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 For Ardenwole, Korrigan and the rest of the people who think they're better than everybody else   Arcilite_I  119
 Just wanted to say bye   -Mithan-  4
 It Started With The Detroit Electronic Music Festival... It Ends Here   Spookysheep  0
 Seeing as how these forums are going away...   Tai-Daishar_MT  23
 ISO Demorted   SapphireKnight2009  0
 The Board Merge comes next week   -Mithan-  82
 Scroll of Resurrection EU WANTED   Funnywolf  0
 Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites 4.4.12   Vault_News  8
 You get to change one thing about WoW. Go!   -Peo-  13
 I'm looking for a mod...   _Kewk_  2
 activision killed wow   kolbar  14
 100,000 More Beta-Test Invites(3.30.12)   Vault_News  23
 Playing Horde for Cata and   -Peo-  1
 So what draws you to Guild Wars 2?   -Mithan-  81
 Dev Watercooler - Mists of Pandaria Looting Explained    Ferrydust  16
 Would You? (Spanish Version!)   Eternal_Midnight  0
 Mog Madness Is Here!   Vault_News  0
 I'ts...AALLIIIIVE!   Vault_News  0
 Why I'm skipping GW2/SW/TOR and might play MOP instead   SpiritHex  18
 MoP Beta starts tonight: Emails out   -Mithan-  48
 New Paladin - Old player returning.   Saxona  3
 I suppose it was unofficial before...   Hornet_MT  14
 D3 May 15th (Forbes)   Arcilite_I  25
 Scroll of res spam   4f5bd3b6e4b0815b43  6
 What Thrall Does...   Sprawl-zero1eye-  8
 Whos Looking Forward To D3 Or GW2?   KaponeGames  16
 Scroll of Resurrection Enabled   Vault_News  8
 Cataclysm - Post Mortem: Quest Design    Spookysheep  7
 Cataclysm Post Mortem -- Dungeons and Raids with Scott ?Daelo? Mercer    Vault_News  42
 New Stat Changes In MOP - Here We Go Again!   Spookysheep  33
 Blizzard Layoff 600 employee's worldwide   croaks35  19
 Level 5s kill level 50 elite with 9k hp   feedontheill  3
 Tera; more competition for WoW is in beta   Sociop  14
 World Of Warcraft Helps Older People With Cognitive Skills, Study Says    Vault_News  12
 What would the process be to hand an account over to someone else?   Alpha_Swift  15
 GW2 Beta Sign-ups Started Today   Conceited  20
 Archeage looks pretty cool   Ferrydust  1
 Just upgraded machine, thinking of resubbing, technical question    Ashmaele  12
 Coming back need help   Kotten1981  11
 Academic research in WoW - please join us! (and get a game card)   shawksly  22
 Havn't touched WoW in a few years   koolbreez  6
 Heart of the Aspects -- Pet Store Exclusive   Vault_News  14
 Another Example of Blizzard Ineptitude   Spookysheep  14
 Very Cool new GW2 Video    Jstudly7  26
 Some Diablo 3 stuff I wrote up for you guys.   -Mithan-  16
 World of Warcraft Monopoly? and StarCraft Risk?   Vault_News  11
 Blizzard, Valve Begin Legal War Over DOTA   Vault_News  51
 Till Death Do You Part   Vault_News  19
 Dev Watercooler -- The Role of Role   Vault_News  8
 Feb 2-7th Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 New Balance Feature Now Available   Vault_News  0
 Another 100,000 Subscriptions Bite The Dust   Spookysheep  21
 semi-OT: Which MMO comes close to a "Dragon Age"-MMO feel?   Groooovechampion  25
 Forums?   RavyneStorm  20
 Anyone having trouble with 4.3.2?   PallyDog  7
 Level 5 twinks Take down 4k hp Elite (vid)   feedontheill  7
 Too scared to Arena...   Vault_News  18
 No Blizzcon - Cancelled in 2012?!   Vault_News  11
 What?s Coming to ampm Is Too Epic for Just One Cup   Vault_News  4
 GW2 - release, sometime in 2012   Kriegprojekt  43
 70-year-old raiding grandma wields legendary and leads her guild   Vault_News  7
 Question regarding servers...   Levx  1
 Mists of Pandaria Talent Questions   Vault_News  27
 Dragon Soul Difficulty Changes   Vault_News  13
 Lunar Festival Begins!   Vault_News  1
 Blizzard website down?   JaredKorry  18
 level 5 takes down lvl 25 elite solo   feedontheill  18
 The login server is currently busy...   Kriegprojekt  4
 hmmmm    -Mithan-  17
 Rated Battlegrounds VS. The Blues [1/17/12]   Vault_News  5
 1/12 PTR Updates   Vault_News  0
 Scroll of Resurrection Temporarily on Cooldown   Vault_News  10
 BlizzCon Costumes -- Deathwing   Vault_News  5
 More Character Slots?   Vault_News  11
 Top Ten Older Raids You Want For Raid Finder   Vault_News  9
 1/9 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 Topic of the Week - Looking for Raid   Vault_News  2
 WoW No Longer Compatible with Windows 2000   Vault_News  38
 PTR Patch 4.3.2 Notes   Vault_News  4
 64-bit PTR Client   Vault_News  13
 Tip of the Day - Clicky Mobs   Vault_News  0
 UPDATE: Blizzard Debunks Diablo III Release Date   Liquid741  2
 Tip of the Day - Tricksy Hiding NPCs   Vault_News  1
 Coming in Patch 4.3.2 -- Cross-Realm Raids   Vault_News  13
 Darkmoon Faire - Known Issues & Fixes   Vault_News  1
 So after playing swtor   gfunk73  10
 New Poll - All Done?   Vault_News  1
 4.3.2 PTR and New File Optimization Tech   Vault_News  2
 Lore and Story   Vault_News  11
 Blizzard vs Bots   Vault_News  6
 Topic of the Week - Tier 13   Vault_News  3
 Tip of the Day - Elite Tauren Chieftains   Vault_News  3
 January Calendar   Vault_News  0
 A poster makes what seems like a legitimate post only to be called a troll by GC   Ferrydust  27
 Shamelss bumpage requested   PallyDog  6
 Serious question about WoW's decline...   shoobzie  37
 Headsets   PallyDog  19
 Feast of Winter Veil Presents    Vault_News  3
 Scroll of Resurrection   Justicefor4LL  2
 Star Wars - The Old Republic vs. Wow - NYTimes   Vault_News  154
 Tip of the Day - Casual Critter Farming   Vault_News  0
 World of Warcraft - Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street Patch 4.3 Interview on   Vault_News  6
 Can I buy honor gear at level 82?   IrishHandGrenade  30
 Introducing BattleTags   Vault_News  4
 New Poll - Transmogrification   Vault_News  15
 Merry Maker Guide   Vault_News  12
 Faction transfer question...   IrishHandGrenade  3
 Bliz I hate you today.....   LifeKaos  12
 Ding Dong Deathwings Dead   Vault_News  6
 Looking For Raid?Need Plus Updates   Vault_News  38
 Items - New Class Restrictions   Vault_News  0
 12/12 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 While Blizzard is All up With the Simplification   Gidgiddoni  1
 Tip of the Day - Twink Chants   Vault_News  1
 New Lore: "Charge of the Aspects" Story   Vault_News  1
 Diablo III Opening Cinematic   Vault_News  6
 OT: Best gaming mouse?   -Mythril-  25
 Diablo III Opening Cinematic   Zero_Washu  10
 Panda talent changes, see the trees   wowplayer321  29
 How was the last patch?   -Mithan-  3 balance...   The_Korrigan  1
 Mist of Pandaria Talent Calculator Updated   Vault_News  1
 Top Ten Kung Fu Panda References    Vault_News  4
 Ghostcrawler talks about Mist's    MinionX-DW  52
 EQ2 Free to play   vn_vigilante66  14
 Blizz Blues – 12 Days of Smack Talkin’   Jyiiga  16
 12/6 Hotfixes   Vault_News  3
 Give the Gift of Warcraft   Vault_News  8
 Raid Finder Loot Exploit Suspensions   Vault_News  5
 Tip of the Day - Mini Map Tracking   Vault_News  1
 How Fares the Darkmoon Faire   Vault_News  14
 Blizzard Entertainment's Student Art Contest   Vault_News  0
 Summer 2012 Blizzard Entertainment Internships   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Dig It!   Vault_News  2
 End Cinematic / Cataclysm Epilogue - SPOILER ALERT   Sprawl-zero1eye-  24
 So im trying to play WOW...   Geeo  4
 Blizzard servers down ?   opopanax666  3
 A Day in the Life of a Community Manager   Vault_News  16
 Patch 4.3 Hotfixes 12.2.11   Vault_News  0
 People exploiting the LFR - drama :P   Ferrydust  45
 Sometimes I just want to make a new toon and settle in for some leveling   Ferrydust  21
 Quest rewards for new dungeons   Gidgiddoni  6
 Patch 4.3 Pets, Mounts, and Collectables   Vault_News  0
 4.3 Guild Leader MIA Feature   Jyiiga  45
 4.3: I'm pretty happy and Raid Finder is pretty much as expected.   Alpha_Swift  4
 Be careful what you ask for...   Cawlin  11
 Dev Watercooler - Faction Favoritism    Vault_News  7
 4.3 Heroic 5-Mans   Kriegprojekt  10
 Raid Finder Q&A Nov 29, 2011   Vault_News  0
 Comming back which class to play   azger  5
 Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight Trailer Revealed    Vault_News  27
 (Featured) 4.3 Patch Release and Maintenance - 11/29   Vault_News  7
 PvP Season 10 Ending Soon   Vault_News  0
 5 mans   gfunk73  3
 "The Dream MMO"   Conceited  17
 4.3 Raid Finder Loot Rules   Vault_News  0
 Happy Thanksgiving   goldielocks2009  9
 Do you have an active WoW subscription?   Trigeminal  38
 OT Anne McCaffrey passed away Monday   Zero_Washu  6
 Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight    Vault_News  5
 Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator Now Available!   Vault_News  26
 Summer 2012 Blizzard Entertainment Internships   Vault_News  2
 Core Hound Pup Screenshot Winner    Vault_News  0
 Chuck Norris WoW Commercial   Vault_News  8
 Tip of the Day - Neutral AH   Vault_News  0
 Daoc   Samanthawise-  26
 So they get Chuck Norris...and he's a Hunter?   Errtuu  11
 Queue to cancel my account lol...   _Kewk_  13
 So I purchased Guardian Cubs to resell on the AH and...   Kriegprojekt  20
 Anyone know an Editor?   Conceited  16
 World of Warcraft?s Seventh Anniversary!    Vault_News  10
 4.3 Valor Point & Conquest Reward Changes   Vault_News  2
 Pilgrim's Bounty Guide!   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Pet Starter Collection   Vault_News  0
 I really don't understand Blizzard (or BlizTard?) anymore...   The_Korrigan  17
 WoW Scroll of Resurrection   l2ufffff  2
 Blizzard Holiday Card Contest 2011   Vault_News  4
 Healing and Intellect Changes in MoP   Vault_News  24
 Tip of the Day - High Level Parking   Vault_News  15
 Looking for an Addon   mellaril  5
 Parental Controls Email to EU Accounts /w Annual Pass   Vault_News  0
 Account Security Warning: Steam Compromise   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Help a Newbie   Vault_News  6
 I want a guardian pup plushy   PallyDog  0
 recommended server for rolling new hordies   Beezamen  3
 Amani Dragonhawk Mount - Any way to sell IG?   Kriegprojekt  3
 /vomit @ SWTOR   Trigeminal  158
 BlizzCon Store Post-Sale is Live!   Vault_News  6
 A Day in the Life of a QA Analyst   Vault_News  16
 Explanation of 4.3 Balance Changes, Part Two   Vault_News  25
 Tip of the Day - Cash to Gold   Vault_News  4
 New Poll - The Monk   Vault_News  7
 CoverItLive Q&A: Class Design & Balance Transcripts   Vault_News  11
 PvP Season 10 Ending Soon   Vault_News  1
 Point Conversion Sellback Policy   Vault_News  4
 Tip of the Day - Flavor/RP Items   Vault_News  2
 CoverItLive Q&A: Class Design -- (11/9)   Vault_News  1
 WoW Lost 800k Subscribers, down to 10.3M   Vault_News  29
 IT'S OVER 9000!!!!   _Kewk_  10
 The Great Item Squish (or Not) of Pandaria   Vault_News  27
 All The Top Level PVE Gear?   robotamadeus  21
 Lets hope those at Blizzard who design armor.....   Nestor_II  4
 Target "Pre" Black Friday sale - Sunday   Kriegprojekt  16
 Top Ten Best Things In Mists of Pandaria   Vault_News  20
 Moving WoW to a new PC   JaggedOne  6
 Saved char info ?   JaggedOne  3
 Scroll of resurrection   UnstoppableX  0
 WTH DreamWorks!   LifeKaos  10
 World of Warcraft Annual Pass Update   Vault_News  0
 DC Universe Online - Just went F2P Nov. 1   Errtuu  8
 Topic of the Week - Guild Changes   Vault_News  0
 Guardian Cub Tradable Pet Now Available   Vault_News  15
 Tip of the Day - The Buddy System   Vault_News  9
 Scroll of Resurrection?   itgirlsbeware  0
 WOW needs to consider older players and handicapped people whom want to play   Valdor14  19
 Please fix pvp servers   -Peo-  74
 Day of the Dead   Vault_News  1
 Play with the Blues LFR/BG   Vault_News  0
 November Calendar   Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - Exercise and WoW   Vault_News  8
 2011 Pumpkin Contest Winners   Vault_News  4
 Apology from Mike Morhaime   Vault_News  81
 An Account Worth $1000?   robotamadeus  14
 Anyone played a holy pali on the PTR?   -MrBean-  10
 Mount Questions..   Lexi_Necrodiva  9
 Gah! It finally happened. My account got compromised :(   Ferrydust  20
 Tyrael's Charger - PTR 4.3    Vault_News  0
 Was Cata the first "failed" expansion?   Vault_News  34
 Mists of Pandaria Live Dev Q&A - 10.27, 5 pm PDT   Vault_News  11
 Research Study: Gnome Rogue with Pink Mohawk LFG   nky335  12
 Raid Resets Twice A Week on Taiwan & Korean Realms   Vault_News  5
 New Guild Services Now Available   Vault_News  4
 Mists of Pandaria Dungeon Preview Videos   Vault_News  0
 biggest problem with this new expansion....   GrimTempest  20
 Initial MoP Expansion Impressions   Sprawl-zero1eye-  47
 MoP Talent Calculator   Sprawl-zero1eye-  63
 Survey for the female WoW-player, please read!   bonziepriest  18
 Mists of Pandaria: Updating Character Models   Vault_News  9
 BlizzCon Lore Q&A   Vault_News  0
 BlizzCon Open Q&A   Vault_News  7
 BlizzCon Class, Item, & Profession Q&A    Vault_News  0
 Question on this video   -MaSQue-  0
 IGN Video: Panda in Action   Sprawl-zero1eye-  17
 Free trial to Full version Question   -Damaja-  3
 Back after almost 2 years   Tarrell50  14
 Dungeons & Raids Panel Overview/Q&A   Vault_News  9
 BlizzCon Opening Ceremony   Sprawl-zero1eye-  1
 Mists expac: Did they say when?   Alpha_Swift  9
 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Trailer   Vault_News  2
 World of Warcraft - Class Talent Systems Panel   Vault_News  36
 Overview of Mists of Pandaria Panel    Vault_News  55
 World of Warcraft Annual Pass   Vault_News  4
 Mists of Pandaria Announced As Next Expansion   Vault_News  25
 Monks and Pandas - next expac   Kriegprojekt  9
 Free D3 + extras with annual WoW subscription   Lithium_Power  57
 BlizzCon Begins!   Vault_News  5
 Gold Selling Stance and Thoughts on the Guardian Cub    Vault_News  7
 I like WoW but I dont Think it can compete after seeing this on GW2   Jstudly7  55
 How do I find a guild to join?   SWEKaos  10
 Did they really get rid of Pilgrim's Bounty?   Ashmaele  11
 Tidbits from the PTR    Vault_News  7
 Hallow's End is Here!   Vault_News  6
 BlizzCon Begins This Friday   Vault_News  3
 Topic of the Week - Appeasing the Spouse   Vault_News  18
 Scroll of resurrection   rogueman937  0
 MORE PVP DUO INFO   Nightstryder88  3
 Public Test Realm Patch 4.3 Notes 10.13.11 updates (only)    Vault_News  1
 Bashiok Talks about the 1.35% FL number from mmo champion   Vault_News  33
 Original World of Warcraft Server Blade Auctions to Support Charity   Vault_News  16
 So only 1% of the player population has seen all of firelands and beat it.   sarnsereg  46
 BlizzCon: Ask the Artists   Vault_News  5
 Topic of the Week - Are You a Fanboi? Or Gurl?   Vault_News  17
 HELP! Best PVP Duo   Nightstryder88  6
 Tip of the Day - Getting There!   Vault_News  1
 Looking for Input   PallyDog  22
 Blizzard Officially Allows Gold Selling   TruthyID  12
 Bleh buggy quest is buggy...   _Kewk_  4
 Wow to go FTP?   IndridCole  11
 OT: ToR is not the game we are looking for.   JaconKin  43
 Happy Holidays    Vault_News  5
 Blizzard Service Awards: Swords and Shields Ceremony   Vault_News  5
 Hungarian Site Shows off MogIt   Vault_News  5
 134k damage in 2 seconds?   kuide  9
 Raid Finder Loot Rules Update   Vault_News  7
 Is there any future left for WoW ?   Lithium_Power  47
 You Tube Turtorials   Vault_News  4
 Topic of the Week - Armor Concepts   Vault_News  2
 Wow Model Viewer   PallyDog  14
 Which is the easiest class to play Battleground pvp in WOW?   Osito_de_Felpa  25
 Atlas Loot   PallyDog  6
 Priest or Mage for end game PvP/Raiding?   Kriegprojekt  10
 Big Belts to Even Bigger Heads   PallyDog  9
 Raid Finder Coming in Patch 4.3   Vault_News  29
 BlizzCon Plans   Vault_News  6
 Core Hound Pup Screenshot Contest Winner    Vault_News  0
 4.3 Patch Preview - Fangs of the Father   Vault_News  10
 Priest Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  9
 Public Test Realm Patch 4.3 Notes   Vault_News  15
 Leaders of the Alliance and Horde -- Sylvanas Windrunner   Vault_News  0
 Explanation of 4.3 Balance Changes, Part One   Vault_News  4
 Foo Fighters to Rock the House at BlizzCon 2011   Vault_News  5
 Tip of the Day - Where do I quest?   Vault_News  3
 Oh Thou Founts of All Wisdom   PallyDog  5
 Does RAF Bonus Levels require you to purchase an account...   Hornet_MT  9
 Darkmoon Faire Stopping in Philadelphia on September 30    Vault_News  3
 Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses   Vault_News  11
 PTR Possibly Up Within The Week   Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - Earn Nerd Points!   Vault_News  1
 Horde Ram Racing Issues   PallyDog  4
 Victory Beta Keys.   Conceited  2
 OT: Star Wars: The Old Republic release date announced.   The_Korrigan  35
 Anyone doing the PTR?   PallyDog  1
 Join us at BlizzCon... from the comfort of your own home!   Vault_News  14
 A first look at the legendary daggers coming with the patch 4.3 raid, Dragon Soul.    Vault_News  14
 D3 delayed till next year   Zero_Washu  22
 R.I.P.   raltor  10
 Wow this place is dead.   Lithium_Power  127
 Paladin Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective    Vault_News  10
 The Deathwing Raid: Interview with Scott Mercer   Vault_News  24
 Tier 13 Set Pieces Acquisition   Vault_News  2
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes 9/20    Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - F2P Twinking   Vault_News  2
 Rogue Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  13
 Topic of the Week - Tanks in PvP   Vault_News  19
 Transmogrification Rules   Vault_News  9
 Patch 4.3 Raid Preview: Dragon Soul   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Three: Hour of Twilight   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Two: Well of Eternity   Vault_News  6
 Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part One: End Time   Vault_News  0
 Brewmaster Guide!   Vault_News  8
 4.3 Interviews with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street   Vault_News  36
 WoW Magazine Cancelled   Vault_News  12
 Tip of the Day - Tricksy Hearthstones   Vault_News  5
 BlizzCon Store Online Pre-Sale for Attendees Begins   Vault_News  1
 Looks like the "legendary" feeling for balance of Ghostcrawler strikes again...   The_Korrigan  22
 Mage Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  6
 Tip of the Day - Pop Those Cool Downs Take II   Vault_News  6
 Pirate's Day Guide   Vault_News  11
 I guess she was listening   Fist_de_Yuma  7
 Shaman Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  8
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes 9/14    Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Postal   Vault_News  3
 Firelands Raid Changes Incoming   Vault_News  8
 Druid Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  2
 scroll of ressurrection   shamnasty  1
 Class Feedback   Vault_News  10
 Warlock Tier 13 & Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - Hitchhiking in Enemy Territory   Vault_News  4
 K, I want a...   PallyDog  4
 If you had the power to remove one battleground from the game...   The_Korrigan  34
 nm   The_Korrigan  0
 Gah looks like another arena ladder exploit is out there   Ferrydust  6
 Dragonwrath impossible for 10 man guilds?   Vault_News  12
 Censure Hotfix Incoming    Vault_News  17
 Awesome WoW Worgen Freehand Drawing!   stackshady221  3
 Warlock Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective    Ferrydust  0
 Blizzard needs to step up to the plate   Ferrydust  13
 Dev Watercooler - Rate of Change   Rill_of_WE  20
 New Poll - The Decline   Vault_News  36
 Warrior Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective   Vault_News  10
 Dragonwrath Questline Changes   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes 9/8   Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - How to make 600g with 4000 honor   Vault_News  24
 Dodge Parry and Diminishing Returns   PallyDog  11
 Topic of the Week - Mogging the Economy   Vault_News  3
 Tip of the Day - Shellfish Traps   Vault_News  10
 Need Scroll!   cwgarcia06  1
 Stats: Character Leveling Speed in Cataclysm   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Turning Your Back   Vault_News  24
 The Harvest Festival Begins!   Vault_News  10
 Ding 85!   Cawlin  11
 Diablo III beta test spam mail going out to battlenet accounts   Dei_Ray_HG  1
 K, why isn't there a site with this yet? Srsly?   PallyDog  10
 This is normally the time I re-subscribe to WoW   Trigeminal  12
 4.3 - The last Cata content patch before the next expac   Kriegprojekt  24
 The Slippery Slope: Analysing The Decline of World of Warcraft   Spookysheep  16
 Just When You Think The B Team Cannot Top Their Recycling Efforts...   Spookysheep  35
 -Blazed Recruiting on Garrosh, as Alliance-   1Couz  0
 Why Tank   gfunk73  14
 Dev Watercooler -- Bloody Mitigation   Vault_News  9
 Twitter Q&A   Vault_News  2
 Tip of the Day Don't need PvP gear?   Vault_News  21
 Buff?   ReturnOfBigsmacktard  20
 What I would like to see in the next expac   PallyDog  40
 Topic of the Week - Rare Spawn Evolution   Vault_News  29
 Need a scroll of resurrection invite    iziba  2
 20-Year Anniversary Photo Gallery: A Look Back    Vault_News  8
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes 8.29.11   Vault_News  2
 TBC CE   PallyDog  9
 Diablo III Beta Coming Soon   Vault_News  35
 Follow the Official BlizzCon Twitter Feed   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Westfall Chicken   Vault_News  5
 Top Heal Used   PallyDog  17
 I found this rather humorous...   Taloquin  11
 Here is the problem with WoW   -Mithan-  31
 How to Win at PvP   Rill_of_WE  21
 4.3 Preview - The All New Darkmoon Faire    Vault_News  20
 BlizzCon 2011 World of Warcraft Pet: Meet Murkablo    Vault_News  8
 Battlegrounds VS. The Blues!   Vault_News  4
 Are Ghostcrawler's Days Numbered?   TruthyID  22
 Top Ten Overpowered Player Spells/Abilities   Vault_News  9
 The new WoW F2P (to level 20) ads.....   Blisteringballs  10
 Zarhym's photobucket album (He is a really nice CM on the forums)   Ferrydust  21
 Recap of Blizzard Entertainment at gamescom 2011   Vault_News  1
 Stay Awhile and Listen   Vault_News  2
 More Transmogrification Q&A   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Best Race and Class   Vault_News  22
 Diablo 3 - Micro transactions?   Kriegprojekt  1
 Anyone want a scroll of rez   Sipher2k  0
 PvP Q&A with Zarhym   Vault_News  4
 Blue Posts on Transmogrification & Void Storage   Vault_News  9
 Tip of the Day - Farming Linen Cloth   Vault_News  10
 How do you avoid people in the game?   KittumsFTW  20
 What is the most OP class?   DeadlyHib  15
 Top 10 Most Exciting MMOs in Development   -Mithan-  31
 Scroll of Res   fenster4  3
 So...   PallyDog  3
 EU/US game client   Corfel  4
 Finally sick enough of my server and faction to GTFO...   _Kewk_  11
 Interesting Email From Blizzard   Toff-the-Wanderer  12
 Raid finder coming with 4.3   TruthyID  22
 Whats the name of that PVP arena mage...   chaddlock  1
 Believe it or not, we get gear appearance customization in 4.3   The_Korrigan  72
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes Aug 16, 2011   Vault_News  6 Invitational -- World of Warcraft Arena VoDs Available   Vault_News  8
 New Real ID Party Feature Now Live (And Free!)   Vault_News  10
 Tip of the Day - Find a Guild Crafter   Vault_News  2
 Dev Watercooler -- Threat Level Midnight   Vault_News  31
 2011 Blizzard Global Writing Contest!    Vault_News  0
 Characters that reached LVL 85 in Cataclysm   Vault_News  42
 A Good Summary of Why Blizzard is Hemorrhaging Subscriptions   Spookysheep  152
 I found some Wow gold cheat   fantoml  22
 Recent petitions you know you didn't submit   Vault_News  6
 Win a Trip to BlizzCon From the World of Warcraft Visa Card    Vault_News  10
 OT: How to Create a Successful MMO by Jeff Strain   JaconKin  5
 Public Test Realm Patch 4.2.2 Notes 8.11.11    Vault_News  4
 Ethereals Making a Comeback?   Vault_News  9
 Is BC raid content soloable/duoable at level 85?   Ashmaele  6
 New Poll - Mists of Pandaria   Vault_News  6
 Tip of the Day - Authenticator   Vault_News  2
 8/10 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Pugged my Amani Battle Bear tonight...   _Kewk_  12
 D3 and the status of WoW   BarrekT  38
 Patch 4.2.0A Official Notes   Vault_News  8
 Bug Fix Patch Coming Soon   Vault_News  1
 Application points and daily request limits   Vault_News  7
 2011 Europe Invitational Roundup   Vault_News  0
 The Raid World Premiere Video   Vault_News  7
 Tip of the Day - Make Gold with Jewelcrafting   Vault_News  10
 Tip of the Day - No means no   Vault_News  15
 Done with Molton Front   Dei_Ray_HG  17
 Funny thread on Customer Service forum   Ferrydust  3
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes Aug 4, 2011   Vault_News  4
 The Raid Live Stream Announcement   Vault_News  1
 Top Ten Strategies to Win Warsong Gulch   Vault_News  16
 Diablo 3 removing skill points   vn_vigilante66  18
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 WoW sub numbers continue to drop   croaks35  62
 Is Mists Of Pandaria The Next World Of Warcraft Expansion?   Vault_News  7
 Tip of the Day - Easy Repairs   Vault_News  4
 BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket Now On Sale   Vault_News  7
 Cenarion Hatchling Raises More Than $1.9 Million for Japan Earthquake Relief   Vault_News  12
 "Mists of Pandaria" Trademarked by Blizzard   Vault_News  60
 oops wrong board    Ferrydust  0
 Auction House API is live!   Vault_News  3
 Topic of the Week - It's the Little Things   Vault_News  3
 OT: Current favorite non-WoW game? (big budget or indie)   Trigeminal  24
 OT: Diablo III Auction System (and reading comprehension test)   Jyiiga  36
 Lich King Solo Kill   Vault_News  21
 7/26 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 BlizzCon Online Contests Now Open   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Use your Cooldowns   Vault_News  15
 August Calendar   Vault_News  9
 Fan Art: Summer Carnival    sqdlin  8
 Diablo 3 Auction House System   vn_vigilante66  123
 What games (console or PC) are you looking forward to?   -Mithan-  25
 What MMO are you looking forward?   -Mithan-  62
 Was I hacked?   Rungaul  6
 Guild reputation gain   -Spacelord-  2
 Maybe someone here knows ?   steveC91  2
 World First: Paragon Defeats Heroic 25man Ragnaros(Video)   sqdlin  16
 Anyone knows a fast way to contact support?   -Spacelord-  2
 I don't understand why PvPers get the damn shaft every time...   Arcilite_I  23
 Your fondest memory of a dying game   Gandos  39
 Chinese parents sell children to pay for gaming:   Auenwing  14
 Core Hound Pup Screenshot Contest Winner    Vault_News  3
 Oslo terrorist used World of Warcraft as Cover   sqdlin  17
 looking for some old goy members still playing wow   amfg1979  5
 Where did the scroll or rez thread go?   Zero_Washu  4
 WOW Theme Park   sqdlin  15
 World Joyland: The Warcraft/Starcraft-themed amusement park   Vault_News  8
 7/19 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects Now Available!   Vault_News  3
 WoWArmory Facebook Application Closing   Vault_News  9
 Adding More Battlegrounds   Vault_News  11
 Season Transition Compensation Action Update   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Being Helpful in Groups   Vault_News  62
 OT: Star Wars TOR Pre Orders Available   Rill_of_WE  58
 Think I can slide by in heroics in PvP gear?   Arcilite_I  36
 @Slip Dragonbait or friends...   Fly1nsane  23
 RBG Queue Issues   Vault_News  3
 Tier 11 Valor Point Hotfix   Vault_News  7
 BlizzCon 2011 Contests Coming Soon!   Vault_News  5
 Tip of the Day - Resto Druid Healing   Vault_News  14
 WoW Illustrations   sqdlin  9
 Forum drama over some guy getting banned that I have never heard of   Ferrydust  26
 World of Warcraft Starter Edition   Vault_News  19
 Curious   -Peo-  14
 7/12-7/14 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 New Real ID Party Feature Now Available for Testing   Vault_News  18
 Season Transition Compensation Action   Vault_News  0
 Dungeon Journal Bugs   Vault_News  0
 Leaders Of The Alliance And Horde -- Baine Bloodhoof   Vault_News  7
 Tip of the Day - Dropping Aggro   Vault_News  22
 Ok all awesome VN tanks add my realid!   _Kewk_  7
 WTH is this email?   Kriegprojekt  12
 World-Class Professional eSports at BlizzCon 2011   Vault_News  25
 Suspension   chaddlock  13
 Boa's sometimes take my fun away   goldielocks2009  15
 What is your favorite class? (All time, not current)   Arcilite_I  64
 7/6-7/8 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Play Nice; Play Fair & Season Transition Compensation   Vault_News  7
 Recruit-A-Friend Program Levels Up to 80   Vault_News  4 Mobile Authenticator for Windows? Phone 7 Devices   Vault_News  0
 Companions and Mounts On The Armory   Vault_News  6
 Tip of the Day - Orb of the Blackwhelp   Vault_News  11
 World of Warcraft Documentary - The Raid - Trailer   Vault_News  1
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 Sandbox devs in a massive world are fail.   -Peo-  49
 Creating A New Character .   wynkiewynkie  5
 Rift reducing it's fees 40% already.   wowplayer321  13
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes 7/1/11   Vault_News  2
 OT: Age of Conan f2p   vn_vigilante66  41
 OT: Bored? Try "Terraria"   Trigeminal  1
 Did they up the spell effects this last patch?   Trigeminal  2
 Patch 4.2: Featured Items    Vault_News  5
 Holiday Bag Hotfix   Vault_News  3
 Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands Now Live    Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.2 Hotfixes    Vault_News  0
 Altaholism.   -Peo-  20
 Topic of the Week - Thrall   Vault_News  7
 Honor Points Capped at 4000   Vault_News  0
 New Battle Chest & Free TBC Upgrade   Vault_News  1
 6/28 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 Blizzard Insider #39 -- Art of the Firelands   Vault_News  3
 Tip of the Day - The Power Of...   Vault_News  8
 Pally tank is kinda fun   Trigeminal  6
 WoW free-to-play phase 1 is live   Ugh_Lancelot  24
 Trade Skill's still a waste it seems. :(   wowplayer321  2
 Patch 4.2 Rage of the Firelands   Vault_News  12
 Question about how blizzard balances things.....   sarnsereg  8
 A List that fits this board   Arunne  10
 help with choosing a class and a race!?   ShadowTHG  14
 Tanks, the biggest aholes in the game (atm).    _Kewk_  64
 Top Five Things To Do Before Patch 4.2   Vault_News  16
 Rage of the Firelands Coming Soon...   Vault_News  0
 How is WoW Nowadays?   Zulusi  11
 The way of the Arena: An interview with a PVP veteran   Vault_News  0
 New Designs for World of Warcraft Visa Card   Vault_News  14
 exhibits 4325A&B why more people don't tank randoms   Riktor_before_IGN  9
 Account Banned   Rezzinu  64
 OT- Star Wars Galaxies Shutting Down   Spookysheep  60
 New Veteran Award Program   Vault_News  6
 Ask The Devs #10 - Damage Dealing (Answers)   Rill_of_WE  4
 2011 North American Invitational   Vault_News  2
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 Is grinding for gold ever efficient?   Ashmaele  11
 Topic of the Week - Holy Power   Vault_News  15
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 GC, Proactive is better than Reactive:    Vault_News  12
 We redesigned Holy Shield   Vault_News  11
 Explanation of 4.2 Balance Changes: Paladins   Vault_News  11
 2nd most fun tank?   Trigeminal  18
 The Flame Keeper/Warden Guide!   Vault_News  8
 Patch 4.2: New PvP Mounts for Rated Battlegrounds   Vault_News  10
 PvP Season 9 Ending Soon   Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - Selling Event Items   Vault_News  2
 Looking for participants in a WoW-related Psychology study   njwCSUS  90
 Tailoring and Enchanting Items in Demand?   Xanthirra  0
 Question about BC heroics   Ashmaele  16
 Explanation of 4.2 Balance Changes    Ferrydust  17 Authenticator Changes   Vault_News  20
 Changes to Authenticator?   NukeMage  4
 Anduin Wrynn: Then and Now   Vault_News  0
 Leaders of the Horde and Alliance - Gelbin Mekkatorque   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands Official Trailer   Vault_News  14
 Top Ten Ways To Bring A Rogue Out Of Stealth   Vault_News  21
 Tip of the Day - Shadow Priest Gemming   Vault_News  6
 Arena Pass - Current Standings - European   Vault_News  7
 Ask a Developer is not working.   Vault_News  18
 Patch 4.2 Public Test Realm Guide - [Updated 6/14]    Vault_News  0
 6/13 PTR Updates   Vault_News  5
 It Just Looks So Darn Tasty!   Vault_News  15
 Topic of the Week - Crafting Changes   Vault_News  9
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 Dungeon Journal Guide   Vault_News  12
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  Ask The Devs #9 - Tanking (Answers)   Ferrydust  13
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 Wow, I had an unused character slot and didn't know it!   Ferrydust  5
 Ask The Devs #10 - Damage Dealing (Questions)    Vault_News  3
 Dev Watercooler: Content for the Casual 85    Vault_News  16
 Topic of the Week - PTR   Vault_News  9
 PvP Season 9 Ending Soon   Vault_News  17
 World IPv6 Day    Vault_News  7
 iPhone Mobile Authenticator App Update   Vault_News  0
 Additional BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets On Sale June 8   Vault_News  0
 World of Warcraft? Mount: Winged Guardian Now On Sale   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Netherweave Bags   Vault_News  8
 June Calendar   Vault_News  3
 Thoughts on WoW changes since returning from long absence.   quietguy03  11
 ArcheAge online looks promising!   Ferrydust  21
 Patch 4.1 Hotfixes - [Updated 6/1]    Vault_News  0
 Alterac Valley - WoW Magazine   Vault_News  8
 This won't end well imo... (Need before Greed change)   Ferrydust  32
 Dev Watercooler--Cataclysm Talent Tree Post-Mortem   Vault_News  53
 Activision finds new way to monetize.....    Auenwing  16
 Pretty cool.   Boone-Eldar  5
 Topic of the Week - Has Binding on Account Gone Overboard?   Vault_News  27
 Just made my first Blizz store purchase.   Boone-Eldar  69
 @ WoW Tanks   Trigeminal  16
 What would you do in this situation?   Trigeminal  72
 Need some tech help please   __mija__  6
 K, I'm irritated   PallyDog  30
 Rogue PVP hit question   Ferrydust  4
 Tip of the Day - Mana First   Vault_News  6
 Get a Quote in the Official WoW Magazine   Vault_News  0
 Sorta OT: The Old Republic   Arcilite_I  25
 This makes me really mad   Ferrydust  57
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 Ask The Devs #8 - Firelands (Answers)   Vault_News  5
 Ask The Devs #9 - Tanking (Questions)   Vault_News  3
 China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work.   Jyiiga  22
 most annoying thing your own team does   Shenron_  21
 my auctions are ending early   Shenron_  8
 Blizzard Customer Service Website (new)    Vault_News  0
 5/24 PTR Updates   Vault_News  3
 Tier 11 raids just got the Ret Paladin treatment   Elaok  47
 Topic of the Week - Get Your Tame Off My Rare    Vault_News  6
 Tip of the Day - Healing Circles   Vault_News  6
 Patch 4.2: We Bid Thy Keyring Adieu    Vault_News  43
 Gatherer Download Page loading for you?   Koolbreeze_777  0
 It is a good day for my Hunter....   Nestor_II  3
 Tip of the Day - Fishing for Fire   Vault_News  11
 More on the Dungeon Journal in 4.2   Vault_News  3
 5/19 Hotfixes   Vault_News  7
 BlizzCon Tickets on Sale Tomorrow   Vault_News  1
 OMG possible holy Pally buffs   Ferrydust  1
 New Poll - Favorite Role   Vault_News  24
 Resto Shaman hot fix?   Ferrydust  4
 Tip of the Day - Maintaining Holy Power   Vault_News  8
 Woooooooooohooooo I got in!   JaredKorry  8
 Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon   Vault_News  4
 Topic of the Week - Dude, Where?s My Tree?   Vault_News  5
 Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon    Ferrydust  51
 Spooky ...   Deionnara  6
 Ask the Devs #7 ? Professions - Answers   Vault_News  3
 5/13 PTR Updates   Vault_News  12
 Tip of the Day - Gathering Professions   Vault_News  12
 Food Art counts as Fan Art right?   Rill_of_WE  3
 Tip of the Day - Healing   -Peo-  55
 T12 Armor Set Preview Warlock & Shaman   Vault_News  8
 A Word on T12 Set Bonuses   Vault_News  0
 4.2 Conquest Change   Vault_News  6
 Don't Worry Folks. We Got This.   Vault_News  15
 Tip of the Day - Priority Healing   Vault_News  39
 Top Ten Easter Eggs in WoW   Vault_News  17
 Ahahahaha. Mia Rose NPC   Deionnara  10
 UPDATE: Activision Posts Record First Quarter; Lifts FY View    GutterSludge  10
 4.2 PTR notes   Ferrydust  21
 5/10 PTR Updates   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - WoW Video Making   Vault_News  0
 5/11 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Wrong board sorry!   -Spacelord-  1
 So now that the sky is falling, what game should I be playing?   HunterTalon  59
 Topic of the Week - No more hybrid specs? Why not?!   Vault_News  11
 Arena Pass Registration   Vault_News  3
 Diablo III Beta   Vault_News  68
 World of Warcraft Subscriber Base Currently At 11.4 Million   Vault_News  18
 Wow. That's one busy little chinaman.   Deionnara  12
 "Subscriber levels have decreased faster than previous expansions,"   TruthyID  198
 Tier 12 Armor Set Preview   Vault_News  7
 Tip of the Day - New Bear Tanks   Vault_News  15
 April Contest Winners!   Vault_News  2
 Once again I am having fun doing.....   Nestor_II  12
 Ragnaros! with LEGS! and other 4.2 stuffs   Frog_King  4
 Got an email with a free 7 days to try out Zandalar or w/e   Arcilite_I  25
 Lv 25 guild mount question.   wowplayer321  8
 World of Warcraft Fast Patch 4.1.0A Notes   Vault_News  11
 5/4 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Spawn Camping   Vault_News  2
 Back after 2 years or so - Lvl 70 to 85   MichealKnight  7
 May Calendar   Vault_News  2
 Patch 4.2 Public Test Realms Coming Soon   Vault_News  11
 5/2 Hotfixes   Vault_News  3
 Coming in 4.2: the Dungeon Journal   Vault_News  15
 When to draw the line?   Taloquin  64
 Cenarion Hatchling for Japan Earthquake Relief   Vault_News  5
 To the ground, baby!   Deionnara  8
 Any tips for assualting a tower in AV?   TepavCom  59
 Tip of the Day - Guild Websites   Vault_News  16
 4/29 Hotfixes   Vault_News  2
 Patch 4.2 Preview: ?Elemental Bonds? Quest Line   Vault_News  4
 Ever had the 100% CPU problem, I did....   Nestor_II  2
 For the Children Guide!   Vault_News  5
 Children's week on 4 more toons is enough to drive me insane   TepavCom  32
 Hey...they fixed it!   Rill_of_WE  6
 Patch 4.2 Preview Videos & Blue Posts   Vault_News  6
 BlizzCast 16 on World of Warcraft Patch 4.2 [Video]    Vault_News  0
 New Lore: Vol'jin Story Available!   Vault_News  1
 Patch 4.2 Preview: The Regrowth and Molten Front Daily Quest Hubs   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.2 Preview: A Legendary Engagement   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.2 Preview: The Firelands   Vault_News  3
 4/27 Hotfixes, Bugs, & Issues   Vault_News  0
 more patch 4.2 previews came out today   Elaok  67
 Today in Stormwind   Fist_de_Yuma  16
 dual wield - which hand to enchant?   Shenron_  1
 scroll of resurrection on cataclysm enabled account?   Shenron_  1
 Patch 4.1 Hotfixes   Vault_News  16
 Blizzard Insider Interview with Scott Mercer   Vault_News  0
 Dev Watercooler -- Number of Abilities   Vault_News  0
 Remote Guild Chat Now on Android, iPhone, and iPod touch   Vault_News  0
 Arena and RBG Conquest Change   Vault_News  22
 Ask the Devs #6 - Guild Advancement   Vault_News  18
 Enough with Resilience already   mellaril  21
 OMG how can this happen?   Taloquin  13
 What's up with Noble Garden?   PallyDog  4
 OT: Asheron's Call and trends   Arcilite_I  30
 Topic of the Week - Time For A New Achievement?    Vault_News  18
 Tuskers ate my memlocs.xml   Deionnara  9
 Patch 4.1 Rise of the Zandalari   Vault_News  10
 Archaeology ... uh ... yes, no, maybe   Gidgiddoni  11
 Ugh...   PallyDog  30
 4.1.0 PTR Testing Is Over   Vault_News  7
 Tip of the Day - Paired   Vault_News  7
 Gaming Study for Masters Thesis   gaming_study  12
 Patch 4.1: Guild Finder   Vault_News  8
 Looks like World of Warcraft is still over 12 million   Boone-Eldar  80
 The Grind   Deionnara  0
 What happened to the Hyjal healing?   _Taebo_  0
 The only mage...   Rill_of_WE  11
 Making the Scene   Vault_News  0
 Remote Guild Chat Feedback and Bugs   Vault_News  1
 New Poll - 4.1   Vault_News  8
 OT: League of Legends   chaddlock  12
 Dev Watercooler -- Critical Hits (And Misses)   Vault_News  35
 Noble Gardener Guide   Vault_News  4
 Click the Lightwell!   Vault_News  8
 Darkspear reputation cap?   airtotem  10
 Scroll of Resurrection   Evil-Mako  6
 Topic of the Week - Guild Democracy   Vault_News  47
 Chat With Your Guild Using Mobile Armory   Vault_News  5
 New Community Content!   Vault_News  4
 TCG Art Gallery Now Open   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - AutoLoot   Vault_News  23
 New Lore: Council of Three Hammers Story Available!   Vault_News  6
 Internet forum debating   -Mythril-  1
 Do you think it's possible to solo H Occulus?   sarnsereg  6
 OT: Intel Cougar Point Chipset Recall   GutterSludge  10
 Some quests in Grizzly Hills are weird when you play a Worgen...   The_Korrigan  2
 Warlock Pets Gender   Vault_News  27
 MovePad to be implented in WoW   Vault_News  16
 Tip of the Day - Ore or Bars?   Vault_News  11
 Garrosh Hellscream: Then and Now   Vault_News  12
 Ask the Devs - Answers #5: Achievements   Vault_News  5
 Top Ten Content Blizzard Will Recycle   Vault_News  27
 W00T... Just healed Heroic Deadmines :-)   Hornet_MT  11
 level 85 pvp gear   RavofMT  4
 4/12 PTR Updates   Vault_News  1
 Tip of the Day - Read your Quest Journal, Use your Map   Vault_News  10
 Guild bank restoration story   Ferrydust  35
 Topic of the Week - Glyphs   Vault_News  19
 Rated Battlegrounds VS. The Blues   Vault_News  31
 Put the Bot down   chaddlock  16
 Tip of the Day - Control Your Pets   Vault_News  13
 World of Warcraft's Accessibility & Ease   Vault_News  12
 Need some help AOE healing on my priest...   Hornet_MT  5
 525 JC Recipes Worth the Mats?   mellaril  7
 World of Warcraft 2 officially announced   Phatty001  4
 When is 4.1?   Alpha_Swift  14
 i'd be interested in (sorta) re-subbing to WoW if they had a variant system   aon_mixed  21
 Dungeon Finder Call to Arms Clarification   Vault_News  14
 4/8 PTR Updates   Vault_News  8
 Tip of the Day - Breaking Shards   Vault_News  4
 Remote Guild Chat Update   Vault_News  7
 Tip of the Day - Utilize your Racials   Vault_News  12
 4.1 Preview -- Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms   Vault_News  74
 March Contest Winners   Vault_News  5
 Holy or disciplend priest   Turistas  7
 WoW Go Boom?!   PallyDog  10
 So I thought you guys were exagerating   PallyDog  20
 Ask the Devs - Answers #4 "Armor & Weapons"   Vault_News  22
 "...Expensive to produce"   heiromancerdrackus  16
 The Battleground Strategy    Vault_News  26
 Got to learn to watch the clock.   Fist_de_Yuma  5
 Dev Watercooler-- Stats on Gear   Vault_News  3
 World of Warcraft gaming & Interpersonal relationships survey   rchdsimpson  18
 Great. Retards just locked out my account.   Deionnara  27
 April Calendar   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - I've Seen This One   Vault_News  6   Hornet_MT  6
 In your mind, what was the one overall change that you hated in WoW?   -MrBean-  162
 World of Warcraft Patch 4.1.11 Preview   Vault_News  14
 Experience StarCraft Like Never Before   Vault_News  1
 Introducing Crabby: The Dungeon Helper   Vault_News  19
 Preview: Tomb of Immortal Darkness   Vault_News  10
 Hold the Power of Horadim in Your Hands   Vault_News  1
 4.1 Guild Challenges   Vault_News  0
 Dev Watercooler: Rude Interruptions   Vault_News  12
 3/30 PTR Updates   Vault_News  9
 3/29 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 OT- Blizzard Following In The Footsteps of Microsoft?   Spookysheep  7
 Honor gains doubled in 4.1?   Ugh_Lancelot  13
 Altaholic Advice - What to reroll?   Noobai  9
 Cataclysm?   Azure-TheBlueOne  90
 Ask the Devs - Answers #3 "UI"   Vault_News  6
 At Least I Have Chicken   Vault_News  14
 Darkmoon Faire Chicago   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - City Guards Are Your Friends   Vault_News  1
 posting on the wow forums?   zukat1  27
 meet the cow/God   noobsareus  1
 All dead   kuide  4
 Rise of the Zandalari   Vault_News  12
 3/24 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Line of Sight   Vault_News  15
 WoW Magazine #4   Vault_News  2
 Talk to me guys ..   kuide  3
 Fungal Frenzy Achievement Guide   Vault_News  3
 Guild Challenges   Vault_News  4
 Boss ?Fixation? Bug and Hotfix   Vault_News  0
 Top Ten Things To Do While Waiting in Queue   Vault_News  16
 Easter Egg points to WoW Shutting Down   Bignub555  13
 Dev Watercooler: The View From 10,000 Feet   Vault_News  34
 Guild Transfer & Guild Rename Services Coming   Vault_News  17
 3/22 PTR Updates   Vault_News  0
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 A Game Within A Game   Vault_News  2
 Coming Soon To the Blizzard Store   Vault_News  8
 At what point should I try tanking Heroics?   Hornet_MT  14
 Go post your questions about the UI before the topic closes   Ferrydust  1
 RSA Vulnerability and Blizzard Authenticators   Vault_News  1
 Daily Dungeon Changes in 4.1   Vault_News  15
 Tip of the Day - I've got a Posse   Vault_News  0
 Rate my idea ( pvp )   kuide  6
 Is this correct?   kuide  13
 Ghostcrawler Developer Blog: Raid Progress   Vault_News  35
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 Tip of the Day - Character Recustomization   Vault_News  1
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 Optional Bosses in Heroic HoO   Vault_News  3
 3/2-16 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Unglyphed Typhoon Bug/Glitch?   Rhapsody_Untold  15
 Sub rogue. Dagger or Mace?   regulator_cracka  0
 3/15 PTR Updates   Vault_News  1
 AFK/Botting Measures   Vault_News  20
 Tip of the Day - Gurubashi Daily   Vault_News  0
 Where can i get some tanking gear?!   Hornet_MT  6
 Finally a mass ban wave!    Ferrydust  38
 @ all wow pvp'ers   Mizcolkilla  31
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 Devs Q&A #1   Rill_of_WE  9
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 Zone/Quest Phasing   Vault_News  19
 Addon Messages Will Be Filtered   Vault_News  0
 Firelands Not A Winged Raid   Vault_News  0
 The bot is busy this morning   Beezamen  1
 Anti-Hacking Measures - Coin Lock   Sprawl-zero1eye-  43
 Will Firelands raid give Hydraxian Waterlords rep?   gadiantan  7
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 Development Teams at Blizzard   Vault_News  28
 Revamping Old Content   Vault_News  12
 GC on the Official Forums   Vault_News  43
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 3/9 PTR Updates   Vault_News  13
 Top Ten Bags You'd Like Added   Vault_News  21
 Make Gold Daily 3!   Vault_News  4
 OT: Music    pattongb  4
 Tip of the Day - Fighting Raid Leadering Burnout   Vault_News  12
 Struggling to nail DPS as a Fury War...   Hornet_MT  6
 New Community Content!   Vault_News  0
 Into the Arena   Vault_News  24
 Anniversary Video: A History of Blizzard Entertainment   Vault_News  3
 Why didn't they add more FPs in Outland?   PallyDog  12
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 Can't get Where's Goldmine Quest   donald_s  4
 phishing emails have gotten really stupid....   waterfireTD  3
 Authenticator question ......    __mija__  7
 No Firelands Raid in 4.1 / Justice to Valor Conversion in 4.2   Vault_News  19
 3/3 PTR Updates   Vault_News  18
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 Changes to Ambassador Title   Vault_News  1
 3/1 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 March Calendar   Vault_News  0
 Tip of the Day - Cut vs Uncut Gems   Vault_News  5
 hunters and Pets   kuide  15
 LF: Guild   Sprawl-zero1eye-  20
 February Contest Winners!   Vault_News  4
 3/1 PTR Updates   Vault_News  32
 It's Not Dead Yet!   Vault_News  20
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 pvp best to worst list?   Reabea  0
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 The next WoW killer   BarrekT  5
 Sending out 7 day free emails   vn_vigilante66  9
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 Blizzard: Forgetting how you got from A to B?   GutterSludge  92
 Guild Rankings !   steveC91  7
 Tip of the Day - Tour of Duty   Vault_News  1
 what class should i play in wow?   zorozha  48
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 Patch 4.1 Public Test Realms Coming Soon   Vault_News  12
 Top Ten Hardest Cataclysm Heroic Bosses   Vault_News  19
 Ragnaros looks dumb with legs/feet...   Talehon69  11
 Hunter Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 2/22 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
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 bot or not   zukat1  4
 EU - Servers down??   Hornet_MT  2
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 Class Balance testing on the PTR   Vault_News  10
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 Shadow Priest Healer in Arena/BG   Hornet_MT  10
 OMG WTF just happened....   Hornet_MT  4
 Cataclysm killed it for me.   Idealistgamer  60
 I am not sure this game can be saved for me. It's TOO MUCH to ask from us,   Ferrydust  56
 Don't you love when this happens lol   Urk_VN  6
 Anyone miss...?   Conceited  8
 Hotfixes - Why so many?   Vault_News  21
 2/18 Hotfixes   Vault_News  4
 Tip of the Day - Eat, Drink and Be Merry!   Vault_News  1
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 LF Former Tintagel Players (Perc/Guin/Nimue)   Morridyne  8
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 Dungeon Finder/Vote Kick Hotfixes   Vault_News  43
 2/16 Hotfixes   Vault_News  2
 Error: system host '' not registered.   GutterSludge  4
 Incoming Healer Changes   Vault_News  47
 Tip of the Day - Bilgewater & Gilneas   Vault_News  2
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 High Hopes.   IndridCole  17
 rift open one...goes boom...   Thron1  41
 World of World of Warcraft (not a typo)   The_Korrigan  5
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 How to get Fast BG queue times   Ferrydust  6
 What to do at L85 for 30 mins while waiting for DF ?   rstimpy  17
 Patch 4.0.6a - 2/11 Hotfixes   Vault_News  5
 Top Ten Weirdest Things You Could Find With Archaeology   Vault_News  10
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 2/9 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Druid Tank Issues   Vault_News  13
 Alchemy Transmutes Change   Vault_News  6
 Celebrating 20 Years of Blizzard Entertainment   Vault_News  0
 I've cancelled WoW!   -Mithan-  85
 Exalted Title Change   Vault_News  23
 Volunteer College Choir Perform WoW Music   Vault_News  7
 NT   Ashmaele  1
 Looking for super clean healing UI's... post em if you got em.   _Kewk_  12
 BlizzCon VIPs Donate to Worthy Cause   Vault_News  3
 Cloth drop rates   Urk_VN  3
 Haste Issue Causing Ability Errors   Vault_News  2
 Tip of the Day - Bandaids   Vault_News  1
 2/8 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Question about the Auction House   Ashmaele  1
 Cat--Screw ups..   Biestes  30
 Stupid And Worthless Changes with Patch   PallyDog  31
 New idea for gold farmers.   PallyDog  5
 VERIFIED: work-around for Wogen no queue bug.   _Kewk_  6
 Bagnon broke   vn_jurojin  1
 First major bug of the patch? lol   _Kewk_  7
 I love Tue$day$   Deionnara  1
 Tol Barad confusion   -Mythril-  10
 Patch Notes 4.0.6   -Mythril-  2
 It's finally here!   Vault_News  10
 Patch Day Uptime Pool   Flesh_Wound  9
 Patch 4.0.6   Vault_News  7
 Heroic PUGs: 0 for the week   Alpha_Swift  86
 Patch tomorrow?   Deionnara  4
 Love is in the Air - Known Issues   Vault_News  0
    aon_mixed  0
 Tip of the Day - Snowfall has Fallen   Vault_News  4
 BlizzCon 2011 Announced   Vault_News  8
 I wish BGs gave NO rewards/honor/etc if you lose.   Jyiiga  71
 Fool for Love Guide   Rill_of_WE  5
 Too much agility for hunter?   Muzzyyellow  5
 Remember when WoW was awesome?   Arcilite_I  22
 I don't understand - What are they trying to do?   slythetove  23
 I need first and ask questions later...   _Kewk_  18
 So I remember why I hate pugs...   LordHalcyon  10
 VN Rift Board is Live   GrimTempest  7
 Luck of the Draw Buff   Vault_News  46
 All Rated Battleground Weeks Now 10v10   Vault_News  5
 Dungeon Finder Queue Times   Vault_News  19
 Linear Questing   Vault_News  8
 Real Life Threats Warning   Vault_News  29
 Tip of the Day - Heroic Karsh Steelbreaker   Vault_News  10
 Anyone ever notice this about scrolls....   Nestor_II  2
 Why can't I send a PM on this board?   wowplayer321  16
 Character gear/enchant/gem tool   Ursa_Major  4
 Even if you don't have any latency issues; you should check this out.    _Kewk_  21
 Anouther WOW want to be opening   _Warlucky_  6
 Headline: Blizzard brings snow to half of the U.S.    Auenwing  28
 ISO Spillproof Gaming Keyboard   PallyDog  16
 Conquest Points - Breaking Skulls and Buying Stuff   Vault_News  5
 Tip of the Day - Brood of Nozdormu   Vault_News  0
 February Calendars   Vault_News  1
 ISO some help from some Druids    Shiba-X  3
 Tip of the Day - Vendor Siting   Vault_News  2
 Does Icethorn sell well on your server?   Ashmaele  2
 VN not working? or super slow?   Bowdi  13
 Change Happens   Vault_News  22
 Um, tank, you mind helping us?   Urk_VN  47
 How do I put people on this board on ignore?   wowplayer321  27
 1/28 PTR Updates   Vault_News  5
 Dalaran & Shattrath Portals   Vault_News  42
 Kids   Fist_de_Yuma  15
 New Community Content!   Vault_News  1
 Tabard Storage   Vault_News  13
 Core Hound Pup Adoption Campaign   Vault_News  2
 OT: Be careful if you buy a used PS3.   Boone-Eldar  33
 WoW Patch and Addon Crud - It seems to build up after 5 years.   Alpha_Swift  3
 do NPC bosses (or trash) have stats on their gear/weapons?   aon_mixed  4
 Boss Video Guides (   telcontarx  2
 This will be a first for me.   Trigeminal  25
 Is Blizzard waking up with accounts being stolen/hacked...   Shiba-X  14
 WOW is seeping into the world of MMA!   The_Evoker  1
 So, what if..   GutterSludge  8
 That poverty stricken guy in Stormwind   Blisteringballs  6
 Lunar Festival Rep Reward Fixes   Vault_News  0
 1/24 PTR Updates   Vault_News  0
 More patch notes 1.24.11   Ferrydust  18
 Semi-OT: WoW pvp vs. DC Universe Online pvp   Trigeminal  8
 Mastery or Expertise for PVE or PVP   bobbanator  10
 Another reason I love flying in Azeroth   Rill_of_WE  4
 So kinda noob moment I guess.   _Kewk_  5
 Why is there no AA in WoW? Discussion post.   heiromancerdrackus  30
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 Guild Rep Improvements   Vault_News  4
 Guild Advancement and You   Vault_News  10
 RE: Ghostcrawler's Dungeons Are Hard   Vault_News  96
 -Mini Rant- Fear and running into walls.   Jyiiga  11
 I nominate Jimmy McMillan for Ghostcrawler's position...   Flesh_Wound  0
 What's the deal with the Prisms Deck?   Deionnara  1
 Found some old WoW videos   The_AntiMacro  1
 1/19 PTR Updates    Vault_News  15
 I guess things haven't changed..much   IndridCole  7
 Jan 18 Hotfixes   Vault_News  29
 New Cata dungeons (How long?)   siujoey  31
 Holiday Dessert and Card Contest Winners Revealed   Vault_News  2
  1/14 PTR Updates   Vault_News  4
 Should or Shouldn't Devs Read Their Forums?   Rill_of_WE  72
 World of Stracraft! *real*   -Spacelord-  20
 I dislike the way dig site are available.   -Spacelord-  28
 And... more changes   Ferrydust  7
 New Motorcycle graphic?   Falcar_Deckion  3
 Cool macro   Ashmaele  1
 More Fuel for the "Blizzard is behind it!" Fire?   Eternal_Midnight  56
 A Big Thank You to the person who hacked my friends account....   Nestor_II  27
 Anyone know an addon like this one, yet for experience?   -MrBean-  6
 Question for you guys, Since I have been out for a long time.   Shiba-X  12
 Dev's broke the Ret Pally to cover their own butts?   Sociop  27
 Ok, I just have a Hard Time With This   PallyDog  6
 Account question ( I cannot find the answer )   Shiba-X  5
 AoE LootingI   Sprawl-zero1eye-  38
 A worgen Shaman would be cool...   _Taebo_  23
 Leaders of the Horde and the Alliance   Vault_News  3
 Ironforge and Undercity Mugs Now Available   Vault_News  17
 Cataclysm LP Now Available on iTunes   Vault_News  5
 Rift   Errtuu  569
 To All The Squirrels Who Cared For Me   Vault_News  6
 Leveling In The Old World   Spookysheep  12
 (ROLE) You are...   -Spacelord-  13
 Almost leveling too fast...   Cryme  49
 PTR Notes Updated 1/12   Vault_News  22
 Wrong board   Eternal_Midnight  0
 the New fish feast LeMagnifique..   PlieBrac  9
 OT: Shadowbane revival   Festus_Stundagin  28
 4.0.6 Patch notes update - Hope this is not OFN :)   Groooovechampion  21
 Anyone have a DC Universe Trial?   Conceited  27
 My last two hours in WoW (endgame review?)   Trigeminal  78
 Wow, Dungeons are Hard!   -Spacelord-  104
 "Must have" add ons   Ashmaele  31
 OT: Huh? Faxion Online?   siujoey  7
 I don't think we need CC duration reduction   -Spacelord-  15
 A view of where your class/spec stands DPS wise in raids.   _Kewk_  33
 Is there a working talent calculator   paulg_68  5
 Is Wow down?   Kriegprojekt  20
 WoW Academic Study - Survey   Skraw  3
 Outland Nodes   PallyDog  21
 Don't use a VPN when playing WOW. :(   wowplayer321  16
 Tol Barad Balance   Vault_News  6
 Cataclysm One-Month Sales Top 4.7 Million   Vault_News  138
 Digging Uldum   -Spacelord-  6
 My first Cata complaint   IndridCole  17
 Guild to earn it?   Stormyblade  9
 /sigh   PallyDog  18
 Favorite Hot Sauce?   PallyDog  25
 Is there a list of who can crowd control what?   MisatoX  20
 Best 5-man tank for cata?   Cryme  24
 Anyone play Civilization 5?   Conceited  27
 PvP Gear (Honor rewards)   Cryme  0
 How much have you made in this expansion pack so far?   -Mithan-  42
 [Tank] When are you truly "heroic rdy"? (ilvl entry kinda sucks, or I suck :D!)   Groooovechampion  46
 Humans in Archeology   -Spacelord-  10
 Nibbler! No!   _Kewk_  19
 Phasing has its issues. So does my spelling    bobbanator  1
 Jan 6 Hotfixes   Vault_News  0
 Patch 4.0.6 Now Available on Public Test Realms   Vault_News  9
 Just to verify   PallyDog  23
 Anyone on Alliance looking to level a new guy and want to RAF me?   _Swordz_  10
 Low level sack of goodies.   Ravynmagi  13
 Patch 4.0.6 Patch Notes (PTR)   Ferrydust  24
 Jan 4-5 Hotfixes   Vault_News  2
 Guild Flask and Cauldron Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 wow, first time for everything   nash-at  15
 Just Fishin' in the Dark Son   slythetove  13
 So, what role do you like to play in groups?   Urk_VN  47
 Looking for DAoC Mordred players on WoW   MufaX  23
 Anyone leveling to 85 with minimal questing?   siujoey  29
 Cataclysm Hotfixes January 3rd Edition   Vault_News  4
 do you pick up loot?   Shenron_  44
 They should remove the Tol Barad timer   Eternal_Midnight  25
 Instance Dungeon quests   Cryme  15
 What level can you no longer queue for Random Lich King Heroics?   Ashraam_HG  7
 Now there seems to be a level hack in arena - unconfirmed   Ferrydust  5
 Tame Demon   PallyDog  8
 Tol Barad Honor Change   Vault_News  49
 Tol Barad: Honor = Nerfed   Jyiiga  18
 Can't mine pyrite :(   Metus_ID  8
 Apologies to Arclite   -Aleister-  20
 Which addon gives map coords nowaday?   -Spacelord-  7
 can you enjoy the game as much when there are no "rewards"?   Shenron_  26
 Play WoW with your kinect!!!   Verfine  23
 Authenticator window (where I type in numbers) isnt there anymore? How do I get it back?   acdyman  12
 Almost 24 hours later and STILL cant log in! - "unable to connect"   acdyman  26
 VN has an infected Ad! Be careful of redirect.   lithale  18
 Happy New Year!!   GutterSludge  7
 mmhhmmm can't wait for Sunday >_<   _Kewk_  9
 Are you thinking of leaving WoW also?   dendizner  81
 Traveling the World....of Warcraft   Vault_News  10
 Let's work on some community building!   Arcilite_I  76
 Interface Issue - Halp!   Kriegprojekt  3
 Sweet a trial already   Blisteringballs  24
 macros guide   Shenron_  3
 A cheange I would love..   GutterSludge  26
 Expectations a tad "off " for most?   GutterSludge  51
 Can't See The Loot   PallyDog  10
 New content on the way...    -Mithan-  1
 Heroic Difficulty in Cataclysm   Vault_News  53
 Thrall: Then and Now   Vault_News  0
 LFD Queue times   JaredKorry  43
 when you can't find someone with the recipe you want   Shenron_  1
 justice points are useless?   Shenron_  17
 vote kicking in dungeon finder   Shenron_  27
 Is this true ?   steveC91  6
 It's like they know....   Arcilite_I  142
 Rated BGs   Malachi256  18
 Cataclysm Class changes   Vault_News  4
 OT - Why is VN Boards continually logging me out?   Kriegprojekt  8
 Incoming class changes! ... not so great   Elaok  93
 Wow.. just wow...   Igthorn  73
 Where are MY tattoos?   PallyDog  8
 abrupt disconnects   Shenron_  6
 Throne of Tides and lfg tool issue (perhaps)   Groooovechampion  8
 honor points in battlegrounds   Shenron_  4
 Using phasing to generate new content   Urk_VN  44
 Do any of the expansions have graphics upgrades?   Eifersucht_DT  5
 Is there a addon that...   _Kewk_  15
 Looking for Addon: Kill on Sight'ish :D   Groooovechampion  5
 Shaman class question   Cryme  7
 2nd account hacked, question?   Zariak  13
 Alliance Travel to Vashj'ir   kyrv  3
 Merry Christmas to all my Co-conspirators on VN   pattongb  11
 Which one?   Unstruck  17
 Macro Resources?   PallyDog  7
 Keybinding help!!   PallyDog  1
 who are better worgen or goblin?   koalak2000  13
 is there anything worse than....   Shenron_  15
 World of Warcraft Stories: Tidings of Winter Veil   Vault_News  0
 Happy Holidays From Blizzard Entertainment!   Vault_News  23
 Curse of the Worgen: Issue #2   Vault_News  2
 Alliance World Breaker Preview   Vault_News  0
 Cataclysm predicted to be the "WoW-killer" we've all been expecting   Arcilite_I  322
 Female tanks?   -Mythril-  33
 Least played class in Cataclysm?   Kriegprojekt  27
 Disc Priest Cooldown Strategy Questions   Cawlin  2
 Disc DPS in dungeons at 85.   Unstruck  18
 Archeology question   _Warlucky_  4
 What's with the pirate recruiter just up the road from Booty Bay?   Terminius_Est  8
 Rift NDA Lifted   vn_vigilante66  129
 PSA: 7th Guild Vault Tab Voucher   -Aleister-  1
 fishing guide   Shenron_  0
 archaeology guide   Shenron_  22
 PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments   Vault_News  4
 12/21 Hotfixes   Vault_News  3
 VN Boards Icon for my name..   pattongb  3
 Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds (from Troll archeology)   The_Korrigan  36
 wtf....   Arcilite_I  10
 R.I.P. Crowd Control [Pours some out for his hex and bind homies]   Flesh_Wound  14
 Maintenance Wednesday ... did they just forget to do it yesterday?   TepavCom  16
 Cant seem to find my way...   pattongb  6
 Ok, I confess... I had fun tonight in Cata!   Auenwing  17
 At what level or skill do you get xp for mining/herbing?   _Kewk_  1
 I'm Racist..   --Syrus--  22
 Just put the portals back in please.   Elmador_MoK  24
 How do I get there?   pattongb  1
 Ever just have a bad day?   Liquid741  13
 Project "Titan" Confirmed as Blizzard's Next MMO   Vault_News  28
 Win Frostmourne in Weaponsmithing Fan Art Contest   Vault_News  1
 12/20 Hotfixes   Vault_News  3
 Mobs to grind   Malachi256  3
 I am so glad I turned my mage into a goblin   Arcilite_I  14
 Got my mage into BRC this morning   Arcilite_I  21
 WoW shines when it is challenging   RyanR100  13
 PvP Loot Bug?   PallyDog  3
 Cataclysm Trial Question   V-Rath  2
 12/21 Patch?   Liquid741  3
 Level 85 PvP gear?   Ravynmagi  18
 want a arena ratin 3500+?   formerly_addicted  5
 Wurd: Powerfu!   Auenwing  10
 Any hope figuring out which quest(s) I missed ...   Gidgiddoni  4
 Is Defending the Rift quest bugged?   Urk_VN  2
 So that was a first...   Boone-Eldar  20
 Frost Mage - PvP   siujoey  6
 Please give a little insight to Arena / PVP   bobbanator  2
 So a couple of weeks in Cataclysm and...   Soulja_of_War  19
 is the "new" feeling gone? was there ever one?   Shenron_  20
 Deepholme   arenyc_uno  2
 My Cousin is hot!!   pattongb  8
 Next Expansion, what do you want?   pattongb  49
 what are these non-critical updates every day on launcher?   Shenron_  3
 No good deed goes unpunished   Fist_de_Yuma  17
 Now how cool does the Worg look on the chopper?   shoobzie  10
 Pyrite Ore   -Mithan-  4
 am i just a bad player or...   formerly_addicted  13
 Cant use Scrolls bought in Twilight   bobbanator  1
 Sad players you are.   huldu  59
 the locations for quest are often wrong   Shenron_  9
 Mouthbreather Identification 101   Ugh_Lancelot  10
 The snow in London England is still too bad for Cataclysm to be delivered   Osito_de_Felpa  18
 Is Egg Nog Overpowered?   Elkabong08  15
 Tol Barad a poorly designed BG   formerly_addicted  9
 12/16 Hotfixes   Vault_News  9
 Cataclysm Launch Event Videos   Vault_News  0
 Level Cooking without Fishing Guide!   Vault_News  15
 I found an odd common trait to my disconnects   Arcilite_I  13
 free trial of cataclysm only a week after release? really?   nash-at  14
 Tanking question   gfunk73  1
 The future of Crowd Controlling.   FakePlastickZombie  30
 OT: RIFT VIP beta keys   Sprawl-zero1eye-  38
 view keeps messing up   Shenron_  1
 WoW VN versus Blizzard forums   Cryme  49
 Ghostcrawler   Trigeminal  96
 Gathering professions awarding xp.   Azure-TheBlueOne  19
 Did Hunters get a boost with Cata's release?   Cawlin  1
 Pally healers for 5 man?   bragz22  5
 Threat Needs to Matter   Vault_News  32
 William and Donna (the 2 npc children in SW)   JaredKorry  2
 12/15 Hotfixes   Vault_News  1
 Has anyone leveled a worgen on a PVP server?   Ashmaele  6
 Reason Healers are taking the pain of Cataclysm   slythetove  67
  A Little Perspective   Eternal_Midnight  22
 Guild leveling....How fast can we get to level...   SunnyDelight  7
 Eurogamer: Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands-On   -Mithan-  24
 So, how's Cata going?   Cawlin  17
 Maxximuss you were so right   slythetove  28
 why not give us gnome hunters   nash-at  11
 tabards and cataclysm non-85 dungeons   Shenron_  4
 Holy Paladin Nerfs - Why?   Vault_News  11
 12/14 Hotfixes   Vault_News  2
 Account Security Alert: Gawker Media   Vault_News  1
 PvP Season 9 Has Begun!   Vault_News  9
 Heirloom question   Remorz  2
 Level 85 Loots   Sprawl-zero1eye-  6
 Which zones are phased?   kyrv  19
 WoW/SC2 Guest Passes   Conceited  2
 MDY/Glider off the hook on Copyright infringement..   GutterSludge  10
 Merry Maker Guide Updates!   Vault_News  16
 12/13 Hotfixes   Vault_News  2
 Healing in Cataclysm   Vault_News  95
 Feast of Winterveil starts Wednesday 12/15 - new writeup?   TepavCom  3
 Was wondering if someone could do me a favor..I need to know how much this game sends/recives mbs   Cathryes  10
 WoW!   legba11  51
 combat log addon   Shenron_  1
 Returning   Sworks1  18
 Where can I find 80-85 BOA XP items?   Alpha_Swift  6
 War Games: Battleground and Arena Skirmishe   Vault_News  8
 RvR/PvP   Juhala  6
 Buggy Achievements?   PallyDog  7
 Cataclysm Shatters Sales Record   Vault_News  28
 Blizzard Holiday Contests Ending Soon   Vault_News  0
 Cataclysm Countdown Winners!   Vault_News  0
 Cataclysm Sells 3.3 Million Copies   Nakal  23
 Where do you find recipes now?   mellaril  3
 engineers - no new tinkers!   Shenron_  2
 can you purchase honor/justice items if too low to equip?   Shenron_  1
 Rogue WTF?   pattongb  29
 New To Alliance, Need Guild on Azgalor..   pattongb  0
 how long until mat prices settle down?   Shenron_  9
 Few questions real quick... Sorry!   Garband  4
 So I got a toon to level 82 and all I got was ...   Gidgiddoni  14
 Most fun class to play   TheFlarinstar  0
 trading money in trade window   Shenron_  2
 If you play Alliance... watch this video   Sprawl-zero1eye-  12
 Most OP'd class in pvp since expansion?   TheFlarinstar  23
 Raving about Shams   IndridCole  15
 Cataclysm Screenshot Forum Game!!   Vault_News  1
 Cataclysm Screenshot Forum Game!! **WIN FREE POST COUNT**   Sprawl-zero1eye-  12
 Favorite Cataclysm Starter Zone   bobsoji  3
 Race Change   Remorz  2
 "directed gameplay" and the DK starter zone.... did Blizz miss the picture?   Auenwing  76
 Game Download?   Liquid741  8
 Four Years Away...   Noobai  14
 Headsets   Sprawl-zero1eye-  30
 What does "recruit of" mean?   bragz22  5
 I can't be the only one to to notice this expansion is TOA.   MinionX-DW  74
 Any WoW gamers want a quick 2 day job for $$ or a Steam game?   caliwower  5
 Plains running   Selannii  9
 If Ghostcrawler posted here...   --Syrus--  41
 BOP recipe drops for a different profession   Gidgiddoni  11
 How's the crowds so far?   Auenwing  29
 Blizzard - Just forgot to put items in game?   slythetove  19
 old account banned ..   ChessyNutz  16
 did anyone fresh install from cataclysm box?   Shenron_  5
 Has anyone seen this item drop in Blackrock Caverns?   IvanDF  26
 High Society Top Hat   Unstruck  15
 Comparisons between the three rogue talents and common rogue stereotypes?   GutterSludge  110
 Best thing about flying in Azoroth   MisatoX  8
 Getting to Uldum   -Spacelord-  5
 I just wanted to say we are all counting on you.   Alpha_Swift  1
 CE Trading Cards question   Tutti-Fruitti  5
 Where are the rest of the quests for each zone?   -Mithan-  11
 Your dragon butt is in my face!   Ravynmagi  60
 Primary vs. Secondary Stats or: What Happened to All the Agi/Spirit Gear?   Vault_News  6
 Where are Cocoa Beans?   TepavCom  6
 trouble navigating new WoW battlenet site   Shenron_  4
 12/8 Hotfixes   Vault_News  2
 Your LEAST favorite thing about Cata so far is?   Dei_Ray_HG  94
 Your favorite thing about Cata so far is?   Dei_Ray_HG  25
 I think Arc is right?!?!!!!?!!...........   Hornet_MT  28
 New Fav Quest (Spoiler) and Worgen in Matching Armor   Jyiiga  1
 Dispelling A Gear Myth   Eternal_Midnight  40
 anybody that has not bought Cat besides me?   Serial_Killer_MT  9
 Something is different this time...   _Taebo_  45
 Need help picking class   detlik  10
 When i went to sleep last night, i was still playing wow in my dreams.   DragonKeeperofThi  5
 Node spawn rate increased?   -Mithan-  13
 12/7 Hotfixes   Vault_News  10
 Guild Experience Change   Vault_News  0
 The Story So Far... Part II   Vault_News  0
 A little gem from slashdot   Malachi256  0
 Cata to easy ?   bobbanator  33
 Best. Bracers. Ever.   aon_mixed  1
 Sorrowroot?   mellaril  2
 So I finally changed my druid to a worgen....   siujoey  13
 What faction is based in Vashj'ir ?   vn_cuch  3
 So how'd your guild attendance change after Cata?   _Kewk_  7
 Crap, my worgen character can't get skill upgrades.. anyone else have problem?   Bcasner50  1
 Mining in Deepholm @ lvl 80?   shoobzie  4
 Uldum sure has a lot of cut-scenes...   Talehon69  10
 80-85 Northrend?????   IndridCole  19
 Stormreaver is Full   Dei_Ray_HG  18
 Realm firsts   Trigeminal  20
 Vashj'ir short quests for achievement.   -Mythril-  5
 Did your Guild Get Demoted?   Sprawl-zero1eye-  17
 Where is the addons button in WoW cataclysm?   berojos320  0
 Inscription - Perhaps I missed it   slythetove  1
 Weekly Guild Exp/Rep caps?   Old_Highlander  40
 So ... what did you do the first day of Cata?   Dei_Ray_HG  43
 Stupid Worgen question...did they give us the ability to shift between wolf and human?   GrimTempest  5
 Perception > reality. Here's an example   Ashmaele  17
 Rated Battlegrounds   bragz22  0
 How busy is it?   bragz22  3
 Best new release so far.   Terminius_Est  13
 We're not getting any XP on Scryers :\   _Kewk_  7
 Boom! Login Servers and Battlet.Net are dead.    The-Sofa-King  13
 The End of the World!   Vault_News  9
 My guild, my weakest link   PallyDog  56
 Already level 84s and 85s in EU   vn_vigilante66  28
 In the Rear With the Gear   Rulletwo  36
 Dum dee doo...4 more hours?   Kriegprojekt  8
 Bam! Deathwing happened...   Liquid741  6
 Looking for Grendel avatar/Artemis from AC   Isuzu_FF  0
 What an idiot ...   Osito_de_Felpa  0
 What are you looking forward to the most?   Malachi256  22
 Retribution Aura on my mage ...   Osito_de_Felpa  5
 Installation question   krutoypotsan  8
 This is what I feel like grinding to 80 the passed 2 days.   Unstruck  3
 Some Cataclysm Launch Day Tips (Leveling, Professions, Etc)    Vault_News  2
 One Giant Dragon   Vault_News  4
 Some Cataclysm Launch Day Tips (Leveling, Professions, Etc)   -Mithan-  27
 Wow Addon???   -LaZy-  1
 Why did they remove the portals in Dal?   Terminius_Est  13
 To Hellfire and Back (Horde)   JaredKorry  10
 Any WoW writers here?   Aminad_Zvarin  4
 Anyone try or use WTFast service for WoW lag reduction?   Sociop  59
 Two Starting Zones   Vault_News  3
 Which zone first?   vn_cuch  2
 Justice Quartermaster in Org   Arcilite_I  6
 At what level can you do quests for the new Cata zones?   Unstruck  6
 Just paid 10g to dual spec..   --Syrus--  6
 So does the new Mage portal tipping change things?   shoobzie  26
 Question about the Pally/new 310% flight purchase, and Crusader Aura   shoobzie  13
 So, what is your "week" planned out for?   -Mithan-  47
 Frost Mages: how do you turn off the ******* water elemental sound?   Osito_de_Felpa  26
 Cataclysm Midnight Launch Event - Dec 6th   Vault_News  7
 Leaders of the Alliance & Horde Part 1 - Garrosh   Vault_News  0
 Brady Games Cataclysm Strategy Guide   Vault_News  13
 Three Days Off   Vault_News  28
 Ingame Quest Help Problem   bazmanhk  5
 restoring mobile authenticator   DragonKeeperofThi  2
 How well does WoW play on wireless?   Kriegprojekt  22
 Friday Funday Question   slythetove  22
 Ok, how do I unlearn a primary profession?   Osito_de_Felpa  2
 What will you do your last weekend pre-cata unlock?   Flesh_Wound  23
 Wrathgate broken?   LordHalcyon  3
 We Didn't Start the Fire! - WoW Guild Lip Dub   Sprawl-zero1eye-  18
 What lv is needed to max Cata trade skills?   wowplayer321  13
 Four Elementals   Vault_News  1
 12/2 Hotfixes   Vault_News  12
 Any herbalists having trouble unloading Golden Sansam?   Ashmaele  4
 CAT digital Download.    Mayhem702  3
 Problems zoning into battlegrounds?   Ravynmagi  5
 Warcraft Novels   Rill_of_WE  3
 Cataclysm Cinematic - The World Reborn   Vault_News  1
 Blizzard Holiday Contests   Vault_News  0
 Five Tidal Waves   Vault_News  4
 SW Fishing Quest Rewards   mellaril  5
 I need priest help   siujoey  13
 Faction Changing   Unstruck  10
 Disconnects   Ardenwolfe  13
 First Aid still worth learning?   --Syrus--  33
 I just gotta say.......   Auenwing  29
 NPC names in Stonemaul Hold in Feralas (horde)   -Mythril-  24
 Tanking with a Vengeance   Vault_News  2
 Six Goblins Fleeing   Vault_News  9
 New Battleground Brackets   Vault_News  16
 11/30 Hotfixes   Vault_News  4
 BlizzCast 15 Now Available   Vault_News  0
 City Faction Tabards   Vault_News  0
 Dungeon Levels & Quests   Vault_News  11
 o.m.f.g.   Arcilite_I  30
 WOW 4 and Diablo release dates   _Warlucky_  35
 WOW 4 and Diablo release dates   _Warlucky_  0
 Is Curse Safe?   legba11  39
 The Day Deathwing....   Rill_of_WE  4
 New Guys, How the Heck Do They Do It?   pattongb  13
 why is the UI so small at 1080P?   DragonKeeperofThi  4
 Funny thing happened in a random.   Unstruck  12
 The five most pointless Achievements according to   Deionnara  19
 Gonna Try this again few simple questions   CarlSpacklerGalunga  7
 JP/VPs post Cat launch ?   vn_cuch  2
 Loremaster   Ashmaele  19
 Blizzard 6th Anniversary Gift with Tuesday's downtime!   Kriegprojekt  34
 Seven Archaeologists   Vault_News  8
 11/29 Hotfixes & Partial Patch 'Re-download'   Vault_News  4
 Hah, Level 79-80 is 1,337,000 Xp, wonder if that was intentional...   Talehon69  12
 One of my old characters was renamed   --Syrus--  17
 Warlock or Mage?   Kriegprojekt  27
 Non-Critical Updates   Vault_News  2
 Eight More Volcanoes   Vault_News  1
 Troll flight form not in yet?   JJANIME  1
 Do we still need to install Cataclysm on 12/7?   _Taebo_  2
 Moonkin Hatchling and Lil' Ragnaros Now Available   Vault_News  18
 I'm unsure if this was listed in Patch Notes or elsewhere, but   Talehon69  4
 Cata's justice points   -Spacelord-  7
 25 daily quests   Trigeminal  10
 Leveling is WAYYYYYYYYY too fast   Arcilite_I  205
 I don't get the hunter priority system...   Hornet_MT  21
 What Wrath players need to know to not suck at Cata!   Unstruck  158
 So Blizzard Decided to Nerf Skinning   Spookysheep  38
 New type of non-dungeon Treasure Chest added in 4.0.3a   Talehon69  9
 New Player: Any tips?   mh_iceman66  13
 New Jewlcrafting Daily quests in Stormwind yet?   TepavCom  16
 Looking for profession guides   -Spacelord-  8
 Interesting Oversight (Goblin Trike)   Jyiiga  13
 Returning player needs help   detlik  16
 Nine Worgen Druids   Vault_News  5
 Dunkin Dwarfs... bug or not?   Auenwing  3
 Immediately upon loading Cata.   IndridCole  8
 So I tried to look up player talents on Wow Armory   LlarioLostdoggie  4
 Cata mage rotation   Trigeminal  5
 Ten New Raid Bosses   Vault_News  7
 Very impressed with the new low level quests   -Mithan-  62
 Just tried to do Old Hillsbrad on a mid 60's toon and...   Talehon69  6
 How many players can be logged into a server before queues start?   Alpha_Swift  3
 New Servers?   legba11  17
 Hate Warsong Gulch   Ravynmagi  16
 The Making of the Cataclysm Cinematic   Vault_News  12
 Looking For: Sigfuss from DAOC   mong_hu  7
 The Story So Far...(Part One)   Vault_News  11
 If you have a keychain authenticator and can't log in to reactivate   LlarioLostdoggie  2
 Fun New Collectibles in 4.0.3a   djcline  25
 Eleven Zones Sundered   Vault_News  10
 Zone changes   IndridCole  45
 BlizTard - Can't reactivate authenticator, no link!   LlarioLostdoggie  4
 I did it! I hit 80 before Cat!   --Syrus--  15
 Your Cataclysm class   Trigeminal  24
 Patch 4.0.3a Hotfixes   Vault_News  3
 What's the diff between parry and dodge?   Alpha_Swift  14
 Twelve Twilight Cultists   Vault_News  5
 New Deadmines.   Kriegprojekt  0
 Question about thief/rogue classes in WoW?   Tashtego_ibn_Tunn  5
 OMG : Monkey pets are totally annoying   Zero_Washu  15
 Doh! I missed the Inscription Memo on Blackfallow ink.   Auenwing  1
 Why are official forums locked?   -Spacelord-  13
 How do Horde get to Exodar or Darnassus now?   Vallora  2
 Have You Gotten Your Singing Sunflower Yet?   Spookysheep  32
 Is change in PvP flagging intentional?   kyrv  5
 Curious question.   -Peo-  22
 Goodbye old Azeroth! *tear*   Ashmaele  0
 City Rep Tabards   Kriegprojekt  21
 Any sightings of Deathwing yet?   Kriegprojekt  10
 So no new shattering quests?   Bowdi  6
 Getting into Cata late,,,   Laelys0623  1
 Gallywix Pleasure Palace   Iarwin  16
 Oh Joy! Position in Queue: 1136   Jyiiga  1
 New Stockades!   Darcry  14 Birthday?   IndridCole  8
 Loremaster   -Spacelord-  3
 So it's been awhile since the Dungeon Finder was added...   Talehon69  22
 Insanely low prices for WoW, BC, and Wrath for a limited time   -Mithan-  15
 Trouble Connecting   -Spacelord-  0
 So we get XP for mining now?   Ferrydust  14
 wotlk for 10 bucks   jojo263  0
 Arthas server is up :)   djcline  0
 for you hordies, Gamon (in ORG) got a slight upgrade   aon_mixed  8
 So who's gonna level a new race/class combo toon through the new 1-60?   Talehon69  40
 I keep hearing this "B team" tossed around, with this poor patching, I'm starting to worry   amokscience69  23
 The final nail in Warlocks coffins.   Beezamen  49
 Opening Cinematics   Dei_Ray_HG  9
 Now it is 1:00pm pacific till servers come up....   Nestor_II  36
 OMG Arwic is gone!!   --Syrus--  34
 Patch Day - The Shattering 4.0.3a   Vault_News  36
 New Combat Analysis Tool   elijap  2
 BlizzCon Costumes: Female Monk   Vault_News  3
 Curse of the Worgen: First Issue Now Available   Vault_News  0
 Cataclysm Beta: The Conclusion   Vault_News  10
 Abandon Ship!!! (Dalaran: The Ghost Town)   Auenwing  24
 So I typed "useful priest macros 4.0.3" into google...   Arcilite_I  12
 Doing Quests You've Done Before?   PallyDog  10
 Can a returning player get Catacysm for less than $100?   Stonemane2  19
 Which class takes the most skill to play?   --Syrus--  48
 I am a Disc priest, and I use Renew   Arcilite_I  22
 CAD Comic - the Shattering   Rill_of_WE  6
 Why must DPS Pallys play ret?   bragz22  56 Account Locked - Action Required   Iarwin  14
 Rested XP at launch.   Unstruck  4
 Any word on new servers come Cata?   Kriegprojekt  9
 Cost of Cold Weather Flying/ Artisan Riding..   --Syrus--  6
 4.0.3a What is in it, what is not.   Vault_News  38
 Raid Lock Wipe   Vault_News  2
 Interviews with Gary Platner & Jesse McCree   Vault_News  6
 Out With the Old: Major Quest Changes Inbound   Vault_News  29
 Elemental Invasion Survival Kit   Vault_News  9
 Why Does Blizzard Hate Healers?   Vault_News  37
 Another patch today   -Mithan-  3
 spam after friend getting hacked...   waterfireTD  5
 Battlegroups and Win %   Liquid741  0
 I don't know what you guys are expecting from this...   Arcilite_I  16
 Most active Alliance server and/or BG?   Kriegprojekt  7
 25-man DK Army of the Dead!   Sprawl-zero1eye-  6
 Fastest class to lvl (mostly solo)?   DarkNem  39
 OT: Rift Beta Keys Available   Sprawl-zero1eye-  75
 FoS WTF!?!?!   IndridCole  7
 It's about patience   IndridCole  2
 Why are they removing portals in Dalaran / Shattrath?   Frog_King  17
 Cash Q's about Cata   wowplayer321  6
 Gutter minds   Fist_de_Yuma  23
 Wonder if this board will get busier with the Blizz forums change   Ferrydust  23
 Levitate Stealth Buff   Unstruck  4
 WG, what a waste of time now.   wowplayer321  29
 Updated Rated Battlegrounds FAQ   Vault_News  1
 Wintergrasp Queues   Vault_News  18
 Pilgrim's Bounty Achievement Guide!   Vault_News  12
 The Wintergrasp change and hope   Gidgiddoni  13
 Battlegroups ever change?   Ravynmagi  11
 Big Tan Helmet!   TinMan52  3
 ICC wtf?!   Zuues  8
 Classic Lvling in Cata?   Zuues  10
 im looking for the command line that adjusts ground effects like consecration   aon_mixed  9
 World of Warcraft?s 6th Anniversary!    Vault_News  37
 What the...Earthquake damage?   Kriegprojekt  26
 HAHAHA.... Unkillable!!   Hornet_MT  8
 How long before Gnomeregan will be reopened?   Ashmaele  9
 Launcher Noise of Absurdity...   Cawlin  17
 Lament here if you were forced to cancel due to traffic shaping (4.0.1 lag) :(   ZeroHoki  33
 PTR 4.0.3 Updates   Vault_News  17
 We're Being Attacked!   Vault_News  49
 News Article: WoW at 6 years, 12 million ... why has it endured   Auenwing  34
 Wrath of the Elements   Vault_News  38
 WoW needs a FFA Server.   pattongb  136
 Favorite old-world dungeon/instance   Ashmaele  38
 Did my warrior get smacked with the nerfbat?   Ashmaele  38
 Cataclysm Faction Quartermaster Vendors Info (Updated Sept 19)   -Mithan-  14

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