is it me or...?   Cordovaa  7
 Allright STOP what your doin'!!!   -BurningSensation-  14
 Fun in Labby   xXmoriarityXx  11
 Origins server... Is it possible to go home again?   Jenovah777  30
 Kwai Chang Cain - RIP   Bahgoon  10
 New Puppy Names... Help Me Decide..   Lexi_Necrodiva  36
 I'm back from India   Turric  10
 I bring you...the bear shirt!   -BurningSensation-  7
 US Politics   Horundik  51
 UK Govt. Ministers Expenses Scandal - Free Gardening   Charnley123  1
 My Star Trek Journey & Review    Lexi_Necrodiva  12
 Hey, Lexi. (Wii)   -Blackfire-  4
 Try Not To Laugh...   Lexi_Necrodiva  4
 Free KFC From Oprah!   Lexi_Necrodiva  2
 RIP - Dom DeLuise   Lexi_Necrodiva  1
 Worst airport ever   Turric  27
 Transformers 2   Cordovaa  5
 Will You Join My Justice League?   Lowdog-DGB  10
 Metal Gear Reenactment Possible?   Lexi_Necrodiva  6
 Terminator-Salvation or Star Trek?   xXmoriarityXx  16
 Anyone still play the game and then on Killibury?   xXmoriarityXx  11
 Laptop Problem   TallinDragonblade  6
 @TURRIC   -Blackfire-  2
 Soon I will be a big star!   Turric  2
 How to Lose Friends and Alienate People   Turric  0
 JCVD   Turric  2
 The Punisher: War Zone   Turric  0
 The Day the Earth Stood Still   Turric  6
 Lexi is special   Guud  18
 Let's fight!   Kamill_Eon  2
 Ding 19   TallinDragonblade  7
 Anyone real familiar with London?   Turric  10
 Vinny's Review of Australia (the movie)   Altra_Shadowstalker  5
 Amazing   trolloscopy  3
 Rather   Altra_Shadowstalker  14
 Happy Eostre   Turric  1
 what do u think?   Cordovaa  4
 Howdy.   suikoden_thesb  6
 These bailouts are getting worse and worse   Cordovaa  2
 It seems that God is dying. Good news?   Turric  21
 Obama Fried Chicken - Racist Or Not?   Lexi_Necrodiva  5
 Mother Nature at her best...   Rezzinu  11
 Get Your Bicycle & Your Richard Simmons Outfit Off The Street!   Lexi_Necrodiva  33
 the death of vn-gawaine!   -BurningSensation-  26
 My Review On The Watchmen   Lexi_Necrodiva  19
 Proof Of Recession Or Just Playing The Stereotype?   Lexi_Necrodiva  29

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